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This artwork was inspired by Al-ʻUzzā, that was one of the three chief goddesses of Arabian religion in pre-Islamic times and was worshiped by the pre-Islamic Arabs.

Al-ʻUzzā, like Hubal, was called upon for protection by the pre-Islamic Quraysh.

The temple dedicated to al-ʻUzzā and the statue itself was destroyed by Khalid ibn al Walid in Nakhla in 630 AD.


Esta obra de arte foi inspirada por Al-ʻAzzā, que era uma das três principais deusas da religião árabe nos tempos pré-islâmicos e era adorada pelos árabes pré-islâmicos.

Al-ʻAzzā, como Hubal, foi chamado para proteção pelos coraixitas pré-islâmicos.

O templo dedicado a al-ʻAzzā e a própria estátua foram destruídos por Khalid ibn al Walid em Nakhla em 630 dC.

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This is beautiful. I love the colors and the combo ob Arabic letters and the face is amazing.

Glad you like my friend! I was Arabic inspired. 😊