in OnChainArt • 5 months ago

It's all about finding calm in the chaos...🌸


Hello everyone!😁 I am back!!❤️ It's been a long time since I last posted...I just wanted to give myself the time to heal and fill myself with the positive energy....a lot of things were going on but now I am back with a peaceful mind and soul and I will continue to post and talk to you guys!🦋

Here is my new acrylic painting for you guys!✨ I saw this from youtube and instantly thought of making it! You all can check out the page in youtube named "Wow art".😍 I hope you love this piece! Can't wait to post more!😉 Till then!🤗


This is so pretty! I'm glad you are feeling positive now. :)

Thank you so much! Really means a lot to me!😄 Positive vibes to you too!❤️

Your painting is feeding us positive energy. Lovely

I am so glad that you are getting such vibes!🦋

Wow! you did it sis? It's so beautiful and you really have a good talent and skills in painting.

Yes! Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you like it! Keep checking out for more!😁