A good day to go outside

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Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Freshly cut grass


There aren't many things better than a freshly mowed lawn. Actually, there are plenty of things, but after not having a decent backyard for so long, it is nice to have an awesome looking lawn again and be able to go outside and spend some time there.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Keiichi is always ready for some outside time. Yesterday was crazy though, so we didn't let the animals out much, except for the dogs to go to the bathroom. We have had wildfires all around us and the air was super nasty because of the smoke. Some of our friends got evacuated out of their homes because the fires were getting out of control because of the wind and how hot and dry it was.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Luckily the winds calmed down and we got some rain last night, and it helped keep the fires under control so the fire teams could save the homes. It was super windy yesterday because a cold front came in last night, so now it is nice and cool outside. I wish that this cool weather would last but I think it is going to get back up near 100 degrees again in the next few days.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Even Rusty came outside to join the party. We don't let our Siamese cats outside because they weren't let outside at a young age, so we aren't sure what they would do. I think I may let Sophie out one day by herself so she can explore and I will be able to keep an eye on her.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Keiichi and Rusty got to explore the rocks up by our hammocks today. They had never been up there before, so they were excited about all of the new smells.

Now Faith and I need to get dinner ready and get ready for our groceries to be delivered. It has been nice to skip going to the stores and just have our stuff delivered to our home. Hopefully all of this Coronavirus stuff here in the US gets under control, but I see it getting a lot worse before it gets any better. Oh well, time to stock up on cat food and cat litter.


oh wow... these shots are amazing...

can i ask what lense you were using, the dreamy bokeh and barrel distortion are just lovely!

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Thank you. I was using a Canon 50mm f/1.2 for these. It is a pretty awesome lens.

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What a cute family! They're all so beautiful! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. 😊

Thank you. and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.

That little guy is so majestic!! Actually both of them are.. And sophie looks like a beautiful African leoperd. Aww they are sooo cute:)

I like cat pics so much... It's like they're some sort of detectives on the grass. Always curious and eager to explore.

They definitely are eager to explore. I need to keep a close eye on them while they are outside so they don't get too close to the fences and meet my neighbors dogs.

Well I don't really know it a cat's sense of smell is way up, but the way I'm looking at the Siamese cats, they seem way too happy to explore the hammock side. Splendid shots too you know.

Thank you. Sophie and Sammy are the Siamese cats that stay inside. These are just my orange babies that I let out and play every now and then.

Yeah that smoke on sunday was crazy... but monday was a complete turn around

Ya, the rain and wind cleared it all up nicely. I wonder how many more fires we are going to see during the 4th of July.

You had me at freshly cut grass, love that smell as well.

When toilet paper ran out in the supermarket in the earlier days i noticed so did pet food, not that the two are related...

Ya, I started buying up food and cat litter before all of the panic buying started. I knew people would start freaking out over stuff. The panic buying has stopped for now, but I think we are going to see another big wave of it soon.

hello, what a great cat and what beautiful photos. I have such a cat. maybe I should take pictures. but I don't think it will be this good. I'm new on the site. and it's great to see such beautiful things!

You should take pictures of them. Everyone loves cat pictures.

the first one among all the others are the cutest one.... this is the second cutest photo i have seen today....

the corona virus situation in my country is just starting to get worse.... so looking at cute cat photos is nice....

A spectacular picture and some beautiful cats. I'm a cat lover. So I really enjoyed your publication.

Aww cute fluffy cats. I think it is for the best to not get out to inhale all of that smoke.

Stocking up on cat food is a good idea. I was reading an article here about this Corona getting worse in USA, with vaccines being mandatory in some Universities for the students. It sounds really disturbing, but hopefully people will fight for their right to say no.

Awesome photos! Nice to see your feline friends get a little fresh air time!


Beautiful cats, really fluffy 😊