Internal Flora // Original Track

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A music video I created for my new track: Intestinal Flora

All vocals, instruments, mixing, and art made by me :D

There are 10 editions available on @nftshowroom!


Also available on YT:

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I love the psychedelic of this piece and the visual art, I think I just discovered another artist that will become one of my favorite blogs to visit on hive, I already have my favorites and they are always from lands far away from me or English speaking, I also do music and art on hive and didn't know about this community, I am going to join to make life from time to time here too, I saw the healings and there are people with too much artistic talent, greetings! @juliakponsford

 last month  

Thanks and yes definitely come post in Alien Art Hive!

Wow, I like it. It is a bit mysterious but very relaxing, listening to it I imagine sleeping at the foot of a pine in a quiet forest and while I fall asleep the mist begins to fall. It is very beautiful.

 last month  

Nice, I always love hearing what comes to mind when people listen to my music, this definitely fits the vibe 😊

I really like the melody, this whole track has a mysterious vibe and it makes me feel some kind of nostalgia, the artwork matches the nostalgia and the trippy vibe with the psychedelic effects. Good work, very unique. 👏

 2 months ago  

Thanks! I forgot to mention in the post it's worth it to listen with headphones, theres some left/right effect :)

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