Wednesday Walk art in progress

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Art in Progress

First off let me apologize, I had a busy week this past week, with family matters and a few Drs appointments, so I just didn't have time to comment in all the Wednesday Walk posts, but this week I should be fine to keep up with them all.

I mentioned in yesterdays post how I was really feeling the cold in my feet, particularly my left foot, and I was thinking or hoping it was just my body not used to the cold yet.

But as it happens that wasn't the case, most of my Drs visits and checkups went pretty well, I have put on some weight that I need to work on loosing and starting to try and do that from today after sharing this post.

But back to my cold feet one of the Drs visits I had was to the Vascular office, including ultra sounds on my legs and carotid ( neck) and today I went to see the Dr for the results, Well my left side is good, but the right side not so bad, my right arm has signs of slight blockage in my arteries, but nothing major and no action on that other than doing the ultrasound again next year.

However my legs were a different story, there is a blockage in my leg it seems it is close to 75% blocked, so I have to have a CT scan on the 8th of December to confirm the extent of the blockage and confirm whether or not I need the procedure to clear out the arteries.

Now I am not so stressed about it to be honest, as I have had blockages in both of my legs and had this procedure a couple of times before and have stents in both legs, but it was a bit frustrating to see another one forming, after a few years now without them happening, but ohh well it is what it is and i hope for the best.

This post if for Wednesday walk challenge And Make me Smile Collaboration challenge, initially our collaboration was once a month but due to the popularity of it we have decided to make the collab a weekly thing :)

Any questions about the challenge read the guide at the Bottom of the post ;)

and thats a long intro to also excuse why my walk for this week that I am sharing is a short one. I popped downtown for a walk, the temp was 41F I think and i had layers on and my body was warm, but very quickly my feet particularly the left foot was feeling so cold, I called it quits got back in the car and warmed up

But on the short walk I did I came into Wings Court which has an area for local artists to do murals and came across one artist working on a mural

here is his supply of paint cans

new art in Wings Court-3.jpg

Sony A7iv 21mm F8 1/160 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And here he is at work, he didn't mind his photo taken as long as his back was to me

new art in Wings Court-2.jpg

Sony A7iv 23mm F8 1/400 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

There was also this unfinished piece not sure if it was the same artists of=r another one

I will swing back sometime to see the finished pieces

new art in Wings Court.jpg

Sony A7iv 28mm F8 1/640 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

This is another piece there I think the face is pretty cool

from talking to the artist, they apply for a spot and wait till they get alloted a space to share their art on

new art in Wings Court-4.jpg

Sony A7iv 20mm F8 1/320 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

As I said I did like this face

new art in Wings Court-5.jpg

Sony A7iv 19mm F8 1/400 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

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This is my post for the Wednesday Walk challenge hosted by myself, let me first explain the guidelines

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!pinmapple 41.634837 lat -70.925143 long Wings court New Bedford d3scr


The street artists are superb! They are very good at their craft!

Yes, visiting doctors is always a worry...
I wish you the fastest cleansing of the arteries!
Do not be ill!

Thanks doing my best to get healthy again :)

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Thank you very much , take care of yourself i just got back from another Autumn walk in the Dutch nature , almost done with the post , that way you can sit down and relax while watching Dutch nature :)

Most welcome and I look forward to seeing the Dutch nature sitting and relaxing is something I do well these days LOL

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 133 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Fun street art. Always fun to catch the artist in the act. I always like shots like the spray cans. Tools of the trade I guess but those details are always interesting to me. Hope everything goes well with the leg and the weight. I've decided I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving to start trying to lose weight...or maybe Christmas haha. Hard time to start eating with moderation.

thanks, and yes I am thinking after thanksgiving i will start working on my diet lOL

There was also this unfinished piece not sure if it was the same artists of=r another one

There is a typo in this sentence. By the way, both the cats and the face on the wall is a real art, but probably they would still be considered as vandalism in my country (in Hungary). Maybe except if the artist paint it on his/her own wall, or maybe if the artist paint it with the permission of the owner of the wall. I am not sure about this, but in general the authorities see the graffities as vandalism and as a crime.

thanks for pointing out the typo

Yes in some cases this would be considered vandalism, but as these walls are approved for street art, i see it as art

I can say that, that was cool street art and a talented artist. I really loved seeing this kind of activity on the streets so I'm hoping that one day in my lifetime that I can witness an actual because I just watch in social medias..
Also I hope that you will be well soon..

Plus here's my entry for this wednesday walk.😊

thanks for sharing your ink

I hope the health problem for your feet can be resolved soon, I remember my left leg which sometimes gets cramps when I'm too tired, I enjoy this pain, because I was a baby who was born 7 months premature and had problems with my weak bones @tattoodjay

Sorry to hear about your health issues, thanks for th good wishes

Oh wow, best of luck with that. I hope that everything goes okay. It is good that you have dealt with this before already, but it still has to be a bit scary. Best of luck to you! Wow, those are so colorful! Who would have thought there were so many different shades of spray paint!

I was quite surprised how many cans and colors of paint he had, I am intrigued to go back and see the final result, but I suspect that will have to wait till after I have the surgery/procedure, which I suspect wont be till the new Year since I do not see the Dr for the scan results till the 19th of December

yes it is a bit scary I will admit, even though I have had the procedure before and it went well, the risk is always there

I remember the last time I had it done, they just drug you up so your still awake and I felt a twinge in my legs then felt warmth running down my leg which was both a freaky feeling and good knowing the blood was running properly

Thinking about it I should have known it was blocked my left leg and foot especially has really been feeling cool and taking ages to warm up

Ah, that is great that you know what to expect. I would have thought with all the walking you do, things would be moving quite well. I guess physical activity isn't necessarily tied to circulation. Best of luck to you either way. I am glad they caught it before it became more serious.

Yeah I always thought with all the walking I did circulation would not be an issue, but the first time I had issues I went from walking for a couple of hours regularly, to struggling to walk two blocks in NYC

Yes always good to catch things early

These health issues are so saccharine, unfortunately. The fact that you're already used to them and can even ignore them or maybe not, but the fact that they don't scare you is good for morale. Experience matters and good morale I think will help you heal faster. I wish you a speedy and successful passing of these health problems in your family.

I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking, having had it before is a good thing, but still always a little nervous when needing a surgery

Oh, you have right about surgery, I am more nervous about that.

I'm sorry to hear about the blockage in your leg... I get it that you are not too concerned as you've had it before, but it's never nice when these things pop up in your life...

Some interesting art that you have found on your walk. Thanks for sharing it with us.

And a big thank you for the Hive surprise! It is highly appreciated!

thanks, yes I am keeping a positive attitude, but will admit it is always a bit concerning when one needs a procedure

most welcome for the hive

I totally understand getting concerned when any procedure is needed. I am glad you are keeping a positive attitude though! I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers that everything goes well for you!

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nice to see the artist at work, most are too shy lol
love it

thanks and yes I think it is common for many artists to be shy

👍 i guess the fines are pretty high for what the authorities see as vandalism, yet when it suits turn a blind eye to corporate funded "street art" to brighten the place up. Typical govt. hypocrisy , well in the UK anyways.

Such a cool finds, artists working on some new StreetArt 😎😊 love it, very cool.

Sorry to here from your worries @tattoodjay especially as you went through it a few times before.
Hope they can solve the blockage and your leg will be better. 🍀🍀🍀🍀 sending positive energy to it.
Take care, both if you.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

My walk for today… a bit closer by this time: The reservoir and it’s hidden Old Bridge ~ Wednesday Walk ~ Charco Redondo Reservoir/ Embalse del Charco Redondo - Southern Spain 🇪🇸

Have a wonderful Wednesday 👋🏻😊
Huggss 🤗🤗

I love seeing artists at work so it was cool to come across this guy

Thanks, I am very confident that the Ct scan will confirm the blockage with the colder temps I am feeling my right leg is feeling the cold so much and my toes are tingling a lot of the time, but its what it is, just have to wait patiently for the scan and then when they schedule the surgery

Will visit your walk shortly

Me too, as an artist myself… it so inspires me 😉😎

You are welcome. Yes, the colder weather makes it more prominent.
Let’s hope the scan reveals all and surgery isn’t to far ahead.
All the best @tattoodjay
Bigg hugg 🤗🍀

I've always loved seeing Graffiti as a true form of art. ❤️ That is a great point to remember! Great shots! Keep it up!

I do love graffitti that has style, tagging not so much to be honest

Great to have you back, perhaps not up and running, but walking, be out and about the art and artists have so much pleasure once given space to display.


Good health, hope all goes well!

Thank you for the random prize and I hope all those appointments are worthwhile!

Most welcome and yes the scan and appointment will be worthwhile

Take care of your health and your legs! Blockage of blood vessels is very bad. Do you smoke? Smoking can greatly affect the passage of blood vessels on the legs. My neighbor had both legs cut off because of this. It was a long time ago, about 20 years ago.
Take care of your health!

OHh yes it can be dangerous, good thing is I know I have an issue with blockages so getting them regularly checked is good

I had given up smoking for years but my wife and I slipped a while back, but now have a timeline to quit its time to et that out of my system

Oh, yes!!!! You need to quit smoking!

What a great collection of paints, those in the hands of good artists can transform plain walls into colourful and beautiful works of art. I see he is doing a great job and I love the other pictures, the creativity is amazing.
As for the doctor's appointment, I wish you the very best, but losing the excess weight might be the solution to clearing blood vessels all over the body. Thank you for sharing and keep enjoying your week :}

thanks for your visit, yes indeed, loosing weight is a good thing to do, not that I am saying I dont need to but the last times I had this issue my weight was closer to my ideal weight and I was very active regularly doing 20 to 30K steps a day

Hi @tattoodjay how sorry I am for your illness problems , you have to take care of yourself and take care of yourself that is the important thing to move forward , greetings and may all go well🤗 This is my participation in the walk on Wednesday.

Thanks I will visit your post shortly ;)

Good luck with the leg and arteries! That's a little disconcerting to hear.

I bet that big face represents just how you might be feeling!

and LOL I had not thought that about the face but you may well be right

Great artwork there you found on your walk. All the best for the procedure on your leg.
Just last year I was having consistent cramps in my right leg after doing a walking challenge. I probably hadn’t stretched well or enough. My feet also started feeling cold. I got a deep tissue Taiwanese foot massage and it brought back life to my feet. I know that warm feeling you mentioned. I was advised to keep my feet warm. Now that the months are colder, I wear real warm socks at home,try to take long warm baths and sometimes just insert my legs (up to my calves) in very warm water. It helps to relax the muscles,keep the feet warm and the blood circulating. I also try to have more warm beverages to keep the body in general, warm. I don’t know if any of these tips might be useful.
All the best. 😃

thanks and all great advice and truly appreciated

😃You’re welcome.

Hey there @tattoodjay
I just re-read you post for the 3rd time over the past couple of days to digest the info about your legs having blockages. I have never even thought about the arteries in legs having blockages. I have never even considered stents in legs either.

You only ever really hear of arterial blockages and stents around the heart so I was quite suprised when I read that.

I'm sorry to hear that your left side is misbehaving.

This revelation has really motivated me to walk more as I have put on weight again that I lost a few months ago...(damn Cadbury's chocolate...😣..) and dance more and give up the chocolate again...

So, I'll see you again next week for another Wednesday Walk eh!

Goodluck with everything!!

I'm really sorry to hear about the blockage on your leg. I hope that you'll be able to recover soon. I hope that you won't be too stressed out about it, I know that you'll become better. Praying for the best.

The art just looks so amazing on your post

Here's my entry for this week



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Hope all will be well on your side and no more Drs. appointments.
all the arts are so cool, love the colors so alive and vibrant.