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RE: Along Water, near the village of Jaujac, we found Present, Past and and a sort of Appeasement

in Wednesday Walk4 months ago

Hey @littlebee4 !

Not the first time we go there, but each time is still unique :) depending of the mood, the light and the season too..! I'm happy you enjoyed hehe, cheers for the rest of the week on you side 🍀


Hi @anttn 👋🏻😊 good evening!

It is wonderful and I can imagine each season has it’s own magic there… 🥰🌳
Thanks so much my friend, cheers 😎 and enjoy your rest of the week too. 👋🏻☀️

It's probably one of those magical places !

Thanks you, I hope you're enjoying your weekend :D

So far yes, I have been enjoying my busy days 😉😊
Have a good evening! 😘