Foggy Wednesday walk to the unknown

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Everything started this morning after some yoga, coffee and checking the weather prediction. As it was not so bad, I took my essential things like camera, small cooking station, some water, gloves, a hat and some food which Tamara prepared for me. As Tamara needed to work today I went for a walk alone. With the objective to reach a high mountain lake, to see some birds and some other wild animals.



When I started the walk, the mountain range was very clear and only a few could were out on the sky. This changed very fast. In less than 35 min the mountains in front of me became surrounded by thick fog. I anyway continued my Wednesday walk. With good mood and only small breaks to drink some water I was able to gain some hight quite fast.




It's just beautiful to walk, to take the time you need and to feel the fresh air on your skin. From now and then I was even spotting some birds. Everything was very peaceful. When I was reaching the hight where the snow still was not melted I got surrounded by clouds.

Fog is for me always a special opportunity to take some even different pictures. Like these:

I was lucky that the snow was kind of hard, and I did not sink into the snow very much. That made it easier to walk and to keep some needed energy.
With a few of maybe 20 meter I continued my way into the unknown as I was not sure what I was surrounded with. Once in a while some sounds of falling rocks and walking animals came to my ears.



Overall this place felt quite spooky as I was very much aware that I walked through an ancient battlefield. The snow or the rocks could turn into an avalanche or something. So around 13:00 I stopped behind a very big rock to fill my empty stomach with some food like chilies and many other things Tamara had prepared for me.

After the break and not really far away from the lake I still decided to turn around. With careful steps to not slip and fall down the mountain I reached more easy terrain.

Once I left the snow and enjoyed the view over Slovenia and Italy, I even recorded some time-lapse of the beautiful moving could.




Then it happened I turned around, and I saw the mountains where I'm just coming from in white and blue. The clouds left the mountains for some time, amazed about this amazing change of weather I turned around and hiked up again. Not long after and still very happy and with overwhelming emotions about the beautiful scenery I was covered once again in fog. Too bad, even I waited some time with the hope the clear sky would show up gain.





On the way down I enjoyed every single step and as more and more clouds moved away, and the evening turned out with the beautiful view of an amazing orange red sunset.











At 17:00 Tamara picked me up from some parking and the full moon even showed up. All in all a wonderful walk and a great experience.

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Beautiful colorful landscape, so much color in one day! I must say that it was very daring to make a trip alone with all the dangers it has. I don't know if it's effect of all the movies I've seen, because I've never seen snow 😂.

You never have been physically in the snow?

Oh it's ok.

yes how you see it can be very tuff but if the weather is good it can be likein wonderland or in some dream. 🙂

I hope one day I can have the joy of witnessing a scene like the ones in your photos, it would be great. As you say a dream in wonderland 😁. We have to dream, we can never stop doing that.

A beautiful walk... 😊

And the sky is an incredible red color....

Thank you 🙏🏼 it was a very beautiful experience. We will try to climb up to the mountain lake next week with better weather conditions. 😄

Have a fantastic day. 🙏🏼

WOW what a hike the views are fantastic and the photos brilliant, love the surreal feel of the fog and the beauty of nature

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

It was good to be back in the early evening. To process the trip and write ✍️.

In fact so many good pics, it was difficult to decide which once to share. I am very happy you like them.
Have a great day 👍

I think having so many photos its hard to choose which ones to share is a good problem to have LOL

Have a great day

The sky with sunset is so fiery.

You are right so much 🔥🔥🔥
It was a red and orange sunset out of the books. 🔥
Have a great day 💪🏽

Have a great day too.

Really great photos and thumbs up for doing this :) where is this place?

This place is on the path to the KRN mountain 2244m in the Slovenian Alps.

The route is very wonderful and even time passes fast. In my few the better way to get to the top. In the summer as well less touristic. More wild animals too. 😁

Thank you 🙏🏼

This mountains are really beautiful. I need to go on a Triglav, I still didn’t go and it's really time to see this beauty of ours :)

And that was a serious walk.
Such a HUGE adventure and a day with such incredible contrasts... From the weather to to landscape, the moon and the clouds.

What an extraordinary place to be and such stunning scenes to see!

I look forward to seeing more.

Yes I really love that as well. I am happy tho that I did not went any further as this kind of weather is so unpredictable so can be the way up in the snow.

I hope on the next weekend we will be able to visit the lake with lots of sunshine. 😁

Thank you for your feedback. ✍️

I hope that you're having another awesome walk somewhere in the sunshine too and I can't wait to see it! 😃

I could feel the tranquillity of this all. It looked like a day well spent, feeding your soul 🙏

Yes, it was super calm and peacfull. Definitely a lot of time spent in silence and only admiring the beauty of the nature!
Thank you! Wish you a good evening 🦋🌻

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