Our Lady of Time and Space - Explained. (On Makersplace) By Alejandra Her

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Our Lady of Time and Space
NFT. Digital painting. 1 edition.
Alejandra Her

The idea for this collection was born in the year 2021, in two places at the same time: Brazil and Venezuela. During our endless talks about a thousand things between my love and I, the idea of creating a collection about "Saints" that inhabit our imagination came up.

The Paintings in this series, which curiously have not yet been sold, represent my first step into a new style that merges those two that are so characteristic of my work: digital painting and illustration.

Since the beginning of my career as a crytoartist, I have used digital painting to represent emotional states, and illustration to tell stories. For the first time, I join both purposes, and with them I have discovered a style that little by little is becoming characteristic in my work, and that begins to take me to very distant places.

Here, the metaphors of the first of these works, explained:

"Nuestra señora del tiempo y espacio,
llena de ether y constelaciones,
las estrellas son contigo;
adorada eres en este y cada universo.
Madre de la existencia,
ayudanos a encontrar el lugar donde se guardan los recuerdos."

"Our Lady of Time and Space,
full of ether and constellations,
the stars are with you;
revered are you in this and every universe.
Mother of existence,
help us find the place where memories are kept."

Our Lady of Time and Space, Supreme Mistress in every universe, exists beyond time. She is present where time and space meet, moulding both into being. Her devotees navigate between past and future memories. She is the saint and goddess of those who know and speak her name.."

Our Lady of Time and Space represents the mixture of the past and the future in memory. Is it possible to remember the future? Can we change our past?

Her halo is her identity, and it represents the way she wields and weaves time and space according to her will.

Her hair symbolizes what can be shaped and changed. The negative space in my work represents the absence, the hidden, the mystery. To appreciate beauty there must always be mystery.


Her tattoos are a reference to the temporary & the permanent. The cycles of the moon, a solar eclipse, a quadrant, etc.

Her shadowless sundial pendant shows us that she exists at any point in time and memory.

Is there time or is it just our perception of changing space?

And the mixture of digital painting and illustration is my way of expressing how the real, the imaginary and memory merge.

What about you? Does your perception of time affect your memory somehow, and/or vice versa?

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Illustrations and review By ©Alejandra Her


This is so beautiful 😍

You artwork is epic ,i Like you job c:

Beautiful work, love the details and the techniques you implemented. ✨💕