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RE: Looking back at HF25 - Looking forward to next 12 things

Awesome and exciting to see where you are going with all of this. Here are my top picks:

As you know, Hive Engine recently released the Smart Media Tokens smart contract which replaces Scotbot and is decentralized. I think seeing the ability to earn multiple tokens by posting or curating on Hive will really intrigue many people. Probably many currently don't realize there is such an ability because of the complexity of the system, and PeakD as a frontend can really help people wrap their minds around the existence of multiple communities with their own reward pools.

Really interested to see what ideas you have here. The use case is already established. We seem to have a stablecoin (hopefully it will keep $1 during a bear market). If we make it easy for content creators and their fans to use it, then the advantages of this system for them over the centralized systems are tremendous. No reason not to join.

Might be done before the above so as to make the account creation easy for people.

A new way to earn which doesn't involve inflation? Sounds like a solid win for communities. I think @imwatsi has been working on a protocol for this (Hive Attention Token) so his work may be of interest to you as well.

My own ideas:

Proposal pages for communities: Hive Engine recently launched the Decentralized Token Fund contract, enabling the stakers of each token to create and vote on their own community proposals. Would be cool to enable communities to do this kind of governance right from PeakD. After all, a person can be a member of multiple communities and he/she will probably want to participate in their governance.

Liquidity pools & NFTs for communities: Hive Engine is supposed to enable liquidity pool rewards soon. Won't it be cool to let community members participate in DeFi for their community? And what about community NFTs? I don't know if PeakD will want to create such pages but if the interface at least lets people know these abilities exist, it would probably help. Otherwise it creates fragmentation (various functionalities scattered all over the place). And PeakD creates integration.


B. We would much much much more like to integrate H-E SMT contracts have many communities/tribes switched to that?

C. That's what we're hoping

D. Agreed

J. It would be great to have a decentralized option that all interfaces adopted. However there is a huge incentive to work with ad networks that have done the work to make relationships with many many advertisers.

I want to see tons more features for communities as well first step are some new UI upgrades for communities.

The main issue for liquidity pools is that swap tokens are custodial and they have not made a lot of users feel confident in their security protocols for those tokens yet.

As you referenced diesel-pools still don't have an economic benefit to liquidity provider to add to them after 5+ months. They tend to build new things without ever polishing up what they already created and that worries me about integrating... we can integrate something but they won't push their own product and they'll just move to a new product.


B. We would much much much more like to integrate H-E SMT contracts have many communities/tribes switched to that?

I know of one community so far that uses the SMT contract for their token, it was a recently launched one. I guess new communities will probably launch with SMT tokens instead of Scotbot. Will existing communities switch? I guess a question for them to answer.

So what if we ONLY supported the H-E SMT tokens?

Well, first of all, is it two very different APIs or more or less the same? I don't know the answer, maybe both can be supported with the same effort, or maybe the APIs are very different.

If the latter, then why would you support a centralized service like Scotbot? Is this going to contribute to Hive? It might, at this stage of development. Is it in alignment with your vision? These questions can be one way of determining whether to support both or just SMTs. For me, I'd rather see you guys spend your time on building and supporting the future we want, not obsolete centralized services.

I agree with that sentiment... however we should dig into the reality of what those tokens are doing... if there's no one using the smt then it may not be too useful

Maybe the answer is make smt support free on peakd and some other incentives

Seems like Hive Engine have shipped rewards for liquidity pools. You might be interested in this conversation: