1500 HIVE PRIZE COMPETITION - Best Collections (CCC/ curated content collections)

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Authored by @jarvie

We are setting aside 1500 HIVE to give away to at least a dozen of the best Curated Content Collections (CCC/)


This is an 10 DAY competition so jump on it now. We want to see your creativity to find awesome content or collect your own content and make compelling collection-posts. Start early and keep adding to your collection because your ability to continue curation rather than "one and done" will impact our judging as well, so no need to wait until the collection is perfect.

Presently https://peakd.com/ is the only interface that has added support for displaying the collections nicely but we expect with how powerful and useful CCCs are that other interfaces will quickly follow suit. Specially after all the cool collections everyone makes

Yesterday we launched the ability for a Community to have a COLLECTION tab. (Enable it in settings.)
Coming soon to Collections we will allow users to make suggestions to the curator for posts they may want to add to the collection.

View previously made collections over at #c-c-c or C/Curated Collections


  • "Posts that help users understand Hive"
  • "Posts about Bitcoin"
  • "About the power of positive thinking"
  • "My posts about Decentralization"
  • "My favorite posts of the month about..."
  • "My process renovating my house"
  • "How to play Splinterlands" Or "How to play DCity"
  • "How to use Tribaldex.com"
  • "My travels in Antarctica"
  • "The top posts in the C/Hive Gaming community"
  • "Interesting ideas for the Hive Blockchain"
  • "Ideas on how to market your Hive posts"
  • "Best posts about Bolivia"
  • "Posts about DEFI and AMMs"
  • "Hive in the News"


Remember it's not just about the posts you include but also:

  • Order of the posts
  • Name of the collection
  • Descriptions of the posts to help new users decide which posts will benefit them the most
  • Use of beneficiaries to reward authors who's posts you've highlighted

We want many people to attempt to create the best collection that will help new users. Make the perfect collection for a new PeakD user.

2. THE LOCATION PRIZE = 150 hive
Given to the best collection about a location

The best/most interesting collection that deals with your own posts.

4. THE HIVE RESOURCE = 200 hive
The best collection of resources for some aspect of Hive or hive in general. Meaning a collection not focused on New Users like our other prize.

5. THE UNIQUE USAGE = 200 hive
We want to see the most interesting use case for a collection that isn't listed in the other prizes. Be creative.

6. "THE LONG STORY PRIZE" = 100 hive
Collections that span many posts that can be encapsulated in one collection. Fiction writing or a sequential travel series.

7. Reoccurring Collections = 100 Hive
For projects that plan to publish collections on a time schedule basis on the same theme.

We will set aside 200 hive to give to several other "runner up" collections that do interesting things.

We will set aside some Hive to reward several users who have the best suggestions for what kinds of collections to make. A post with a list or simply some comments in this post to get people's creativity going.



  1. Select "Create a collection"
  2. Add a bunch of post links to your draft
  3. Add curator commentary after each link (optional)
  4. A good title and collection description is helpful
  5. It is customary to add beneficiaries to reward those you who are part of your collection. (At least the authors originally in the collection)
  6. Use the 3 dot menu on future posts you find to quickly add more to the collection.

View a @jarvie video walking users through how to make a collection and how easy it is to add posts to the collections

Collections are a very specific type of post... they have a list of post links and they allow the CURATOR to add some commentary about the posts to allow the reader to understand what to expect.

Adding a post to an already created collection is as simple as clicking this button and then choosing your collection you want to add it to.




I think I did this right and I think the collections are going to be a wonderful Idea. I like music, I do not listen all the time to music but when I want to hear something I really despise having to hunt and search.

Hive makes it difficult to build a personal music collection, PeakD has solved that problem. There are so many great Musicians on Hive, but even with my list for music, list are not topic specific when it comes to accounts you get everything, not just the music from the account.

Collection make it simple. I do not know if there will be a limit on the number of collections an account can hold, but I think people will be testing that out.

Another nail in the coffin of main stream social media.
edit: My collection

Your collection was really cool and unique

This is amazing functionality !!!! Finally, I had the opportunity to clean up my blog. It doesn't matter if I can win - the very opportunity is already WIN!!!

You already know I’m in for this. Great initiative!

Hmmmm... I'm thinking of some Collection Brainstorm for now... I have ideas for personal ones (for my own posts) but here are general ideas to help others.

  • A Collection of Anime Posts for a specific show.
  • A Collection for Media Analysis posts.
  • A Collection of posts that are only related via a specific phrase
    • An example for this: collections of posts that contain "Today I ate a Pizza." It has to be more specific that that. Better be specific enough that it blows the reader mind that it's found on many posts.
  • An ordered list of a Contest's Winning posts. (Better used with conjunction with a winner announcement post for more details.)
  • A Collection of #HiveList related sale posts. (Inspired by @thatsweeneyguy's comment below.)
  • A Collection of Website Reviews under a certain Niche. (Pretty obvious but put it here because I feel the "Review" part is important.)

What do you think?


As promised, I've written the fourth Rogue Curator utilizing the collections feature!

I love how easy this makes creating a curation post, and will continue to use collections for recurring entries to the series!

New to hive and still understanding peakd so a collection for new users would be super useful

Yes we're hoping the prefect collection of posts comes out of this so we can send it to new users like yourself.

This is a tremendous addition, and a competition like this is a great way to get the word out. Love how you guys just keep innovating.

Hi, this is my collection


I wanted to add my spanish language but I couldn't get the translation in the collection.

I edited the collection leaving only the english language and adding a small title.

For Art, NFT, etc, the ideal is photos, I enjoyed making my collage collection

Thank you very much

an old collections count? lol i made a THE NEW USER HELPER" a week ago or so but that one was in spanish i guess i can make a english one too

Yes they do... and you can update it if you want we will judge later in the contest.

I think this is a much better collection than the first one because this is complete up to the latest edition. The first one still needs update until the latest edition.


This is so cool! I'm mostly creating collections of my own posts now, but I will definitely make a newbie guide in the future. I just wanted to make collections of my posts first so that when someone wants to read my blog, I'll send the link of the collections. Easier advertising.

Wow. Such amazing rewards and an amazing initiative. But I'm barely a week old on Hive, so I can't partake but I hope to follow it with rapt interest.

Kudos to you guys on this one.

Make a collection called "All the posts that helped me as a new user on Hive" That would be fascinating indeed and if done well is likely to earn some prize money.

Thank you for the advice. I will try it out.

I hope I did it well, and also hope french is allowed :)

Sounds pretty cool. I will possibly have a collection of local Hive meetup posts, or food based posts.

This is awesome. I have been waiting for a reason to put together a collection of my Africa posts.

It was a good one... we already gave it a bit of a discretionary award and will continue to see how it stacks up for the big awards.

Love this initiative, thank you!!

Are we allowed to do a collection of posts from other authors and then enter with a second collection that consists of our own posts? So basically are we only allowed to enter once?

Make as many collections as you think are GOOD. We are not limiting the amount of collections we are judging them based on how good we thing they will be for other people. If you make a ton then we probably will think you won't have time to consistently curate the ones you have... and consistent curation is a feature of a collection... for most really good collections.

Understood. This makes perfect sense. Thank you for the prompt answer :)

How can I ever be late to this party? No way! This is amazing and I am excited at the thoughts of it. I believe everyone is a winner already and that's what hive is all about. Thank you for this great opportunity. Nice initiative and I am all up for it.

My entry for 3. THE PERSONAL COLLECTION is the collection about my best science posts (from the last 3+ years):

My latest collection features a list of movie & tv show recommendations. I plan to update it every time that I see something new that I think is worth sharing.



Best for me to reblog, so that some of our community leaders can see it.

I'm getting an "invite invalid" on the discord invite. https://discord.gg/Fy3bca5t

Sorry about this. Can you try this one: https://discord.gg/uPxmXjX ?

That one worked! 👍

great initiative!

Here is my collection of my time in Tanzania. I guess this would fit best for the "Long Story" or the "Personal Collection" themes.


Yes or location.

Good iniciative!

Thanks for setting this up. I actually had initially created my own "collection" posts for some series I was writing, but this interface makes it much more functional!

Here's the collection/series I'm currently working on for Splinterlands card buying:


Here's my collection of travel posts in Cebu: https://peakd.com/ccc/ybanezkim26/definitely-cebu-my-cebu-travels-collection

Will be adding more!

I just knew this contest today and here's my coffee shops review and my definition to types of coffee shops based on my collections. I also have collection of single origin coffee reviews. That'll be helpful if I can gather all of them into a single collection. Hopefully that'll help others pick which variety of coffee that they want to drink.


Here is my collection for the How To’s of Hive to help guide and support new Hivizens!


I plan on adding more ;)

hi guys here my entries to the contest, im kind on in love with this feature for a curator it really is the best. So, im doing all my Curation compilations on this format from now on and my community one too.

Hey team! I feel really excited for this awesome contest because this is the kind of work we have to do to keep working hard to bring a lot of people and make things easiers for anyone who want to find those awesome post no matter the topic!

I want to participate in the contest with a collection made for newcomers to understand @peakd from scratch, I even named it "Peakd for Dummies" lol because that's my favorite DApp so I'm always making a lot of marketing about it haha and I think that with this collection any person that even doesn't have a Hive account could create it, then setup the Keychain and finally go and blog using PeakD with a lot of tools and information that I put in there for anyone!

It's bilingual so any person that speak Spanish and English could understand it perfectly, even with the video tutorials.

So, here's my CCC for you!


Let's keep growing up! Thank you so much for everything!

PS: I'll be updating it from time to time when I discover more information that could help people with PeakD :D