Chess problem 80 / Schachaufgabe 80

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Hello chess fans, today it's time again: overcome by sudden creativity, I invented a seemingly simple but rather tricky chess puzzle for you. :)

By the way, I got the idea for this riddle while playing a blitz chess game, which I will show you after you have found the solution of this chess problem.

So what is the situation on the chessboard? Black obviously has attacking potential, but the white material advantage seems to outweigh it.

How can black nevertheless prevail and achieve checkmate in five moves at the latest?

I will grant a hundred percent upvote to the first participant who finds the solution, but please, as always, for the sake of fairness, let your chess programs turned off!

Have fun solving today's quiz!


Hallo Schachfans, heute ist es mal wieder soweit: Von plötzlicher Kreativität überkommen, entwickelte ich ein kleines aber feines Schachrätsel für euch. :)

Die Idee für diese Aufgabe kam mir übrigens während einer Blitzschachpartie, die ich euch zeigen werde, nachdem ihr die Lösung des Schachproblems gefunden habt.

Wie ist die Lage auf dem Schachbrett? Schwarz hat ganz offensichtlich Angriffspotential, aber der weiße Materialvorteil scheint schwer zu wiegen.

Wie kann sich Schwarz dennoch durchsetzen und ein Schachmatt in spätestens fünf Zügen erringen?

Ich werde dem ersten, der die Lösung findet, ein Hundertprozent-Upvote spendieren, aber bitte lasst, wie immer, der Fairness halber eure Schachprgramme ausgeschaltet!

Viel Spaß beim Lösen der heutigen Aufgabe!

Black to checkmate in five moves at the latest:

Schwarz setzt in spätestens fünf Zügen schachmatt:

FEN: 6r1/Q1Pp1R1p/1P1b3k/7r/5P1P/4PP2/4P1bK/1R6 b - - 1 1


1)... Be7! [It is the key move my good friend]

2)Rxe7 Bf1
3)Rxf1 Rxh4 # if [3)Re6+ dxe6 ó 3)Rxh7+ Kxh7 In both cases it cannot be avoided 4)... Rxh4 #]

2)Rf6+ Bxf6 if [2)Rxh7+ Kxh7]

3)c8=D Rxh4+ if [3)Kg1 Bh3+ 4)Kf2 Bxh4 # ó 4)Kh2,Kh1 Rxh4 and it is impossible to prevent 5)... Bf1 #]

4)Kg1 Rh1+
5)Kf2 Bh4 #

I think I did not miss an interesting variant. Teacher, I admire your prowess when playing and this problem was positionally amazing ...

Very well!
You showed enough correct variations to be declared as winner of this round.
Congratulations @yazp!

I am considering to make a 3Speak video to explain the different variations of the solution.

no doubt I will be waiting to see how you approach positional ideas and themes ... simply chess is artistically beautiful.

1 ... Be7
2. Rxe7 Bf8 is an impossible move. :)

Furthermore, I would like to ask you how to continue after
1. ... Be7
2. Kg1 ?

2)Kg1 Bh3+
3)Kf2 Bxh4 #

2)Kg1 Bh3+
3)Kh2 Bf5
4)Rxf5 Rxh4 # if [(4)Rxh7+ Kxh7 followed by 5)... Rxh4) or (4)Rg7 Rxg7 followed by 5)... Rxh4) ]

Excuse my clumsiness I don't usually write chess games for a long time...

Excuse me master is Bf1 I will edit the comment

No problem!


  1. ... Be7
  2. Kg1 and then?

... and this problem was positionally amazing ...

Thanks a lot! And can you imagine that it cost me hours to create this post, until every variation worked as intended?
And then a whale like @theycallmedan, who probably even can't play chess, comes and feels he had to downvote this post with a 100 % flag. On HIVE there is a huge number of greedy curation rewards maximizers, but @theycallmedan thinks his only flag within the last seven days would be best placed on my post. 'Great'.

Good to have some BTC and not to depend on this HIVE kindergarten here ...

Puzzle and solution by @jaki01 and @yazp


While it is true that the white pieces have more material, the black ones have a better position. After H4xH5 the first check comes and White's king must go to the square of G1, then Rook to H1 would come giving check again and the white rook would fall in B1, and it is better that White surrenders.

White is totally lost, the biggest disadvantage being the doubled pawns on the E and F columns.

I think you're right on this.

Well, nice to see that you play chess, too, but even if 1. ... Rxh4+ seems to be the obvious move in this position, that was not yet the correct solution. :)

Nice to see new people joining my chess riddles! :)

OK, lets look at your suggested moves (black's moves are always in the right column):

  1. ... Rxh4+
  2. Kg1 Rh1+
  3. Kf2 Rxb1

But now white can give a check with:

  1. Rf6+ Kg7
  2. Rxd6

And it's white who wins ...

You need to find something better! :)

Hint for the 2.Kg1 issue: The beauty of 1...Be7 is the combination of offense and defense. Use the offense part now.

He already found the variations after 2. Kg1 now.

After many attempted for the solution, here is another variant for the solution.
After Rg7 white cannot stop the checkmate. Black bishop prevent Pf5...

After 1. ... Rg6 white wins with 2. c8Q.

Well this is very typical of my chess play, also I meant Rg6 instead of Rg7 :)