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Catching you up on

Sneak Peek From HiveFest
@jarvie gave a presentation about interacting with users during HiveFest. Though the presentation wasn't about PeakD it did have a few teasers about what the user experience may be like in the near future. We are excited about the future of and are confident you’ll share in our excitement after reading this post.


  1. Increased Readership of PeakD
  2. Splinterlands / PeakMonsters Success
  3. New Partner
  4. Upcoming Developer Job Listing
  5. End of Funding Proposal
  6. What's Next


At the time of writing, was ranked the #16,614 website in the world based on engagement according to


Alexa is only an estimating system, but we can corroborate the uptrend of the last few months because we have indeed seen increased traffic on our analytics as well. Our ranking on is useful as a point of validation during conversations with potential employees and partners.

Readership has more than doubled this year

The growth we experienced this year was completely organic as we haven’t yet done any marketing or PR for PeakD. We have big plans for the future, however, we are currently still focused on securing the foundation of the company by developing additional key features and expanding our team in order to support the massive growth we anticipate in 2022.
The meteoric success of Splinterlands was a great stress test for the Hive blockchain. Based on Hive’s stellar performance during the rise of Splinterlands, we are confident that the Hive blockchain will be able to support our anticipated growth moving forward. We’re now looking forward to the release of RC delegations and helping to make sure it’s successful.
Stay tuned for 2022 as we make some much needed upgrades and begin executing on our exciting growth strategy.

Splinterlands Transaction Data: Average number of blockchain transactions per day was close to 4 million

The success of Splinterlands, especially the recent release of Chaos Legion, was a major contributing factor for the increase in new visitors and overall engagement on PeakD this year.
In the last 30 days, over 127k visitors read at least one post related to Splinterlands. Our analytics also showed that the most visited pages on PeakD were also related to Splinterlands.
Other P2E games, such as Axie Infinity, are also beginning to build a large audience of readers on the site, which is a great indicator of growth opportunities for us.

As a contributing team to the Hive ecosystem, we’ve built and currently manage two projects. PeakD is our main focus with PeakMonsters (, a leading marketplace for @splinterlands game assets, being our other project.
A few months ago, as interest in Splinterlands began to blow up, our team evaluated whether we should shift our focus to PeakMonsters for a few months or continue to focus on PeakD. We ultimately decided it would be in the best interest of both projects to make the shift and have spent a considerable amount of time on PeakMonsters since then. Today, we are happy to report that due to the success of PeakMonsters, we now have the capital necessary to properly support the ongoing development of PeakD and are in the process of shifting our focus back to that project. We are also now in a position to grow our team so we can work on multiple projects at once, which will allow us to take advantage of new opportunities without sacrificing time and effort on current projects.

As many of you know, we are a small team of builders and although we are extremely happy with what we’ve accomplished, we believe it’s time to grow the executive team. We are adding a new partner to the mix who will help us create a corporate foundation from which we’ll be better able to maximize our efforts as a team. The new partner will also help to identify new opportunities, grow our user base, and secure new strategic partnerships.
We are excited to be adding a partner who’s been in crypto since 2011, is recognized as a featured speaker at industry events, and who has advised or worked with many crypto companies ranging from exchanges to Fintech startups to NFT projects. A formal introduction to the partner will be made in a future post.

We are hiring! Or at least we will be hiring very soon. We have big plans for 2022, which will require a large amount of development work to accomplish, so we’re looking to add a senior level developer to our team.
It’s a very competitive market, but based on our recent accomplishments and long-term vision, we anticipate interest in the job will be overwhelming and that it will take some time sifting through the applicants to find the RIGHT person. If you know someone that would be a good fit, please encourage them to apply.
We’ll share a link to the job listing in a future post.

We let our Hive Funding Proposal expire in early November. We are so very grateful to all those who believed in us and our project. Our proposal had the most voting accounts of any proposal in the history of Hive or Steem. The many months of funding provided us the ability to devote our time and energy to the project and build the infrastructure to now grow our team as we move toward the growth phase of the company. As many know, getting people to change jobs and commit to a startup full-time doesn't require just a monthly wage, it also requires the security of knowing that the monthly wage will be there for many months into the future.
We love the proposal system! It allows builders to create value for the whole Hive ecosystem. We hope to see many more proposals and look forward to supporting them as the community supported us.
We don’t have any plans to create another proposal right now, but you may see a new proposal from us in the future and we hope that you’ll consider voting for it if/when the time comes.


Expand the team
Add critical features
Fortify the site to handle anticipated growth

Please stand by for the post with details about the full-time senior level developer job.

In 2021, we spent considerable time exploring ways to improve the PeakD user experience. Our exploration included creating mockups and soliciting user tests and feedback, which informed the new user experience we’re excited to implement over the next few months.

While we work on these please share your requests here and on discord we'd love to hear them.

We are positioned to grow rapidly and will be dedicating a substantial portion of our time and resources to grow our user base. You can expect to see us more active in the blockchain community and on social media in 2022.

Lastly, we want to thank you all for your support! We are building PeakD for you so your input is the most valuable resource we have. We hope you’ll continue sharing feedback and ideas to improve PeakD today and in the coming year. We’d love to hear from you here in the comments or over on our discord server.


Thanks for the update, PeakD is by far my favorite project on Hive as it makes the day to day experience a million times better. I love the dedication you guys have to Hive and your projects.

Looking really good on desktop and mobile :))

I have high hopes for this new partner. Just don't spring Justin Sun on us, and it'll probably be fine.

Haha ok DEAL! No sketchy hype-men.

Good to hear. Besides, we all know it's really the next partnership for Elon Musk. Forget HIVE to the moon, we're goin' to Mars, baby!

Ah dang ... you beat me to it!!

I am... the snark ninja.

Congratulations on the achievements! Looking forward to the continuous engagement at PeakD and more awesome enhancements at PeakMonsters!

Peak brings it all together. Really grateful for what the team has done for HIVE.

I am just goanna put this idea out there since I am not around my pc with discord, emoji/sticker set NFTs, beside the emoji button. Creators can create NFT emoji sets with limited editions say 1,000-10,000 but they are geared towards emjoi users, so they actually have an everyday use case on hive and a set can be transferred to someone else or sold. The NFTshoowroom could have an emoji/sticker section just for that.

I see great progress and dedication. Meanwhile congratulations on your present steady growth, hoping for a massive one coupled with great partnership

2021 has been awesome for PeakD. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Congratulations on your growth and achievements, and thanks for all you do here! PeakD makes life on Hive so much more enjoyable, and it is your attention to detail and usability that makes it possible for me to recommend Hive as a content creation venue for my less "tech-y" friends.

Here's to a great 2022 for all of us!


I believe the new year will be awesome.

Great advancements! I'm happy to see project growing.
On the side of requests and ideas I'd love to see more profile-information on users. It's all stored on blockchain and data such as:
Power-down to reputation ratio
Self-voting index
Would greatly help to reinforce positive curation culture and rewarding people truly engaged in sustaining community's growth.

Thank you for all your work, and all the best wishes for the next year!

Since I came to hive, PeakD has been my favorite platform to use. The user experience you guys offer in my opinion is unmatched. I will continue to support wherever I can.

Thanks for the update, and keep up the good work. 👍

PeakD makes for wonderful platform fun time and anybody can do it.

nods confidently

Great job guys, always a project I was happy to see get funding and I use it every day.

Bravo and keep the good work,peakd has really expose me to crypto market n enhance my networking around d world.... wish to be part of the project team...

It's been an exciting year and I expect 2022 could bring big things for Hive. Thanks for providing such great tools to the community. It really is appreciated.

PeakD has been doing good so far, with all the updates that will be carried out 2022 I know it will be so much better. Keep up with the good works.

could you imagine this 3 years ago when all this started with a stats from the chain talk? 😂

you did great work with peakmonsters last few months. now expectations on peakd are high 😂

From the likes of it you are set up to become a unicorn! I am so proud of PeakD and Hive!

GM, I love peakd, used since steem days up to today!

The future plan sounds solid!

@peakd wish you all the best great work keep it up

For someone that is new here, that was a very good report on the progress and future. I look forward to seeing it all unfold.

Thanks for the update, not to sound like a negative nancy but have felt a bit like your presence and updates have been lacking lately. Good to see there's plans to change that.

i was also thinking that, but knew/was hoping that peakmonsters doing good will eventually transfer to peakd doing even better.

Great that you will be shifting focus back to peakD. Roll on 2020.

One feature I would like to see is to always see my voting Mana and other vital information displayed rather than having to hover the mouse over my user name. Apart from that PeakD is super and has become my front page to the Internet.

Your new partner is obviously Justin Sun. Why not just announce it!?!? 😀

My guess was Charlie Shrem for some reason.

Great to hear. Looking forward to 2022!

Nice, congratulations 🎊🍾 and thanks for sharing!

I'm interested to explore what PeakD has to offer. I'm still new to all of this but I'm looking forward to getting started!

This is really helpful, thank you fit this update. It needs to be applied

I made a German translation of this post for a better information of the German-speaking community.

As a big fan of PeakD since August 2018 on 'that other chain', I'm really excited about the things that will come. Looking forward to seeing PeakD develop even further into the best tool for Hive :)

The new partner will also help to identify new opportunities, grow our user base, and secure new strategic partnerships.

I am sure, 2022 is going to be HIVE year. By the way I always share my post links in my office workplace and everyone in my company knows Peakd :)

Greetings to everyone, I believe there will be awesome things in the coming year

Nice upgrade and continue growing the community..


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Awesome work, love Peakd and the peakmonsters! Keep it up


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