Does sledding qualify for Wednesday Walk? 🤣

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It has been snowing like MAD here.

I don't even remember a time growing up where it snowed for 4 days straight! And its STILL snowing.

I was NOT going out in this snow - AT ALL. I'm a Snow Grinch and proud of it. hehehe

But.... for some reason, I wanted to go take a walk today.

Probably because I'm feeling all super-fit after my whole 2-day-streak of Supernatural workouts hahahahahaha

You know how that is. 2 days in? I might as well be a personal trainer, baby!!!

HEY MY COACH SAID I'M A ROCK LEGEND after that last workout. so... YEAH.


I wanted to take pictures of the trees, and if I was going to take them properly... I wasn't going to be able to take them from my 2nd story patio!! So, I decided. I was going to take my super-fit Supernatural patootie into the snow!

-1 (1).png

My daughter had to go walk to the gym and so I said... hey! Why don't I tape you sledding down the driveway?? That will be fun!

Sure, she says.

Then - she did not. and so now I can't have a video of anyone sledding?

-1 (2).png

I can assure you it won't be me.
Definitely not me.
It certainly will not be me!

....maybe it will be me

-1 (3).png

You shall have to go watch the video YOURSELF if you want to see. hehehe
(the things I do for people like @edprivat... LOL)

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So you just reminded me of Christmas vacation where Chevy Chase flies down the hill sledding. You just didn't slide across a road that is the only thing missing there. And you falling off at the end was just the masterpiece of this whole video. I am still extremely jealous you are getting all that snow. I will gladly trade you cause I am sick of this heat.

we JUST watched that movie!!!! AND I WAS DYING LAUGHING at that part hahahahahahahahahahahaha

in a few days - i'll probably slide down the ENTIRE driveway cuz it will be all packed nice hehehehe

well - not me.
but someone will hahahahaha

i'm done! no more backflips off the sled for me hahahahahahahahahahahaa

you have HEAT now?!??! THAT'S SO CRAZY. oh yeah - you're in Florida!

wild. yeah - well you can come get your fill of snow hahahahaha i'm not sure if its still coming down - but geez. so so so much!!!!!

Wait your are done sledding? NO no no no, you must sled again. I want a first person view of you sledding down that driveway please. And there should definitely be a little jump at the end of the driveway. And yes today it was 84 here yuck!!!!!!!!

Anticlimactic and uncooperative icicles hehe ...and I was pretty terrified for you when I saw that gradient !LOLZ but wowser... so much beauty surrounding you 😍 truly a winter wonderland with all that snow ...and I do not envy Joe one little bit... that is some serious lifting to be done!!! He has my respect ...completely ... glad you are back online proper and have electricity again 🙂

This guy said he was going to attack me with his guitar.
I said is that a fret?

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hahahahahahaha i'm glad too!
let's see how long it lasts!!! hehehehe

yes - its very beautiful right now - but i want it all melted within 36 hours! LOL hahahhhahaha

but the sleigh ride was hilarious... and i'm glad i did it - even though i flipped LOL

That flip was... gracious 🤣

it was something, alright! hahahahaha

OMGosah this was too funny. You turning around on a sled sent me in tears howling laughing.

Stay safe my friend!!

So much love your way!!

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl Snook - i couldn't believe it happened again

the last time i was on a sled it did that and i swore i wouldn't anymore
and here i am - and flipping over backwards and trying to keep the phone from going a foot deep into the snow

and "i just fell off my sled" ROFLLLLLLLLLLL
as if everyone didn't know hahahahahahahahahahaha

i'm glad you got a kick out of it ahhahahaha

I did. I really did :D

You always have your way of making something interesting out of everything. Haha

This is a good one. Your Sledge gave you another feel of your VR. Haha. At least, I didn't hear you screaming during the sledge ride 😂.

Your snowman though. Haha. How come you have all these snow all over, but you decided to make a tiny snowman 😂

cuz i made him with my bare hands and i was starting to turn into a popsicle hahahahahahahahahahaa

I was gonna ask how you made it at first.. He hehe.
Your hands ?

I hope people dont get frost bites out there..

Did you hear your voice after "sledding" down the hill? You were out of breath, so yeah, it does qualify as a Wednesday walk hahahahaha!!! You are so funny, "it's not going to be me!" "Definitely not me!" hahahahahahaha!!!!!

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I think you're talking about the VR headset right? hahaha you're commenting on the snow video but i think you just watched the other one LOL

the red viewer with the discs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssssssssssssss hahahahahahahaha and you clicked it forward and hahahahaha oh my gosh - THAT was our world back then huh! hahaha
and we thought THAT was amazing
and now look at this hahahaha

man - it was AMAZING Jamesy - i love that headset so much hahahaa

i couldn't work out today cuz the internet and electricity were down - so i decided to work out to snow and sleds hahahahaha

It's true I did watch both videos, but after you got down to where you were walking around after getting off the sled you were breathing heavy, so it did qualify as a workout hahahahahahahaha!!!
You were more out of breath on this video than on that other one with the headset in my opinion, it was right after the Russian judges gave you a 9.7 hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know of anyone who walks in snow who doesn't huff and puff.. That's hard work trudging through snow, especially wet aka packing snow which is that much heavier.

4 days, oh I can’t imagine... I think it sounds ultra frustrating, especially the ‘no electricity ‘ part. I’m glad you’re handling it with so much humor. I hope it STOPS

i think (shhhhhhh let's not say it too loudly hehehe) that it........ stopped

lets hope that when i wake up it truly has!

i want to work out tomorrow with my fancy VR headset hahahahaha
and that only works with internet for my workout game hahahaha

Hope you get to play💕

That's a lot of snow. And the sled part was epic. Do it again! Do it again! 😁🥶❄️❄️❄️

hahahahahaha noooooooooooooooooooo more! LOLOLOLOL

(ok i kinda want to - but NO. i'm gonna break a damn hip. hjahahahahah)

I need a little bit of motivation coach. I need some tips on working out this body of mine. I'll go get my "wrist thingys"

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLll those wrist thingies kicked my ass....

Soooo white- like the movies
And I was thinking just over a month ago you had to evacuate because of fires

Anti climatic for the icicle but I was nervous too - it just looked like it could hurt someone

And 9.7 from Russian judges - you are ready for the Winter Olympics 😁

Ohh yes that for sure counts and was fun to watch

As I always say I love snow on a postcard it Christmas card or even out the window just nit being out in it lol

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

cute snow kid... you really should have dragged the kids out so you could shake the trees .. you know.. when they are least expecting it. For 4 days of snow .. it's deep but could have been a LOT worse. The hydro going out would get irritating.

It’s insane how someone’s dream is someone else’s daily life. 😍

Never been in the snow..
I look forward to it tho.
I had to come check when you mentioned this post on dreem port.

So much for Russian Judges, I hope you didnt trip there..

Your son looks good. Say Hi to him for me.

You never stop amazing us hivers, the things you do😂😂

I am happy that it was a smooth slide. I am not complaining, but I felt that if someone was pushing you, there would have been a better momentum, but again, not a complain, I am just the voice of your audience 🤣 hahaha

Ok joking, it was amazing hahah, just the simple fact that you did it, just show how much of a motivated warrior you are.

My mind started racing with the possibilities for shooting outside in the snow, next to the trees, it looks so amazing! On a good day, can you catch the sun rising or falling, or are you too deep in the forest?

That much snow falling on you, as you mentionned, would be super scary, and probably dangerous!

You're good at narrating your life, love the format! Very unique!

OMG, @dreemsteem this is the funniest thing I saw today, wow, I love snow snow snow snow snooooow and laughed so much to the sleigh ride 😂 I would try it too!! And the mini snowman 😍

Ok. I. Need. Snow. Right. Now. 🤣🤣

Thanks for this beautiful scenery and so funny and cool video 😇

Omg! 😩😂😂 I was so so scared for you when you were on your slide. I was like don't fall off 😅 and you did 🤣🤣🤣. You were out breath. Hope your butt did get wet that much lol.

I love your surroundings, especially the trees there are so way up high. They are beautiful and amazing. Say hi to Mikey for me heheh. I enjoyed the video. Some day we might slide together ☺️. Happy new year in advance. Much love 💕