Thursday-on-Wednesday walk! Lololol

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Can you believe it's actually Wednesday today???

Don't look at the calendar! It's NOT Thursday as you might have thought that it was...
It's still wednesday!!! LOL

I've actually had a little cold, and even though I had all my footage for Wednesday - I took some medicine - and um.....

well..... my medicine is very strong. and it knocked me out! hahahahaha

So pretend that its still Wednesday for me! Cuz I want to share all this snow with you, so you can all take your pieces and little by little - it will be gone!!!! hehehehe

Wait til you see how much more is coming this weekend.... it's going to be ... wow. LOL

So once again, I'm sharing this quick little video (about 2 minutes) with all my pictures INSIDE!

Hope you enjoy it all :)

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That is crazy talk.

We might get snow Christmas night. Some kind of freak “ARCTIC BLAST” is headed our way. The freak part is not so much the snow, but the frigid temperatures. Like Monday’s high in Seattle is only supposed to be 21 with a low of 14.


Have the Merriest Christmas Dreemy! ❤️💚❤️

why do they hate me?????

It's raining right now but i expect to wake up to snow in the morning. now.... "I'm dreeeeeming of a Whiiiiiiiiite Christmassssss" is in my head and seeing as how that would actually be very cozy and lovely and all that... and we don't have to drive anywhere and its kinda nice to be imprisoned for 3 days or so.... THEN THAT'S OK.

but as soon as the 3 days are up - YOU TELL IT TO GO AWAY FINNEY!!!! hahahahaahahah

Merry Christmas to you too my sweet Finney love! hehehehehe

oh my gosh that's hilarious - it changed the number to 1

instead of 22. hahahahahaha

cuz of the code LOL

any number you put in first comes up as one! hahaha

it was supposed to say 22. hahahahaahah

Beautiful video! But you shouldn't be hogging up all the snowfall, doesn't look like you need 22 more inches!

We have had a very unusually warm Christmas this year - it's currently 62 degrees and we went for a nice hour-long walk in the park this afternoon. The normal December temperature is freezing or below so this is a nice change. Just not nearly as pretty as all that snow.

Get to feeling better, those colds can be nasty!

hahahahahahaha it all melted in the rain - and then 12 more inches today - and another 10 coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!! LOLOL ridiculous hahaahahaha

thank you - i'm finally feeling much better!!!!!!! just an occasional cough here and there! but feeling SO much better!!!! :) that is SNOW🏔️❄️☃️🎿 looks amaaaazing❣️ But I can imagine the slushy stage is not so fun hehe. I would definitely hide away and hibernate during that phase! In South Africa the only snow experience we could get was driving up towards my mountains about 2 hours away. But that was always very pretty. And on top of a mountain in the middle of winter was also pretty cold, and white and gorgeous ...but cold lol, especially if the wind was blowing. Then when we moved to the UK we got to see snow fall and experience making snowmen and snowfights and it was beautiful and super fun ...but now...with global warming and the sun being in its hot cycle near London we only get 1 or 2 days a year when we get some snow, if we are lucky and sometimes it will literally miss our house by a few miles and we'll get a light dusting and then have to drive to the next neighbourhood to sled down hills etc with the kids. I'm glad you have two internet connections hehe... I have to say, that is serious snow that you guys get...and I cannot imagine another 22 inches on top of that. I've seen some clip of the US previously when some states have been caught in massive whiteouts and it blows me away that the snow is higher than the cars once the clearing machines have gone through.

LOL well the snow melted in the rain for the last 2 days - and now it snowed another foot

Joe says we are getting more tomorrow - so we will see.... thank God he shoveled in the first stage today! LOL

Go, Joe!!! That must have taken forever 😜

Awwwwww. This is so beautiful. It's definitely a winter wonderland!!! I wish I could take it from you. My only experience with snow was in 2011 when I saw little half-melted droplets fall when I visited the UK for about a month. Sadly we had to leave just before the real snow started falling. I felt so sad. Im 23 and I've never seen snow!

How cold is it? Do you get to drive out or everyone moves around with skis? Sorry about your lack of power and internet. It's like a beautiful version of Nigeria. I would take that over everything right now.

And how's your health? Hope you're feeling a lot better. I sure hope you're staying warm too.

hehehe you're not going to believe this... but about 30 seconds ago I opened up YOUR blog to come visit you. hehehehe I'm going to be reading your post now! LOLOL

hahahaha well now I want you to come experience this snow first hand! Im' so sorry that you only got to see it briefly! no no - we don't move with skis hehehehe we walk deep into it LOL I actually had a piece of the video that I cut out of me stepping into it up to my knee hahahahahahaha well almost my knee - but i cut that part of the video out LOLOL

my health is slowly getting better - thank you for asking! I should be fine in time for Christmas!

I really wish that I coudl transport you here and have a nice evening chatting near the fire with you. there are so many things I wish to do in this world hehehe

I think Im' about halfway through with my life now.. hahahaha I better get moving on them all, right? :)

Sending big love to you - and a Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! :)

A merry Christmas to you and yours too. Thank you!!!!

Do people go to work in these situations? It seems like such a chore. It's beautiful but I can only imagine enjoying it for only the first few days. If I had to go through this every year, it would get so tiring. I mean, how many snow angels and snowmen can I possibly make in a lifetime???

Sitting by a fire, drinking a hot beverage and having a long talk would be a wonderful way to spend Christmas. Who knows, these dreams could come true by the next winter. You never can tell what miracles could happen in the space of 1 year.

thankfully I live on a mountain in California hahahaha

so right now??? it is raining and it is almost all melted.


now....this rain is supposed to turn into snow hahahaha

and then it will be back again!

but because its California (and we are at 4200 feet elevation) it won't stay for too long. then its sunny again and beautiful :)

so it really is a lovely place if you just want a TASTE of snow hahahahaha

and miracles will happen in 2022 - i believe this :)


I hope you are feeling better! I know that post-sleep "what day is it" feeling, no drugs required. LOL
Edit: send that snow over to Denver, we are in a serious drought. We have had a dusting of snow ONCE this season so far. I shudder to think what the fire season is going to be like this summer...

oh my goodness - you seriously need some of this! hahahahaha we just got another foot or so LOLOLOL

LOLOL yipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my brrrrrrrr
Maybe this is the time I should come visit
That would be four ticks
America, Snow, Marianne and my Youuuuuuuuuuu

hehehehehehe Snow can still come in June here hahahahaha
we are NOT happy when it comes then - but we usually have a freak snow storm then LOLOL

so March ??? maybe you will see it!!!

I can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas! I’ve never experienced that much snow, but I don’t love the cold (at all. LoL) Hope your electricity kicks in.

hehehehe yes - the electricity is bad (that was taken a few days ago) hehehehe

but now we have glorious electricity again! hahahaha and internet!!! LOL

but now with 22 more inches coming hahahahaha it's probably going out again hahahahahaha

I shared your imaginary friend post to PYPT today!!! hehehehe i hope you get lots of visits :)

Thank you, that was sweet of you. Have a great holiday 🤗

you too!!!! Merry Christmas my sweet friend - I hope you got lots of visits hehehehehe

I watched the video a winter wonderland so beautiful I didn’t hear it but will listen in later

And of course it’s Wednesday gives me one more day to get ready for Christmas Eve and Lulus birthday 🎉
I hope your feeling better now

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

feeling a lot better!!!! still stuffy and stuff hahahaha but so much better :)

ehehehehe you can come back and hear my deep voice LOLOL

and yes - Wednesday! extra 24 hours!!!! LOLOL it was so nice to see you for a few minutes in PYPT!!! you probably had to run for an appointment hehehe

will look for you soon :)

Yes indeed I was between appointments for lulu so just in for a little bit

Have a great day

The beauty of snowfall cannot be overemphasized. Lol.

This looks so cool. I've seen videos of cars getting buried in snow. It makes me wonder if there is any sort of effect it may have on the car engine.

Enjoy the season and take more of that medicine. If it's strong enough to knockout our Dreemie Tiger, it will also be strong enough to knockout an elephant 😂. That sounds like good news.

Get well soooon and be ready for Christmas.

hehehe sometimes it can. if the car is very old - it can freeze things and the car won't start hahahaha

but our car was fine LOL LOLOLOLOLOL and yes - that medicine, well on its own its not strong enough.

It has to gang up on me LOL i have to take more than the recommended dose - or else my brain just laughs back at it hahahahahahaha

Merry Christmas King LOL

That's some beautiful snow you got but I totally agree with you in that I am a snow grinch, too. I love that first time snow falls in a season and run out to take photos left and right and up and down - and then I'm done. Go a way winter, please!

And don't even get me started on these wicked powerlines here in the US (for context -I am from Germany)... You live up a beautiful mountain - okay, there may not be much choice but I'm living in NJ and we have these freaking overland powerlines and winter storms and thus snapping trees, downed lines, and outages all the time. Why are they still overland and not underground?! It really beats me.

Anyways, I hope you, your plants and trees survived your next inbound snow and had a lovely white Christmas time 😍

ROFLLLLLLLlll right??? get me some photos that it fell - and then melt. immediately hahahahahahaha

it snowing right now and i'm thinking - how??? h ow are you still falling???

we got the pictures - and now its time to go away hahahahahahaha

i really am tempted to at least do one slide down the driveway in a sled hahahahahah but no - i think i'm not brave enough to attempt to kill myself. i'm 45. i might break a hip at these years. hahahahahahahahahaha

oh yes - for us - the trees and the powerlines and the no electricity hahahaha its ridiculous
and i'm just waitint to hear a tree drop soon. cuz they are ALL with their boughs almost completely full and dragged vertical now. hahahahahaha its crazy.

and the snow isn't falling off!!!!!!!

its just hanging on somehow
all heavy and clinging hahahahahaha i feel like if one drops the snow - they are all gonna cause some major avalanche ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlll

i definitely had a white Christmas - and that was super fun hehehehe but now... it can melt LOLOLOL

have a great day to you - and this year of 2022 is going to be filled with amazing things for you and me and all of us!!! i can't wait :)

Can you believe it 'snow in Cali actually made it to the news in Germany' - I talked to my mom today and she randomly told me - LOLOL

Hope you're staying warm!

did it really make it to Germany! hahahahahahaa

yes - i'm so super cozy warm right now! i have my weighted blanket on me hehehehe

actually when I go down the mountain its very nice weather down there!!! so its just up here that its cold and snowy heheheh

WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahahaha 😁

Well I am happy you have a generator! Stay safe! It's so pretty, indeed, as you say until it wears off, and then "enough", give me back my fast speed internet! haha.

hahahahahahahaha yes - and last night - the LOUDEST NOISE i ever heard woke me up!!!!!! from a dead sleep!!!!!!!!

lightning hit the transformer and explosion!!!!!!!! it sounded like a massive earthquake for 30 seconds !!!!! LOL

the whole place is now without internet... but we have it because we pay for 2 connections LOL thank God!!!!

Never seen so much of snow!!! 😍 14 more inchs, Its heavy snowfall.
I love snow. But in my country there is no snow 😂 everything that looks beautiful is not necessarily relaxing.

hehehehe its really beautiful but NOT relaxing hahahahahahahaha you are very right!! hahahahahaha

Merry Christmas 🎅
We go to charch yesterday evening with my friends and my girl

ohhhhhhhh beautiful pictures!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehe I love to see your family heheheh

Ugh, I would give anything to be around that much snow. I am so jealous. I feel your pain with the power. Cause here in FL when a hurricane hits. Lets just say FPL or Florida Power and Light aka crooks. They do a horrible job of getting the grind back up. Does not help that the person who designed the power grid was probably drunk when they did it.

Ahahaha Oh this was so beautiful I thought we got a ton of snow up in Alberta this week but you clearly got us beat haha.

That one sad tree had me rolling all drooped over and just holding on lol. Another 22 more inches as well damn that is a lot haha time to build an igloo :)

Have a wonderful and amazing Christmas Dreem and all the best to you and your family

Also, you talk about me having a good voice but yours truly is dreemy 😍 I love to hear you talk and these videos mixed with subtle music is such a nice touch

hehehehe thanks drabs!!! :)

wasn't that tree so sad??? LOL I was cracking up - it was like an old man, saying "I'm getting to old for this shit" hahahahahahahaha

but today (right now) its not cold enough for snow.... so all this rain took us back to baseline again! yayyyyyy

last year - we got like 24 inches on top of 18 or so
that was a nightmare - it really WAS like living in an igloo hahahahahahaha

we would walk out of the house and it would be like a wall of snow on one side and a wall on the other. just the cleared walkway in the middle LOL

the nice thing is no one has to leave the house for another 3 days??? so if the snow comes - we can just close ourselves off with yummy food - opening presents - fireplace roaring - movies to watch.... all of it ! heheheheh nice and cozy!!!

I hope you have lots of cozy things planned too hehehehe


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You also deserve one of this 🎅

hehehehe thank you @kenechukwu97 :)

woah!! 14 Inches, that has to be freaking cold in there.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

hehehehe it all melted when we got 2 days of rain
and then today - we got another 12 inches - and another 10 are coming tonight and tomorrow LOL

LOL... have fun then

its coming down now and it has been for 6 hours already hahahahahaa snooooooow stoppppppp hahahahahaha

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