3 Simple Hacks To Get Upvotes On Hive

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As a newbie, upvotes are hard to come by. You don't want your efforts to go to waste. I understand the feeling when you put a ton of work into drafting your post and when you hit publish, NOTHING! The number of upvotes you were expecting is far less than reality. They almost feel like ZERO. 😭 This might happen on many of your posts unless you have a decent following of active users.

Don't worry though. I got this for you! You can use the following hacks to get decent-sized upvotes. Might seem small at first but they add up quickly.

Before I go ahead, I must warn you. Please don't try to spam or game these hacks. You will get banned or downvoted. Keep publishing quality content and you should be good. 🦁

Let's start with the hacks now:


I published an intro guide to Ecency Points. Basically, you can earn points for using Ecency's mobile or desktop or web app. Different operations get you a different amount of points. Get rewarded for good karma. 😉 A better way to earn them is to delegate Hive Power to @ecency. I have delegated 1100 HP and I get around 110 points daily in addition to Hive rewards they earn from curation. These points can be used to boost and/or promote your blogs. Using the boost feature, you can get upvotes worth $3 at max.


BRO (The Mancave Project by @raymondspeaks) is one of the best investments I made early on in my Hive Journey. It's a dividend-paying token that pays weekly Hive Divs just for holding the token. You can buy it from Hive Engine or delegate Hive Power to @brofi to get BRO rewards daily. @brofi has gathered a decent Hive Power in the last few months and it upvotes if you hold more than 20 BRO tokens. Upvote value will be based on the amount of BRO you hold. Produce high-quality content and you will get upvoted.


@poshtoken by @acidyo is one of my favorite projects on Hive. It rewards users for sharing their Hive Posts on Twitter. You can earn them daily by sharing your own and others' posts as well. They also have a whitelist of users who get @poshtoken upvotes every now and then. Register your Twitter & Hive accounts on https://hiveposh.com/. Drop into OCD discord server and drop your username in #posh-autovote-request to be eligible for upvotes on your future posts.

I have said this before but I will say it again. Don't even think of abusing any of these options I listed above. These services are there to help you grow on Hive. They are not money grabs. With that being said, get ready to add a ton of value every day and see your stake growing exponentially. Please drop your questions and feedback in the comment section below. See you in the next one!

 2 months ago  

Wow, those are really Good tips!

i want to buy bro it's seems a Good deal and potential of holding and hive dividend's

But i wonder what would be the best way to buy - from hive engine or by delegating HP? What do you say.

Tho, I've registered and used Posh quite often but didn't get reward nor tokens - only got like 0.4 something posh still trying to figure out if I'm white listed or is there something missing.

Nice tips as always!
Have fun!

 2 months ago  

Thanks a lot IDK. I would say build your HP first and keep buying BRO in small quantities every now and then. Once you have like 2000 HP, then delegate 1000 to BRO. Or maybe when you hit 1000 HP, then delegate 500 HP to it.

Regarding POSH you might want to join OCD discord and let them know about your issue. Btw, posh token takes 7 days to get credited to avoid gaming the system.

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 2 months ago  

Thanks for the advice bro!

I'm trying hard to build HP and will take a long time to go for 2000 but will buy in parts coz it can shoot any time.

I've joined but didn't asked will surely going to ask and try how this works! Thanks again

Can we take full advantage of Ecency points if we're publishing exclusively via leofinance.io?

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 2 months ago  

Yes Dane. You can use those points to get upvotes on any of your Hive Blogs irrespective of UI.

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These are good tips for newbies and also for not so newbies. I don't know much about Bro, but now that I read this, I will take a closer look.

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Some great tips there!

 2 months ago  

Thanks mate. This post got upvotes from all three xD Beauty of it.

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 2 months ago  

I cannot digest it well for now because i just heard about BRO. I have less than 100HP for now so I can't do the delegation too. Maybe someday I will learn more about this one. Thank you so much for sharing this @finguru.

 2 months ago  

Yes, don't delegate now. Let your HP build up to 1000 and then maybe delegate 500 to @brofi

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Hi @finguru! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
hivesigner 500.0 SP delegation to @brofi.

 2 months ago  

Thanks for this advise @finguru. I dont know when I can reach that big number of HP but still hoping and striving

It's cool how this piece of information holds enough value to guide through Hive blockchain, @finguru.

 2 months ago  

Thanks mate. Not many people realise this until they spend enough time looking for this information.

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These are indeed great options to get some upvotes. I benefit from all these three :)

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 2 months ago  

Awesome. You are gonna make it xD

 2 months ago  

Wow I didn't know that we can receive points by delegating on Ecency. Thanks for this!


 2 months ago  

Now you know. ;)


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Thanks for these 3 hacks to receive upvotes.

 2 months ago  

Cheers mate. All the best.

 2 months ago  

Interesting! I'll have to give it a shot to help improve my earnings.

 2 months ago  

Go for it buddy!

Interaction is the best way for building audience on hive, you can just sign up hive and start getting upvotes without interaction

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Very informative post, this will really help newbies. Of all the hacks, Ecency is my top pic, a very productive tool in this space for everyone.

 2 months ago  

Thanks mate. I agree with you. Ecency is a great one. I love it too.