Pandas & Bamboos (Pixelart)

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This is an exclusive request by a friend from the community. She wanted this panda with a pink ribbon because this is her signature symbol so I did it. It was a very enjoyable piece, nothing too hard. I added the little baby pandas as well and some bamboo shoots for them. I will be putting this 3D model on NFT.

Pixel Progress






Final Render



Bringing your work to life in 3D, forever learning new techniques is fascinating to me.

Keep well and progressing in your talented artwork @zord189

@tipu curate

Hehe thanks @joanstewart! I try to do one once a week.

When you being creative I know you are well and happy! Have a great week and keep up one a week too....

Actually that makes a lot of sense! When it was crunch time at the office... I couldn't come up with anything. Have a great weekend too!

Once pressure is off, creativity sneaks back in, take regular walks and breaks much more productivity flows 😌

Agree! I need to go to the park.


Aww so cute! Nice job!

Thank you, glad you like it :)

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Incredible, upvoted and added to all my Curation Trails

Thank you for the support! I try to do one piece once every week

Me encanta demasiado la forma 3d del dibujo y las sombras están perfectamente dispuestas. Espero ganes mucho con tu arte porqué es muy bueno

Cute baby pandas <3