Wednesday Walk around Buttonwood Park

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Wednesday Walk around Buttonwood Park

This post if for Wednesday walk challenge And Make me Smile Collaboration challenge, initially our collaboration was once a month but due to the popularity of it we have decided to make the collab a weekly thing :)

Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by me, the idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start. And this is my entry for this week, but first, let me explain the challenge.

This is my post for the Wednesday Walk challenge hosted by myself, let me first explain the guidelines

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

Try and get a few shots not just one

Add a bit of a write up about where you walked

You can look for anything in general or decide on one subject you want to get shots off.

Make a point of looking around and up and see what you can find to get shots of that otherwise you may miss

Do a post with the shots you get on a Wednesday and tag it with #wednesdaywalk, also if you happen to join, please leave a link to your post in a comment on this post and I will try and visit them all, especially if its not one of the first 5 tags or I may miss seeing it .

Following me and re-Hiving the post so more see it would be appreciated but isn't a rule just a suggestion.

I am not strict on these rules and hence why they are called guidelines and not rules

I will try and visit, and upvote all who take part in the Wednesday Walk.

Make me Smile Collaboration

As I mentioned above Wednesday Walk is collaborating with the [Make Me Smile] hosted by @elizacheng,

Here are the rules for her challenge

Your post can be writing, singing, video, poem,drawing, photography etc.... the most important part is your post Make me" smile, Remember, the ME is whoever read/view/listen to your post and this includes YOURSELF.
b. Your content must be ORIGINAL CONTENT
c. Please include at least 50 Words in your post

A walk around Buttonwood Park

For this week I am sharing a recent walk around Buttonwood Park, and its actually during the day unlike most of my recent Wednesday Walk posts, thats because it is getting cooler here, and I am not heading out for a sunrise walk if the temps down near freezing points and instead going for walks during the day or at sunrise,
This walk was in the early afternoon around Buttonwood Park

I start with a shot of the fall colors across the pond,

ww Buttonwood park-7.jpg

Sony A7iii 17mm F6.3 1/320 ISO 80
Click here to view larger

I did share a post on Sunday focusing on the fall colors, for this post instead I will focus on what I saw for the rest of the walk, starting with this cool tree I just loved its shape

Its a Coopertown Elm tree

ww Buttonwood park.jpg

Sony A7iii 42mm F6.3 1/125 second ISO 200
Click here to view larger

Some other trees with nice warm autumn colors I walked by

ww Buttonwood park-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 26mm F6.3 1/125 second ISO 106
Click here to view larger

the Sun was out when I went for the walk and the Swan was busy giving itself a good clean Surrounded by the Canadian Geese

ww Buttonwood park-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 208mm F7.1 1/160 second ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Here is the swan checking out its reflection to see how the cleaning is going

LOL OK it had just ducked its head in the water which explains the ripples in the water and it then went back to cleaning itself,
I guess these shots could have gone well in a #featheredfriends post, ohh well they fit in my walk post as well so here they are

ww Buttonwood park-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 85mm F8 1/160 second ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Not sure what to say about the next shot, other than the saying tighter than a ...

ww Buttonwood park-6.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/250 second ISO 80
Click here to view larger

Came to mind even though there geese and not ducks

and to finish off a leave changing color

ww Buttonwood park-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/125 second ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Weekly giveaway of shares

This week I am sending to the following who joined Wednesday Walk, for this week I did a random draw and the following each received some Hive to @thekrazypoet, @godslove123, @ace108, @eolianpariah, and @shinyobjects

And @elizacheng will send to @wwwiebe

As @elizacheng and I collaborated with our Wednesday Walk and Make me Smile Challenges

And one person is randomly drawn who joins both challenges to receive one Hive from me and this week it is @TBA

I hope a few of you may find this an interesting challenge and decide to join in.

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

Wednesday walk footer.jpg

TEAMUSA JJ hive.jpg

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Lovely post, JJ, I have never seen such a Coopertown Elm tree and it looks amazing 😃

I love it when they dive for food - it looks even funnier when the swans do it 😉

!BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :)

It was new to me as well seeing that tree it’s such a cool tree reminds me of a bonsai tree

The swans were being ladylike and didn’t moon me

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Yes, a huge bonsai, but somehow it's like a bonsai, you're right.

So kind are your swans - the ones I have seen here don't care and show their backside to everyone 🤣

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

What can I say other than I think they see a Sony camera and they think this person has class
But in your case….

Ok I will stop there

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

I just wanted to switch the computer off, but now I had to search for an old photo which I took with my Canon M50 which I had before the EOS R - can you see that the swan was dancing for the Canon? 🤣

... but then ...


Have a nice rest of the day JJ 😃

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Lmao good response

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Hihi, I remembered the dancing swan 😉
Good morning, JJ, have a great day 😃

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

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Hahahaha. Those two geese were mooning you!

That tree really is wicked cool. Nice find on that.

LOl that they were :)

I love that tree every time I walk there i end up taking shots of it

Beautiful Wednesday blues, lol...those skies are amazing!

Picturesque places in your park! I like to walk in such parks, here you can relax both body and soul... Thanks for the great photos.

Thanks and yes parks like this are very calming and so good for both the mind and body

That tree is definitely pretty funky! My wife and I were able to get out for a walk this weekend too. I think it will be one of the last ones we get before next year. They are calling for snow this weekend!

hey dont go throwing that four letter word at me yet, you know the one starting with s and ending in now, I am not ready to even think about that yet LOL

Glad you were able to get a walk in before it gets to cold for it

Sorry, but they say it is coming, whether we want it or not! :)

Lol I know it snowed in Maine last week which isn’t to far from us

That tree is just awesome! It makes me think of a giant Bonzai tree.

And the swan? Man oh man...he has never seen a more beautiful swan than!

Thanks for sharing these amazing photos with us!

That’s what I think of that tree as well it does look like a bonsai tree
And yes possibly a very vain swan

...a very vain swan...LOL! I like that!

It did amuse me thinking that lol

Thank you for mentioning me my friend @tattoodjay 😊

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The second photo of the tree is amazing... years of extreme pruning!
I love all the photos, @tattooday!
As always, I'll try to get mine in tonight!

Yeah I wonder if it is extreme pruning or just grows that way

Have a great day

Congratulations on your rep 76!!!

Thanks I hadn’t Even noticed I hit 76 till someone else mentioned it yesterday

I know! You just take pictures and blog, hehehe 😄😂🤣

Yeah very true

Great walk, the photos of the swans and Canadian geese are amazing 👍👍

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

The very nice view. The clear blue sky and the white cloud are perfect. And the duck in the water and his reflections is awesome and cute. !PIZZA

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Wow, your Buttonwood Park photography is really colorful and nice.

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Another set of wonderful pictures JJ, the trees are really looking fantastic with the warm colors and I love the picture of the swan and its reflection in the water. Its some good photography.
As always thank you for sharing and I wish you a great Thursday ahead :}

Thanks so much the autumn colors are almost all gone now sadly

You to have a good Thursday

While that first shot is stunning, I have to say that swan checking out its reflection is my favorite! I thought the geese would be long gone by now, but I think the mild temps this month is keeping them hanging around later in the year. Thanks for sharing your awesome autumn stroll with us, @tattoodjay!

Thanks for your feedback I do love that swan shot and was tempted to start with it I bounced back and forth

Yeah the temps have been kind of mild that could be why the geese are still around

Cool! Great pics of the 🦢 birds. Thank you for the Hive :-) It was such a wonderful surprise. !LUV

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Thanks and most welcome

beautiful photographs of the place friend, thanks for sharing

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Wow! Another great day! I love that gnarly elm! Elm trees are almost nonexistent in the States because of blight, I think.

It was a fun day, between the autumnal color and those geese showing off for you! A perfectly wonderful #WednesdayWalk!

Thanks :) I loved that tree it has such character, and now I know why I have not seen many of them here
Have a great day

The elm bark beetle dwells on the elm tree, thereby infecting it with the Dutch Elm Disease due to bacterial growth in the wood. Other elm varieties also harbor beetles but do not get infected by the disease. Furthermore, the American elm has a shallow root system, which invades sewage pipelines and foundations.

This was more what I had heard, the tree that was almost gone was the chestnut tree. There is a resurgence.

Mature American chestnuts have been virtually extinct for decades. ... The final blow happened at the turn of the 20th century when a disease called chestnut blight swept through Eastern forests. The disappearance of the chestnut launched a profound change in the structure and composition of eastern forests.

In actuality, the blight fungus does not kill the tree's root system underground. So we can expect to see more and more. Hopefully.

Have a great day, JJ!

Very interesting I did mean to look it up but now I don’t have too lol 😂

It really is a cool tree love that amazing twisting look and your reflections are awesome nice photos as always @tattoodjay 👍

Thanks so much, someone else told me the reason we dont see many trees like that here is that most of them suffered fromb light

Have a great day

That can be true it is a shame.

yes Indeed a real shame

Lovely Wednesdaywalk pictures, @tattoodjay. I like the geometry of the first one. Duck butts always crack me up , when they go bottoms up to go below the surface. Don’t they know how silly they look? And that autumn maple leaf is a thing of beauty!

Yeah I must admit when I see a duck or goose go bottoms up the kid in me come sout and I just want to laugh LOL

They are just so silly!

👍🙂👍and we need more silliness in the word these days

Those are awesome!!! Is that a common shape for that type of Elm?

I loved the bird pictures! If only you had put them in Feathered Friends, the synchronized diving would have been my choice for the Tell Your Story Contest


Thanks and your right i should have put them in Feathered Friends,


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