Searching for adventures in Narbonne

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After yesterday's post full of sweets, it's time to go for a walk and use up all those extra calories we took in. Good plan, but the only thing is that I somehow messed up the time. This walk happened at the end of July.

No pasa nada, as the Spanish people would say.

But, I messed up the place too. We are located in France, In Narbonne. You saw it too, the letters decorated with flowers confirmed it.

I hope this little turbulence will not cause a lot of problems and that you will join me on this walk.


First, we parked in an underground parking lot, close to the centre. We figured out it would be better to go for that option, not to pay any fine for parking incorrectly. In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves walking through this street.


We were just one corner away from the historic centre of the city. We passed by Narbonne many times, but this was the first time we stayed here to sleep and take a walk. We were also looking for a place to have dinner, which in the end turned out... well, it turned out that we chose a restaurant that did not meet our expectations.


My weakness - cathedrals! Every time we visit a new place, I want to find the main church or the cathedral. My husband already knows it and he doesn't even try to shift my focus to other things. My theory is: If I don't see the cathedral, I haven't visited that city. 😂


But why would we miss an opportunity to stand by a huge building like this one, and contemplate its greatness? Oh, well... maybe it is just as we are too small.


After seeing the Cathedral of Narbonne (Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur) from this angle we continued. I didn't have a map with me but it was easy to follow the path that these ancient stone buildings showed. It was the street Gustave Fabre that we took and passed by Archevêché Garden.


It was closed at the time we walked there... I just peeked through the fence and saw these nicely trimmed bushes.


We turned to the left, into the street Jean Jaurés. Big flower constructions were placed throughout the whole street like this one:


Just a confirmation that we were walking in the right direction - to the Palace of the Archbishops. That is what we would see if I would have a drone. But I don't have any, so just a photo of this poster can help us see the roofs of the palace.


The main facade of the palace was also decorated with flowers. Maybe it was an outdoor exposition or the city just celebrated something so that was the reason for this decoration, I didn't look for further information at that moment.


My boys were reading the menu of the restaurants (as you remember, we were also looking for a place to have dinner) but I had a wonderful idea {as all my ideas are lol}. To enter this passage. It seemed interesting...


However, this adventure didn't last for a long time. It was a "passage" with no exit on the other side. Those people also wanted to live the same adventure, but unfortunately, we all had to accept the fate that we were in the wrong place for that. 😂


The only thing I could do was to turn back and find myself again on the same square where this adventure-not-adventure started.


There I saw a map of the city centre and saw there was a Roman Granary Museum. We tried to make a plan, what places to visit quickly and in the end, to get back for dinner.


This street took us to the Roman Granary Museum but when we arrived there, it was closed. Of course it was, we were late for all the museums as this walk took place in the late afternoon.



But another little detail reminded us about the Romans. I saw the bronze sculpture of the famous wolf and the brothers Romulus and Remus! I couldn't believe that Capitoline Wolf was here! You can imagine the great surprise and excitement I felt... until I found out it was just a replica of the original sculpture. Obviously, you can find many other replicas like this one all over the world.



Still circling around the streets of the city centre we came across the cathedral once again. Nothing to worry about, we love to see it. And use the opportunity to take another photo of it, now from the other side of it.


But then I indeed had to find that adventure in Narbonne! This walk couldn't finish just in this way. We passed by another, smaller church, but it also seemed very old. Next to it, there was a cloister. Nothing special, if you see it from the street. A concrete wall and bars.


The gate was slightly open. If you noticed there was a rolled-up newspaper, holding the gate. So, I entered and hoped nobody would notice my presence inside and take away the newspaper. Then I would be locked in there, forever. 😂


I took a short self-guided tour on the patio of the cloister and luckily no one was around to scold me for entering or convert me into a nun. My boys didn't even know where I was.

Mission accomplished - a little adventure was found and carried out without issues.


The dinner had many issues though. I already told the story about it here - open the link only if you are interested to read a rant haha. Better to skip it.

After it, we headed toward the river and crossed an old stone bridge, without searching for more adventures, but saying goodbye to the city centre of Narbonne. We went back to hotel to sleep and continue our journey toward Spain the next morning.





Several things appealed to me when I visited Rome about ten years ago, among them the historic centre of Narbonne - City of Art and History. The Canal de Robine and Horreum Romain. Its people are friendly and to my mind very Catholic, devoted to the temples. The cleanliness of the city, the demarcation of the streets and the parking of the vehicles is immaculate.

We also love those churches in France, and in general the architecture in the old city centres. I am glad to hear that you also visited Narbonne :)

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It seems that time did not pass by Narbonne. Finally some adventure. Too bad the dinner didn't make a good closing to the ride.

Oh, we laughed a lot at that bad dinner, it could not spoil our afternoon in Narbonne :)) But we always have some "fun" when we try to eat in France. One year, 2021 we were clicked off from a restaurant because we didn't... (creo que no debo decir el motivo porque las opiniones eran tan diferentes respecto a esa cosa) and another year we just couldn't find anything open after 15h. 😂

Haha. If at the end of a bad dinner there's fun, well, welcome to bad dinners. I already know for when, someday very very very very far away I go to France. Hahaha🤣.

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Thank you , a lot 😇

A very nice place, but unfortunately it's winter and snowy for me 💪

Oh, snow is nice :)) ❄️

Impressive, what an elegant structure that looks like a medieval castle, the photographs are extremely perfect, I would give you a prize for the best photographs, Wow! it is a place where we must look like ants in front of this type of buildings, also the last photograph where the boat is excellent.

Well, it is a bit too much to say hahaha, about the prize 😂 But thank you. Yes, we are small, like little ants in front of a cathedral, like this one. ;)

Que bien conservada se ve la ciudad! lindo paseo... gracias por compartir!

Sí, aunque nosotros visitamos solo esta parte de la ciudad, que es donde siempre se quida lo más, no sé como está el resto.

What a beautiful city, dear friend @mipiano, I had never heard of Narbonne before. I love period buildings and how organized they are.
I'm not surprised that cathedrals are your weakness, since they have really beautiful architecture
Beautiful photographs, I appreciate that you shared this hiking experience
Have a beautiful day

Thanks, @jlufer

Narbonne is located in the south of France, we pass by it every year when we travel. It was time to stop and see a bit the city :)

Great walk, really great places i love it
A big hug

Gracias, @isbelhiv02

That was a great walk in this town , I loved the churches too , they are amazing, especialmente la europeas , thanks for sharing all your adventures Mrs Mipiano looking forward the next one 🙂😁

Señor Pumartístico, thank you for coming with me to these adventures - not really big - adventures :D The only thing that could happen is that I stay locked in the cloister haha or get food poisoning 😂

Well could you imagine if some crazy monks te hubieran secuestrado 😂😂😂 for make you play the piano for them every day 😂😇

Hahahahaha, nooooooooooooooooooo. Pumaaaaaa!!!

But ok, if the piano is a good one, then I would not complain a lot 😂

Hi @mipiano. Very nice place, with very old buildings, the river enhancing the magic of the environment.
Interesting photo of that arch, where above is a mother cheetah, with her two little children between her paws drinking her milk. Greetings

Those little rivers in the cities give a nice touch to the cities, right? We saw these kinds of canals and rivers in several cities in the south of France.
Thank you for stopping by, @abrunet 😇

Palaces, cathedrals and castles are my fascination!
That cathedral from wherever you look at it is wonderful, I love the old and those streets transported me to another world!

I love it, thank you for this tour, I liked the sculpture above the arch, the windows of the cathedral, that stone building that .... beautiful!!!!😀

The sculpture above the arch was my favourite post there, in those cobbled streets, but the cathedral could not be missed, of course 😇

And never miss it, I love them too!

Such a nice place! I didn’t know your weakness is a cathedral but oh well, who wouldn’t like its grandeur, right! It’s funny reading about the dead end and that you had to turn back. I think I would be in a similar situation too. 😂

Yeah, I thought there would be some action there hahah, and nothing, dead-end passage. 😆

My theory is: If I don't see the cathedral, I haven't visited that city. 😂

This! I love cathedrals too. Narbonne’s one is a reference to gothic architecture.
Nice walk, it’s a pleasure to visit France with your eyes from my sofa. 😁 Oh, I am glad you weren’t closed on the cloister. 🗞️😘

Pues lo tenías fácil entonces, walking from the couch 😁
And if I were closed there, do you think my boys would come and try to save me? It is questionable lol 🤣

🤣🤣 I am sure your boys would save you, but if not happens just call me and I’ll go flying!

What a beautiful city, the photos are great. Once again I've gone for a walk with you.... to France!!!!

Narbonne looks so peaceful, so quiet, almost no people in the it because of the time?

The cathedral is a majestic building, actually all the buildings you show look like that. The solitude of the cloister is frightening.😬

The colorful flower sculptures in the middle of the street surrounded by old buildings have a lovely contrast.

Thank you for this walk, no pasa nada if it was in July, we did it today. 😉🤣

You came this time to France, and I am glad you did. And be prepared for more as I still have some other countries where we can walk in future in these posts. 😁

Sí, no pasa nada, time is relative, as they say, hahaha, July of November, almost the same 😅

Hay algo que no he entendido aquí. No estamos hablando de una edificación verdad? Esto es como toda una pequeña ciudad?

I always know wonderful places through your posts, but this time you went too far, this site is beautiful and everything maintains a similar infrastructure, even in the colors. Wow my friend, especially the Cathedral, I think you should already know that I am on your team, I can't go anywhere without visiting the main church.

It's a shame they didn't find a good place to eat, but it usually happens when you're getting to know a new town in depth. I imagine there were many other options, and the best of all is that you can eat a lot and then lower the calories with a big meal. walk and many photographs hahaha, excellent post, I fell in love with Narbonne (although I still don't know if it is a single place or an entire town, I think it is the second)...

Es una ciudad entera, Narbona, en sur de Francia. But it is just the historic city centre, which we visited. That is why the buildings are of similar architecture, I mean old :D

Believe me, we didn't eat a lot in that restaurant hahaha, I got raw food, and my son found a piece of aluminum foil in his food 😳 But we walked and took many photos :D

my son found a piece of aluminum foil in his food


Así quedé...

noooooooooooooo, el mono nooooooooooooooo 😵


such a charming place such cool historic buildings
a shame the dinner wasnt up to par

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

Yes, it was nice to be around there :))

Thank you, for the community 😉


You had an amazing walk! Narbonne seems to be nice. It has beautiful huge buildings. One thing that always captured me about cathedrals is their buildings, both from the inside and outside.

So, cathedrals capture your attention too :))
Narbonne was nice, both the architecture and and ambience we found that afternoon there!

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Many thanks 😊

El tiempo es veloz... July seems so close to me. And we are already in November, well... Almost December.

Me gusta la aventura de Narbonne y la loba capitolina 😍.

Yes, time passes quickly, walking in Narbonne was as if it happened yesterday. Well, the post happened yesterday, indeed lol


Time is relative, I aspire at least to have a young soul, even if my body is wrinkled hahaha....

I would really like to join you on this walk. The streets look so beautiful and there are so many historical buildings around, just the way I like it.

We're not always lucky with food are we? I wish @ninaeatshere was with you there haha

Yes, you are completely right, @incublus, we needed Nina there to guide us where to eat :))

What an interesting city. I imagine you didn't have enough time to see so much beauty. Thanks for taking us there.

Thank you @mamani for making this visit to Narbonne with us

In this weather, when we go on foot, it feels very good to see such beautiful places, old buildings and the maps of all these buildings are very beautiful and when a person walks, his health is very good.

Hi. Those are a wonderful views. For a moment i though i was in the ancient time. I would like to visit one day. I hope so. There is a great Beauty in thoses buildings.

We indeed went back in time a bit. Well, just to July this year but I know what you mean, it indeed looks ancient. ;)

I mean centuries ago... The casttles for example

I know, I was joking a bit 😉

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I really liked the photos, what beautiful places, I really enjoy the old European buildings and their cathedrals. You took a risk on your last adventure 😅 luckily everything turned out perfect. Best regards🤗

Thank you @mayramalu, it was a short afternoon, but slowly we are getting to know many cities in France 😇