Old Mill powered by water

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That is what gives life.

We see the proof of that from this photo; so much greenery, all that reed, the orchards (covered with a net to protect the fruits from the birds), the trees... all this because there is a little river in the middle, the river Algar. We also see a little canal which is a part of the irrigation system, a system of many little canals that is so important in this area to bring the same life - water - to the orchards.


There are some reservoirs where water from several rivers accumulates. The water from the Algar River and Guadalest River accumulates in this reservoir, which is then provided by the irrigation system to the gardens throughout the whole area.


While I was taking a photo of this water reservoir, someone took a photo of that activity. I didn't know that, but later I found it out when the photo was already posted on Hive 😁 in this post. Anyway, let's forget it as water and nature are the protagonists here. Also, the little canals that lead water to those who need it.


In the past, the water from the same little rivers was used also for another purpose. It was the power of a few mills that could be found in the area. Nowadays, just the ruins of one of them survived the test of time. Molí dels Moros (Moors Mill, but also called Old Mill).


One can access that mill just via the path through the reed. That is where our walk happened last weekend when I finally decided to enter this mill and take a look.

A few years ago the building was restored to prevent further deterioration of it. The walls are still here and its vault is quite well preserved. Just imagine, it survived so many centuries as the mill is believed to date back to the Middle Ages. The Arabs were masters of making good irrigation systems for the flourishing of agriculture. This old medieval mill looks pretty good then, taking into account the age of it.


The metal fence and the concrete stairs were added a few years ago when it was partly restored. Unfortunately, since then it has been forgotten again.


From this spot, I could climb to the roof of the mill. The ladder that serves to climb to the roof was funny - I mean almost unusable. A bit broken and grown into grass. Anyway, it didn't stop me. I went up.


It seems that the roof was also restored, with a layer of concrete to prevent the deterioration. It doesn't even seem so high, because the reed around the mill is also so tall.


Oh, there is a shadow in the photo. Whoever it was, what the heck she/he was doing there, on the top of a medieval mill? There are no dragons to fight with. Maybe a modern Don Quixote to fight this mill then?


This hole was probably the spot where the water was entering the mill from the water reservoir. My husband explained to me (as he attended some workshops - excursions to mills and learned about their history and functioning) that there were reservoirs on the roof of the mills to collect the water for several hours. When it was full, the water went through a canal (from the top of the building and it had to be around 5 meters tall) which narrowed gradually. The pressure of the water moved some blades of a big rotor, and it turned the shaft. This force was used to move the circular stone and grind the cereals.


So, let's enter the mill and see what we can see from all of it! This was the main entrance:


There are no installations anymore inside the mill (the grinding stones, shafts etc...), but we can see the hole (where the canal for water was).


The walls are propped up with these metal beams to prevent them from collapsing.


The interior of the building may have had more rooms, but now it is just one space. I didn't go down to the basement as there were no ladders or means to come up later.



The water that was used to power the mill came out through these openings and went back into the irrigation canals. Water is the source of life, right? They already knew this well in the past; I think we all agree that we should also preserve that resource. Water.




This mill is beautiful, I really like seeing photographs that show the technology of the past

Hi there :)

It is interesting to see these old buildings, but a pity it is not restored to the level to show how they worked and all. Would be cool to see all of that, right? :))

Setting up such a structure certainly costs a lot and would also have an annual maintenance cost. Sometimes it is difficult to find who can spend this money.

Hello dear friend @mipiano, good afternoon.
I loved this instructive walk that took us to the medieval past. What a beautiful structure, how many stories this old mill would tell if it could talk.
Thank you very much for letting us know about this old construction, its history, and the beautiful shots.
Have a happy walking Wednesday.

I imagine many grains of cereals passed through the stone grinder of that mill. and a lot of water which later irrigated the orchards. Stories - for sure it had. Now that is what is left from it.

Happy Wednesday to you too 👋

Interesting location, I never had a chance to see such kind of system besides in my country irrigation system is completely different. Thanks for sharing this wonderful informative location with us...

Have a good week :) TC

I hope it was informative and interesting, and probably I missed a lot of details how the cereals were grinded here 😅
Hope you are doing well, lost lady from a mine 😋 hehe

Good week to you too 😇

You provided a lot already and such kind of location is very hard to explain sometimes... I am well and I hope you are doing well also...

lost lady from a mine

:D :D Hahahaha...

Very interesting the visit to the mills, thoses aqueduct systems sometimes are more effective than the new.
Truth that the arabs were true ingenieros. Thanks for sharing. Taken care of with the shadow in the darknesses can be a dragon that is wanted take to a Princess, put you at the side of your husband.

The Arabs knew how to make good irrigation system :))

{no entendí lo que me decías de la sombra 😅}

No es mi culpa es la culpa del traductor. Vi una sombra en el post y tú misma lo dices. Entonces te digo que hay una sombra ahí que cuidado no salga de la oscuridad un dragón que se quiera robar una princesa y entonces te aconsejo que te quedes muy cerca de tu esposo.

I see you and PH both have gotten into sneakily taking pics of yourself 😆

Is the mill protected by any organisations? Looks like a beautiful piece of history but could be maintained better.

Hahaha, the phone cameras are the culprits 😂

The mill has a story... so, there was a Dutch man who wanted to restore it, he had a plan and there was an organization from Holland that would do that, make like a little museum... but it was not approved by the townhall, unfortunately!!!

Esta increíble el lugar, me apasiona cuando veo tipos de estructuras antiguas, yo creo que nací viejo jajajaj me gusta todo lo que tiene que ver con algo de muchos años. El ambalse esta muy bueno, y la vista sin palabras.

El embalse este es pequeñito, pero sí, sirve para recoger agua de esos dos pequeños ríos. Haha, no creo que nacista viejo, o eres Benjamin Button? 😁

water is indeed so important in so many ways cool to see that old mill, wouldnt it be cool if it could be restored and be on display to see how it worked back in the day

Thanks for joining the Wednesday walk :)

There were some efforts to restore it completely and make it like a little kind of a museum... but politics... and it was not approved. At least it is restored to this level, not to collapse.

I love to get into those structures or facilities and look here and there, walk in the adventure and appreciate those nice views. Today I took an adventurous walk with you, at least that's how I felt, how great! Thanks @mipiano!❤️

Was in adventurous? Well, I would need to find a more dangerous place to make it more interesting as it was not a real urban exploration. It is open to everyone. But not many people pass by there, it is already a bit away from the city. We took this walk which lasts for two hours of walking in a decent pace.
Thank you @avdesing 😇

I loved it, I love those kind of places to investigate... I'm so crazy!

So cool to look so closely at the remains of the mill…
Yes, long forgotten times.

Hahaha my husband does the same. Takes photos of me taking photos and once in a while I see them or he sends them to me. 🤣😂
How are the reservoirs in your area? I read some around cordoba are empty and since the beginning of the year the people are getting water brought by trucks.
It is so dry. I hope the winter brings some rain where it is needed.

Have a great Thursday 👋🏻😊🌺

Husbands do this, it seems. I am wondering why lol 😂

It is ok at the moment; at least it was ok the last time we went to the Guadalest reservoir. But there is a water spring from where we take water... it goes very, very slowly, super tiny thread of water

Happy Thursday 🤓

We probably never know 😉😁😂

That’s good to hear.
Especially when you have the spring water. It is still a water source 🤓

Thanks! Enjoy yours 👋🏻

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The location looks good and I have never seen that kind of mill before but I'm glad to learn from you
Water is life!

Water is life!

It is 😇

Walking in such a scenic spot is a pleasure in itself, there are many special things to see as we can see in the pictures. By looking at old things and finding out their history, the knowledge of a person increases a lot.

You know what I like it the most? Colours. The whole palette: brown, smooth cream, green and of course blue. Truly beauty, hun.

Nature has a palette of beautiful colours :)))

I'm aware of that, love! But have you see the armonic and anesthetic colours from that place? It's almost likr being near of an oasis. Just phenomenal.

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