Photo Essay in Nature

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Wednesdays are made for walking!

... I was feeling a little overwhelmed while planning and packing for an upcoming road trip, so, a walk in nature and sitting by the lake was a brilliant idea to calm my mind.

Adding a little mischief in the mix, I ventured onto a new route where there were no dog walkers. Although there was an obvious path, I got the strong feeling that it might have been private land in some areas, however, there was no obvious sign with warnings of being shot, so I took the chance.

I made it out alive!

... and on top of a hill in the woodlands, was a great vantage point overlooking stunning nature, and I got a great perspective of just how small a town Newton Abbott is.

Along the main road, parked in the yard of a block of apartments, was this Nissan Figaro. They are not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite like them for their vintage look.

Isn't the flower display by the window beautiful?

Perfectly coordinated with the car.

Decoy Country Park and Lake

I thought I was crazy for being outdoors in the cold, but when I arrived at the park, I was amazed to see several families enjoying the kiddies facilities, and exploring the surrounding nature.


Coffee First!

Untitled design-150.jpg

I went straight to the snack bar and ordered a cappuccino, which was a delightful surprise — rich and strong with a satisfying bitter taste, like that of dark chocolate.

Untitled design-145.jpg

Strolling along, I noticed that the pontoons were unlevelled due to high waters after recent heavy and continuous rain, so I trodded carefully.

Lovely scenes of nature that I took in.


Scary little bastard, isn't it?

This owl carving demanded my attention because the owl looked so angry. Still, I liked the clever mushrooms, which served as comfortable seating for me to sit and drink my coffee.


An abundance of nature, and a popular area for dog walkers, or just about anything you please.

I sat by the water and sipped my coffee slowly, as I watched some little kids having fun. I felt a real sense of happiness and calmness, as my mind was restored.

As tempting as it was, daylight was quickly disappearing, so I took a stroll back home, in a better state of mind to pack my bags and be ready for the journey.

I'm looking forward to having some lovely walks around Leicester City.

That's all for now, until my next post!

Thank you for stopping by, always:)))

All photos were taken by me for #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay


Good you went into nature. It so helps…
Beautiful walk. The coffee looks good.

The owl isn’t scary, it’s awesome 😎 the mushroom seats around it… nice.
Have fun on your road trip. Enjoy it all… 😊

Hehe! I think the owl looks realistic, even though it's made from wood. I've never seen mushroom carvings, and I thought it was a clever idea, that would work in the tropics too, once it's made from the right kind of wood.
Thanks for stopping by, it's always great to see you 😍🤗

He is well carved I must say that.
The mushrooms are cool. Yes, a clever idea.
That’s a thing in the tropics finding the right wood to do so.
You are welcome, wished I had more time to be around… but still traveling 🧳
Have a nice Thursday 👋🏻😊 see you soon again.

Safe travels and lots of fun 😍

Thank you kindly ☃️😊 🤗

Dear @millycf1976, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @littlebee4.

Thanks for the hug @littlebee4 and one big hug, right back at ya 🤗

You are welcome 😊
Thank you so much 🤗

Glad you didn't get shot on your walk lol. Not sure if hunting season has passed in the UK or not. Always a little risky walking in the woods this time of year.

That is a cool car. I like the vintage look as well 👌

Haha! Hunting season must be over for real... cos a farmer would have been shocked to see someone who looks like me wander onto his field 😆
I mentioned where I went to someone, and he said a lady got snippy with him and told him that his dog needed to be on a leash in that area, and he said to her, what about your dog, he doesn't have one on... 😅

It's beautiful up there and if I'm in the area during summer, I'll take a hammock and tie it to a tree 😂

I love the car, and for some strange reason, I like all the colours that they come in, even the pink!

I guess that's a "do as I say, notes I do" sort of situation 😅 😆

Yeah the pastel colors are pretty cool. Very unique

Haha! Yeah, that was the case, and the person said the woman was very posh. She'd be most annoyed to see a "me" on property 🤣

Nice views and colorful views of autumn. I like that owl and the mushrooms that surround it. The waterfowl is nice to see as well. Glad this experience was calming for you. Great views for sipping away at coffee ☕ 👍

Yeah, it's so amazing that there's a place like this in a small community for people to wander about freely. The coffee is worth going back for, and I saw a sign that they offer a .50p discount if you take your own cup. So, I'll be prepared next time.
I hope that you're doing well, and not freezing. 🤗

I like smaller communities that have these hidden jems of nature. The weather here has been confusing. Cold than all of sudden warmer than back to cold. You going to bring the big cup , hehe.

Yeah, sometimes I wander off the beaten path and discover some real gems.
The weather is MAD. Last week it was biting cold with snow, and some all-day rain. Yet, they say it will be warmer next week. I now collected my proper snow boots and snow hat from storage, and they make me look like I am dressed for Alaska... so I'm hoping that it will snow again 🤣

Yeah, I'll be sure to take a massive cup next time, cos the coffee is so divine 😋

Hehe a Jamaican dressed like an Eskimo. Better to be prepared than not to be when it comes to cold weather 😊 it's only snowed here once. I kind of want to show and tell some snow but I can't without. Rather have it now before it gets way too cold 🥶

a Jamaican dressed like an Eskimo

Haha! All my friends in Leicester take the piss out of me, cos they know how much I hated the snow when I first arrived in the UK. Now, I'm well prepared. I even have a pair of snow cleats, but with these boots, I surely won't need the cleats 🙃😂

I love that vintage-looking Nissan car.
The whole place looks so nice and perfect to relax, except for the giant owl which really looks a little intimidating 😆
Have a safe trip!

Hehe, thank you 🤗
I won't lie, the owl has an aura and it feels intimidating, especially if there's no one around.😅

Without a doubt, dear friend @millycf1976, walks are ideal for organizing our minds and balancing our emotions.
How great that you wanted to experience a path that you had not walked before and the great thing is that everything has turned out very well.
What beautiful landscapes of the city, I love postcards of the cities, they look incredible
Great that before the walk you enjoyed the inevitable coffee, what a lovely lake for a Wednesday walk
Beautiful photographs, I appreciate that you shared the experience of this hike
have a great afternoon

Hello @jlufer I needed that walk, and I'm happy that I'm self-aware enough to know when to drop everything and go out in nature. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the photos, and I would definitely return, even if it's just for a coffee:)))
Wishing you a great second half of the week:)

ohh the beauty of the natural scenes you shared with us

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

Have a great day

Thanks for your lovely compliment. I haven't been actively posting and it was a pleasure to resume blogging with #WednesdayWalk:)))

Hav a lovely day too!


Cute giant owl I should say ☺️ i love this autumn foliage in your photos and lovely scenery of nature. ..
It seems like you didn't bring your yoga mat this time ☺️..

Hehe! No, I had my yoga mat and then decided to leave it last minute. It was a bit too wet anyhow. 😆
Thanks for stopping by, as always... I appreciate it:)))

Well, the car looks vintage and the color is my fav.

Yeah need to walk, and.. coffee to make your planning and your packing is not fulfilled with the things you wont 😅✌️

My mother-in-law saw the photo of the car and said, "Oh, what an ugly car." I was like really? I love them.
Those cars come in pink and yellow too.😍

Ahaha, sometimes the older and the younger has different thought 😅

😆😅 Exactly! I can't believe she doesn't like it 🤣... and if I ever start driving again, I was planning to get one 😆

and, she will say, "Why do you bring the trash here? lol?" my mom-in-law also has different thoughts but it does not mean they do not love us. they just have different points of view :)

Oh, you know her so well. My mom-in-law's mouth does NOT have a sensor, and that sounds like something she would say 😅

Although owl looks like an angry bird, excellent sculpture.
This car with flowers on the hood, as if it was prepared to transport newlyweds? I don't see cans tied behind the car 😀
Beautiful pictures of nature, trees and lakes. Little doc, too cute.

Was prepared to transport newlyweds?

No, it wasn't but I get your thinking. Owners of this type of car always adorn them with flowers, and somehow it works:)))

Thanks for your lovely comment:)

I love the natural beauty of this walk. Walking this area, surely it helps woth the overwhelming feeling. Everything is calm except tgat angry owl. 😆 That's a cute vintage car.

Yeah, I've never seen such an expressive owl 😅
It's amazing how different I felt from being outdoors for a few hours.
It's great to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks those cars are cute 😍

Great that you made it off that property sae and sound. The owl looks quite menacing but a good place to pause and enjoy your coffee. You walk looks beautiful - nature is beautiful.

Hey, thank you so much!
I still have not been able to view your photos of the Ritz, but I'm using 3G internet at my mother-in-law's house, which is unreliable. I'll check it out in a few days :)))

These looks so beautiful, the artwork and the serene look of the ocean. This must have been a time taking project for the person to create this.. Thanks for sharing

It was a beautiful Lake with stunning nature all around. The best part of it all is that there's something for the entire family to enjoy there.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Wawu, you could have just invited me, I love enjoyment so much😄😄

Haha! Next time 🤗

Alright then

What a beautiful walk with beautiful photos to support it. The potted plants on the hood of the car were in the right place

Thank you. It was a lovely walk, indeed, and the flowers looked amazing:)))

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Many thanks for your support @teamuk:)))

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