Slay the Dragon 🐉: My CYOA entry

in OnChainArtlast year

This is my second CYOA entry for the rookie talent level: The first one was a huge success probably because I had a lot of positive reviews and 100% of people who commented, said it was very good, so I'm taking the opportunity to actually do my second entry and again I think this one turned out to be decent, despite the challenge to achieve the concept of the quest.

So the mission here is to draw or design a lion that's winning against a dragon


End result

I choose to sketch because that's what I'm actually used to. I think a winning lion and a dragon is a bizarre sight, so there's probably not going to be a reference art anywhere. I decided to get intuitive and coin my drawing out of nothing.

So the idea is that the lion is winning against the dragon, so I had to firstly sketch the lion in a position of attack, with a fiery face and stretched arms. Just after drawing the man and adding light pencil shading, I decided to draw the dragon.

Now, I've seen dragons only in winning positions, in movies, and everywhere. So I used my knowledge of what a defeated dragon would look like, to draw this.

The details on the dragon were mostly from my imagination as I've simply not seen a dragon before. The reason why I was so articulate with the lion sketch and the details on the mane was because I've sketched a lot of lions and I have seen many, in real life as well as documentaries too.

Of course, I knew dragons had this flattened snout, big wide mouth, some strands of mane on their face, as well as short hands.

On their back is this serrated organ with sharp edges, they had this shortened front leg and powerful hind legs. They had the most elegant and patterned wings and very powerful tails.

So, I already had this imagination at the back of my mind, and I was basically picturing the drawing in my mind while putting it down on my drawing sheet. Imagining the details of the dragon was the most difficult part for me.

While the lion looked more intricate, I'll say the dragon was more difficult for me, this was very obvious in the output and the end result of the drawing. However, since I'll be doing a lot of lion sketches, I wouldn't mind.











Here's the end result of the quest, and I'll show the process of the drawing from the beginning.

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I think your mission was well established here 😍
You really tried very well..I admire your art work here...nicely done

You must have spent lots of time on this project

Truly I spent a lot of time and I'm glad that I eventually accomplished it. I think I spent like 3 hours overall. Hahaha it was overwhelming

Bruh this is some next level sketching!

That expressions on lion face and slaying moment looks Amazing.

Thank you, I think it was a good decision to participate in the sketching. Yeah, I'm glad the lion's expression came out pretty good.

I think you did great.
From the picture I was able to see that the lion was the one in charge and you got the Dragon pretty good too.
I do wish I could sketch from my imagination straight to the paper.

It's really not easy to sketch from one's imagination, but I don't think I could have gotten any references for the sketch I wanted to do, so I just decided to do it from my head. Hahaha, thanks a million. Where have you been?

🤭. You're welcome.
I have been really swamped.
I trust you're doing great?

I have been well, I just don't see your post that often.. I thought you took a break

I did. For a short time.

By the looks of it you did great, the concept is well articulated. The dragon is on the losing end and about to fall. Well done :)

Thanks man, yeah, I was hoping it'll turn out well. I hoped the lion's expression killed that of the dragon's.

Wow! That's lovely art work,I didn't know that you know some drawings stuff. The pencil drawing look superb and the Lion look very aggressive. I enjoyed this art work. my pleasure.

Thank you, the lion sure looked aggressive, that was my main aim as that was the instructions.

Kudos to you!!!
Keep it up!!!

Thank you, it was worth it

This is really a lovely and great artwork I must confess

Thank you, it is

Great execution! Liked the flow of your sketch development pics.
I also didn't know you draw. Have read your poetry, your stories, your literature reviews from way back in the day. Happy to now add drawing to your list of creative talents.

What a great talent you have apart from being a prolific writer. Well done

You did really well with this, man. I have a problem of sketching oversized heads. I start my sketch and give a lot of attention to the head, so by the time I’m done sketching only the head, there’s not much space left on the paper. I need to take the zealy campaign serious now so I can get to this art level and flex my amateur sketching skills a bit. Hehe

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