OnChainArt Rules (Yaaaay)

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Authored by @midlet

Minimum Quality Standards

This is intended to be a community for "good" artists. While there might be a strong debate on exactly what that means, in the context of this community, here's a preview:

If you post something here we deem below the minimum quality threshold, that post will be muted.

I don't hate or have contempt for amateurs. We all start somewhere, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying this is not the community for that. This community is for the people that are past that. People that take their craft seriously and have achieved some level of proficiency, and expertise.

There are other art communities (search for art) here other than OCA, and if you don't like any of them you can start your own.

3 Strikes

If 3 of your posts get muted, for whatever reason, your account will be muted until further notice.

One Post Per Day

If you’re doing the level of work we want in this community, you probably aren’t going to be able to produce several in a day. Typically if people are posting several times per day, it’s spam, or at the very least not very interesting. It’s not good practice in regards to curation anyway.

Only Art Posts

So this means, no questions, or posts just saying hi, etc. Unless there's also some art in that post.

Original Work Only

Original work mean you designed and drew/painted/sculpted/whatever, this work. There are some edge cases with things like collage, but this is the baseline.

No Plagiarism (Obviously)

So I want to be clear about what I see as plagiarism. Plagiarism in the worst case is literally taking someone else's work, posting it, and saying it's yours, when it's not. I have little patience for this, and it's not something I feel anyone could do as an "honest mistake". So of course plagiarism is not allowed and any instances of plagiarism will be flagged, muted, and your account will be recommended to official blacklists (just don't).

No Copies/Studies of Paintings/Drawings/3d Illustrations

Copying other artists is a normal part of developing your skills as an artist. As an instructor, one way that I and my instructors before me told our students how to improve is to copy your favorite artists' drawings. So to be clear, I don't think there's anything wrong with this, BUT, I don't think this is something you should be monetizing. It's just something you'd do as practice. Also, I'm not naive, and I know that on a platform like Hive the incentive is high to produce content, and it's a lot faster to copy someone else's design than it is to create your own, but that's not what this Community is about. This is a bit more forgiving, so initial cases of this will come with a warning, but repeated cases will result in muting and possibly downvoting.

Studies from photos ARE allowed and being that OCA is a Community focused around the visual arts (drawing/painting/sculpting/animation/design), it's understood that visual artists commonly use photographic reference to create their work and we understand that the focus is on the artistry and craft being showcased ie drawing/painting/sculpting/etc.

Photo Manipulation Must Be Your Photos

Basically don't grab someone else's photo, run a filter on it, then call it your art.

Sharing Reference (if your art is based on a single reference photo)

The photo does not need to be included in your post, just a link to it, but if you want to share the photo as part of your post of course you can do that too. The exception to this rule is if you own the photo reference, or have purchased the rights to them. An example of this would be if you buy a photo reference pack. Since you bought the photos, they don't exist online and since they are a for profit product it wouldn't make sense to post them here.

Cross-posts and Re-posts Welcome

That doesn't mean spam the same three drawings over and over, but for some of you that have been here for years or months, the art that is long past the payout period is still valuable and can still bring eyeballs to Hive. Art doesn't have an expiration date, but to be mindful of spam, let's say the limit for a repost is something like 2 months. In addition, if you repost older content, please do not do a direct copy and paste of the older post. Create a new post with new text and it's best to mention that the post is a repost. Not all curators agree with everything we're doing here in OCA and there should be full transparency so there's no voters remorse.

Don't Be A Dick

Again this might seem very simple, but I want to be a bit more specific. Of course this means that we should all be civil towards each other, but that does not mean an echo chamber of positivity. It is natural for humans to disagree, argue, and clash. This is all allowed as long as it doesn't devolve into personal attacks or harassment.

Also, here in OCA we hold to the implied design of the curation system of Hive, meaning upvotes AND downvotes are tools for proper curation. In the same way that you wouldn't ask for justification for why a user upvoted you, please refrain from attacking or demanding justification because users have downvoted you.

Disallowed content

No Photography

If the work you're showcasing is JUST photography, then it's a better fit for one of the photography communities (search for photography).

No Filters or AI Artwork

Again, there is nothing wrong with this sort of work, but it would fit much better in Alien Art Hive administered by the amazing @juliakponsford.

No Crafts

I've always said OCA allowing crafts was temporary until someone made a crafts community, but I suppose as long as we're allowing it, there's not much of an incentive for anyone to create one. Well, now there is. If you love posting your creative crafts in OCA, which many of you do, take the plunge, start a community, I think there are enough of you that that would be a vibrant community and it would be stronger as everyone there will be into the same thing.

No Body Art

Similar deal as with crafts, I feel like I've seen a community specifically dedicated to this, so if there is one, posting there would be a better fit, otherwise again, take the leap and make a community.

No Tag Spam

The Community now has suggested tags that will help people discover the content they're interested in. If you arbitrarily add tags to your post it destroys the usefulness of this important feature. So if you use tags that don't belong on your post, your post will be muted.

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These are a great set of ground rules and I agree with the rational behind them. My only concern is the re-post one, I hope it is looked on as a way to get eyes on undervalued posts rather than for milking purposes.

I do agree with the re-post. I been here for almost 3 years, and at the start, I had posts that were largely ignored and way undervalued.

(i.e. when I first joined I got 0.02 on my art with text and details while I seen photos of a cross-eyed dog or something as silly as that, and even out of focus etc. without any explanation getting over 500.-, and I used to wonder: WTF?)
There is some of my best artwork that falls into that ignored/undervalued category. I had not re-posted any of it so far, but might be tempted to do so in this community.
Or I might not - I am behind in posting my new artwork anyway .......

Rule number 2 and 3, well said.

I've been wanting to get back onto Steemit now that I've settled into my new job and have some time.

Might have to do it through OnChainArt, seems like a nice community !

I was wondering how you approach computer artists ? A majority of my art is combinations of AI, Image editing, and using symmetry filters to extract patterns, and I sometimes use as base materials Public Domain or CC-BY images.

Should I avoid posting art based on manipulating public domain imagery ?

In any case, I'm going to subscribe and keep an eye on this :)

good question - when you talk about Public Domain images, check out RIJKSMUSEUM STUDIO (if you haven't already) - they supply high-res images and even encourage you to create with them and show off your creations! I had done so with a few of their collection, but I would not post them here, though I did post on my Steemit blog.

excellent perspective, and thank you for the link !
I've added it to my folder of "raw material" sources :)

I'll probably stay with artworks based on weavesilk.com and personal "drawings" (I suck at drawing, so I tend to just make a couple simple shapes... then work the hell out of them using AI or image editing filters ) or my own photos I've edited.

I wonder how artbreeder stands in the "own images" category ?
I sometimes source from them too. Makes for excellent starting points to try and find interesting patterns in.

 4 years ago (edited) 

I've been playing with Weavesilk some times - you can create some weird patterns with it. There is some use for it, but not by itself. I did not know about Artbreeder - thanks for the link. Since we are at it, have you done anything on Deep Dream? You have to sign up for it and be a active member for a while before you can create larger resolution images. They would still not be poster-size, but with some of them I had luck playing in Photoshop with filters, mirroring etc - getting large enough results I could use as patterns on T-Shrts for example.
Here is a particularly good example from a photo of myself in Hawaii, over 20 years ago.
if you check it out in Steempeak, you can zoom into it (right-click and open in new tab).

I agree, a lot of these are just resources. Places for us to create and amplify patterns that we can then adapt using our own creative perspectives.

A lot of my artworks have incorporated Deepdreamgenerator (I've elected to support them with 15$/month through their Patreon to double my Deep Style max quality limit, given how often I use it !), often applied to Weavesilk patterns, actually !

Here's one I'm particularly proud of:


you've got a pretty interesting one there.
Deep Dream with the default set often gives a bit nonsensical renders (the initial dataset had way too many dogs in it), but the way it reinterpreted your face makes you look like a space paon !

PS: Just saw they're having a "Natural and Digital Painting kit" bundle on Humble Bundle. The 1$ threshold is a tool that seems very similar to weavesilk, though more based on creating animated mandala effects.
The other tools also look pretty interesting, given how cheap they are compared to full market prices, and the interesting effects they promise to deliver.

I've gotten it for myself, to see if I can use it to create some new pieces :)


Nice. Just subscribed to the community. I'm looking forward to seeing what the community produces.

I love it!!! So glad to see you doing this, my friend.

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Your ol went a bit funny D:

You're doing better than me by a long shot if you have a little patience for plagiarism, I have none >_> I mean the only thing you can plead for this one is sheer stupidity.

How do you feel about photobashing?

I'm glad I found this, can't wait to share my works here!

@midlet Is it ok for me to re-post tutos or step by step of my paintings I have made some months or years ago, as they obviously didn't reach the same audience it could today and mostly, would be now of more interest posted on an art chain..? ;-)

Yes :)

@midlet - short answer, but now I am not so sure that you are right: I just had been downvoted and berated by steemcleaners for doing something similar, i.e. advertising a short version Memento Mori of a long blog of MEMENTO MORIby posting 1 previous image (the actual uncropped artwork) and adding 2 more new images - and I linked to my long blog and talked about my studio and where it is located, with links, but leaving out all the other text, detail and progress photos from my long version, instead adding new info about where my studio is and what it looks like. But @steamcleaners say "copy/paste" ......

makes sense, yes, particularly if they were undervalued.

Is there a Discord channel for this community yet?

These all sound like good, reasonable guidelines.

This absolutely makes sense - great rules! Should I ever be tempted to create a theme-specific art community (I am seriously thinking about this since I founded VISIONARY ART already over 10 years ago) then I might heavily "borrow" from your rules (i.e. why re-invent the wheel when I am in full agreement with your rules?!)

Interesting development about your rule here:

Cross-Posts Welcome Cross-Posting is currently only available on SteemPeak but hopefully other frontends will integrate it soon. A cross-post takes a post from one community and posts it in another community. For example, let's say you author an original art post in OCD, feel free to cross-post that into OCA. Depending on the subject matter, you could even continue and cross-post it again in Alien Art of Steem or another community where it's a good fit.
Particularly in view of it being a feature on SteemPeak. Today I had been downvoted and commented on by @steemcleaners for doing just that.

Nice! I get to read it first before posting to this art community. Thank you! Even though I joined almost 3 years ago, I just started using Steemit so I'm not yet familiar with repost, cross-post and how it's all done. I still got a lot to learn. *sigh

Good afternoon!Recently there was an unpleasant situation with my drawing. It was considered plagiarism. I want to apologize to the community and explain that I had no malicious intent to steal someone else's art. It was drawn in an online drawing lesson. The teacher didn't tell you that it wasn't his job. I have no desire to engage in plagiarism and earn money from it. After that, I had some questions... I'm not a professional artist. I just like to draw and take images from my head is difficult for me. Can I use photos that are freely available without copyright as the basis for my drawing? I don't take other people's drawings and paintings as a basis. Can I draw a portrait of a person based on their photo? I really like your community.

@OnChainArt I'd love to join, though not sure I've done it correctly, when i see it in my 'communities' it just reads as "Guest" is that correct? So, I'm not sure if my posts are showing up here or even, honestly, if that is how communities work?

 3 years ago  

Yes, it would say guest. I can see that you are subscribed to the Community. To post in the Community go to the Community page on either PeakD or Hive.blog and click the button at the top that says "Write Post" on PeakD or "New Post" on Hive.blog. It's the blue button. With the new addition of Communities, you can post to your blog or to a Community or both.

Nice. I'm happy to find this community

Thanks for the information, am ne here and i pledge to keep the rules of this wounderful platform. And also wish to meet some friends and follow them. God bless the founder of this great comunity.

I am really happy now I finally found the art community , I could look upto and learn from

I've been searching for an art community, thanks for this and I'll definitely abide by your rules

Glad to take part in this wonderful opportunity! Cool community you got here!

This rules are very simple to follow.. thank u OCA

Oh, am sorry for posting in this community am still an amateur. Thanks for the info. i should have read OCA rules before posting.

Hi! thanks for the info, I am new here and so far I feel it is the only community where I would share my work. One question, a sequence of a work process in one post, and the finished work in a second post, would that be correct?

Can my post be approved by the OCA community? I draw using graphite pencils, charcoal pencils and colored pencils, my original works is made by myself

I love the rules that govern thus great community, I believe this will bring the community to the top as so many bad acts isn't accepted.

I also wants to know if this community have discord channel?

Wow, am going to read this rule again so that i understand it again and again. Your rule is very clear for anyone who want to choose this community for art work. Now I know different from on chai art and Allienart community.
Thank you once again. Am sorry I didn't read this before making my first post which is for adoption campaign quest. Now that i have read the rules. I must follow it.


Hi if you can see this my post I'm new to hive.

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good luck with rule nb 8 jaguar:)

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