One rainy day in the famous Louvre... #TheLongestTrip

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Three days in Paris became my precious gift from my son! I wrote earlier that we did not see each other for a whole year. And here we met!



The first day we sat in a beautiful apartment with panoramic windows to the old Parzh courtyard and talked about everything in the world, as relatives talk who have not seen each other for a whole year :) The next day it rained, it rained all day in Paris... But we only had two days, so we went for a walk. Where can we go in the rain? And we decided to visit the Louvre
And see the original Mona Lisa painting. It was our Darinka's wish!
We went there by subway. The Louvre station where we got off was like an art gallery!






After walking through the rainy streets of Paris, we saw the famous building. And so we entered the arch. This majestic building in some ways reminded me of my native city of Lviv, but the scale was impressive! Through the arch we saw a very large courtyard and beautiful majestic buildings.
We moved between the giant majestic columns, but stopped for a moment, mesmerized by the music that played here...



The music was created on the cello by a street virtuoso! It was exciting! The music rang out and rose to the height of the ancient columns.
Music and art are always side by side and complement each other...
Of course this music deserved a reward... And tourists left euros in a cello case.





We moved on, enjoying the atmosphere of this historical place, hoping to see the famous painting, the photo of which was located at the entrance.



The Louvre Museum is one of the largest museums in the world, located on the right bank of the Seine in the first arrondissement of Paris. The museum was opened in 1793 under the name of the Central Art Museum of the Republic.







It was very incredible emotions - to walk in the rain in this luxurious yard among people under colored umbrellas! We approached a strange glass building in the middle of the courtyard, where the famous Mona Lisa was located. But unfortunately we could not buy a ticket to enter this museum because it was too late. Our Darinka was a little upset that she will not see the original painting, but later she took beautiful photos of herself against the background of the beautiful buildings of the Louvre, and we convinced her that we felt the proper atmosphere of this place, and tomorrow we will visit the famous Eiffel Tower!







Imagining Paris, I remembered such famous names as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles, Greve Square, Notre Dame...
But I could not even think that fate would give me such an opportunity to touch with my soul this beautiful atmosphere of royal majesty, which was created by the ages. And here I am. I enjoyed it with trepidation in my soul. I didn't know anything about this place. But later I read it on Wikipedia:
The modern Louvre is the result of successive construction projects carried out over 800 years. The museum is housed in a palace on the site of a late 12th-century fortress built during the reign of Philip II. In the 15th century, the French king Charles V made the fortress his residence and founded a library in it. During the reign of King Francis I, the architect Pierre Lescaut demolished the fortress and built a Renaissance palace in its place. The Louvre got its current square shape during the reign of Louis XIV. In 1682, Louis XIV moved his residence to the Palace of Versailles, and the Louvre became a place of storage for the royal collection, in particular, from 1692, a collection of ancient sculpture. During the French Revolution, the National Assembly decided that the Louvre should be used as a museum, showcasing the country's cultural heritage.






The weather was cold enough - 7° warm in the rain! But we happily took lots of photos of this beautiful, famous heritage of France, until our hands froze and we got wet. Then we hurried to the cafe to warm up :)


Next time, in the #wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay , I will share with you my wonderful walk that I had in the capital of France, visiting many famous places in one day. A visit to Paris was a breath of fresh air on my #TheLongestTrip.
Thanks to everyone who reads and supports 💕


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Thank you for your visit 😊

Your page smells like history, this is great. I was amazed by your article. It always gives me pleasure to visit you, Ms. @olga.maslievich. have a nice day . 💐🫶

I always enjoy reading your comments too, my friend @dewamke44. Our preferences are similar. I also like hiking in the mountains and historical places. Glad you are interested in reading my blog 💕

Yes, we are similar. @olga.maslievich . Your articles give me great inspiration.

I can imagine the kind of joy that you felt after seeing your son since a longtime
You should be the happiest mother on earth right now
I’m glad you enjoyed the outing

I feel like a very blessed mother. Thanks for reading my blog.

so nice of your son to gift you the visit to paris such an amazing city but I am ashamed to say on my visits there i never made it to visit inside the louvre

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk

have a great day

I hope you had time to see other historical places in Paris, and you will visit the Louvre next time 😊
I also dream of coming to Paris again in the warm season to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and visit Versailles!

Надзвичайна краса, Оленько! Дякую за знайомство з Парижем! Ніби сама там побувала!)))

Я щаслива, що так несподівано отримала можливість побачити Париж. І ви погуляли там разом зі мною 😊

Seeing your son after quite a long time is indeed a joyous thing. It's a good thing he could also gift you this amazing views of Paris...I have heard Paris is beautiful but never thought for once it like this.

It is really very interesting to visit a city that you have heard a lot about for a long time, but to see it live and feel these emotions while being there!

Thank you for your visit 😊

Thank you for your support 😊

Today it's getting cold everywhere and it's raining so this weather is very enjoyable especially when you go to such beautiful places it's so nice to sit and talk with your family. Time spent doing and eating is much better.

every weather has its own beauty and I am glad that you perceive it philosophically.
Example: there is nothing better than sitting at home with your family, drinking hot tea, while the beautiful rain is rustling outside the window, and you can see it from your panoramic window... or through the open door of your house :)

Beautiful city, beautiful forums, it's a good thing the rain didn't prevent your visit to the Louvre

It's so good to hear you say this. I really liked it🤗

You know: visiting the Louvre in the rain has become so exclusive, probably more impressive than if it were sunny outside!