My travel story: Botswana Day 10 (Chobe NP) - Part 9 - (50 photos)

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Hey guys,

Today is just another ordinary day… No! It is 1000th edition of Travel Digest hosted by @pinmapple. Yupiiii, time to celebrate. What an amazing number. By the number itself you have to know it is the project worth supporting and taking a look at it daily. How many amazing destinations were presented there? How many different experiences? What a spectacular photos were published there. I do my best to never miss a part of Travel Digest for the last few months, but 999 editions ago I didn’t have a clue what that is if somebody would ask me. The team had clear vision building it I would say as it is not easy to stay around for 1000 episodes. I am supporting this project with my only delegation here on Hive. It is small one and I put it there long time ago, so now when I growth a bit I have to consider raising that delegation to help the project. I am also giving my daily upvote to Travel Digest as they deserve with featuring daily best travel posts here on Hive. If you are not supporting the project yet, you should consider. Stop by and check the Travel Digest winners few times and you will see it is worth it. I also do my best to support authors who are sharing their travel experiences with the rest of Hive world and I have to admit that my view as a curator is similar to @pinmapple team, so I curate many posts before they are even featured at Travel Digest at the end of the day. Let that be enough for the intro to 1000th edition of Travel Digest and honor comes in fifty photos travel story from my African adventure which is continuing from Namibia to Botswana. I really liked this part of my travel so it is just the right time to share it for this special occasion. Enjoy in my journey…

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So after overnight at Mahango Lodge and breakfast there when cute little yellow bird came to join us at the table if you remember, we slowly left Namibia and enter Botswana. It is not easy to cross this boarded they say. It can take hours and they can just demand to leave them some money or other goods when crossing. We were warned about that by our local agent through whom we were traveling and I was talking about him in first episodes of this series if you might remember that. Well he gave us a great advice that some colleague of his awaits us on boarder and accompany us while we are crossing it. That worked out well and went smoothly. Still we waited about an hour to cross it, but no extra costs or any other problems. We gave this guy a little tip for helping us out. This is a standard procedure and many of tourists are doing the same. This guy and few others are there whole day helping us out. Something might change in between as it is already 5 years from my visit, but I seriously doubt :) Good African experience crossing this boarder. Also when you enter in the station if I can call it like that you see photos of all their leaders on the walls, by hierarchy. Another fun fact was that this guy warned us about police control which will be on second turn (or maybe third or fourth, don’t remember exactly) from there. He said watch the speed and have the lights turned on or something light that. He also warned us that he will request something from us even though we will do everything by rules. And it was really just like this guy said. Police control was there we were doing all as we should, yet they stopped us anyway. He wanted some small amount of cash for I don’t know which reason. We didn’t want to give up and stand by “we did nothing wrong” like the guy said and after few minutes he let us go, without anything. Interesting start of our trip in Botswana. Another thing happened after about 15 minute drive, there was one police officer or military / border control person walking by the road and stopped us for a ride to the city. We stopped and pick him up. Feeling was a bit weird as we only enter the country and had some interesting experiences already, but it was all legit at the end and this guy was kind and very grateful for the ride at the end. It was a short ride to city called Kasane where we stayed at Garden Lodge. More from Garden Lodge will follow in my next episode. Just to recap Namibia at this point in a few words. Amazing country which offers so much! You can find all you can think off from the wildlife, you have people who are still living very much as they were living hundreds of years ago, their culture is genuine and their happiness transfers to you at the moment you meet them. You have also other natural sights which amaze you like Namib Desert for example. Food was the best I ever ate. Tried all kind of game meat and it was delicious. Lodges are mostly stunning and could spend nights on the same location if I would have time and money. Yap, money wise it is not a cheap destination, quite the opposite. Still depends how you travel. It offers great possibility for budget camping as well or for group tours where you are camping, but if you are doing self-drive tour and staying in lodges like we did it is quite pricy, but still much below Botswana for example. I had traveled some part of the World and Namibia pulls me back the most. I am checking some flight tickets and their currency exchange rate all the time. You can find some good deals at the moment, but time is not the best as we all know. We will see what future holds, but I am sure I will meet Namibia again, possible more than once. That is conclusion of my Namibian travel and this part is already dedicated to Botswana, where we spent only two days.

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Main part today will be our arrival day at Chobe National Park where we did sundowner boat cruise. Unforgettable experience! I am writing this after 5 years and I can still see all that natural beauties in my eyes and remember how good the wind felt while we were cruising on a boat through Chobe River. Chobe is third largest national park in Botswana, but it is well known as it offers great game watching possibility and it is very diverse. Totally different park compared to Etosha which we visited in Namibia. Chobe is most known by its elephants. They have the biggest population with about 50.000 of them walking freely through the park. Also these elephants are special as they belong to Kalahari elephants specie which is known to be the biggest in size. And yes, I can confirm that elephants really are starts of this park. We saw so many of them, but wouldn’t mind meet twice as many… Each is special on his own. You see herds, you see single elephants, we saw an elephant up to a week old, we saw dominate males, we saw how they were drinking water, cooling themselves, playing and saw also majestic moment of them crossing the river. That moment especially stayed in my memory as you can not see that every day. They do some sort of chain while crossing so that each elephant arrives safely from one bank to the other.
Chobe also offers African Big 5, but more from that in my next episode when we went on game drive with a vehicle. This afternoon was all about elephants and I didn’t mind. We saw other animals as well, which were amazing. Really big crocodiles, some of amazing birds with fish eagle among them, another member of Big 5 - the buffalo, I should not forget about hippos grazing out of the water which is rare thing to spot and I could go on and on, but at the end of the day we came back to elephants in combination with sun…

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Ohhh my, what a scenery was that. I already share some photos of that moment, but not all of them and I can watch them over and over again. Sunset is one of the most amazing photography opportunities and to crown it with elephant silhouette is truly amazing in my eyes. I can say that are some of the best photography I ever created.
I don’t want to keep you waiting. Feel free to check all the photos below and please share your opinion. I encourage you to ask questions as well. I am sure you are interested in something I didn’t write. I hope I will have an answer for you, but in any case don’t be afraid to ask.
That should be all for today folks, special day for me 5 years ago and today is special day for all who are daily following Travel Digest. Thank you to be among us and keep up your good work!

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What an epic post to celebrate the long awaited @pinmapple´s 1000th edition of the Travel Digest! I have been a huge fan of your African photo series from the very beginning and this is yet another amazing addition to it. Spectacular shots and a very decent write up. Here is some extra support from TipU and I am sure many other big curators will stop by too ;)

@tipu curate 5

Hey Petr I am glad you were here again to check out my work and curate it. I really like checking out Daily Travel Digest and I was featured there many times, so I wanted to honour that great number with today's post.
I won't stop here and hope to participate at 1500 edition as well :)
Thanks for stopping by again and see you around!

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I am in awe of this beauty you have captured for us to see! Those sunset elephants are stunning, I can see how they stay in your minds eye. I remember those feelings and photos I took while in Uganda. I can remember the smells and how I felt at the time of taking the photo's. I'm so glad I get to come on the journey with you through these photo's and you recounting the adventures you have had.

Yes, like I said, these elephants during sunset are one of the photo sessions I am most proud on and where I enjoyed the most. Such an amazing feeling. Being there at that time feels timeless. Too bad we all have to go back to our reality soon. Can't wait to travel again to some of the African adventures. Uganda would be perfect destination. Gorila trekking is on my bucket list...

I see you've saved one of your best for today!!

I would lie if I would say I didn't plan this for a while :)
You guys are celebrating number which had to be honoured in my eyes.
Thank you for all the support!

Hiya, @LivingUKTaiwan here, just swinging by to let you know that this post made it into our Top 3 in Daily Travel Digest #1000. Congrats!!!!

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Grateful as always!

Congratulations @crazy-andy for the top feature! And just in time for the 1000th edition of Travel Digest. Keep up the great work. Awesome travel story! 😊🍷

I did my best for that day. I wasn't sure if I will succseed as competition was high yesterday. I am happy for the top place, but even happier for the project to exists already for 1000 editions.
Thank you very much for stopping by and even reblogging my post!

This sounds like a fantastic travel, these are marvelous and amazing captures you share here, thanks a lot !😍 I can easily believe this stays all alived in your memory even after 5 years, this is the kind of adventure that lasts forever, and thanks to all the shots you took, you can share this wonderful feeling with all of us 😊

You are welcome! And thank you for all the kind words.
Some travels are simply unforgettable. Well actually most of them :)
While I was writing that post I had to go and check how is current situation in Africa. I would love to visit it again, tomorrow if possible. Anyway I think I will have to wait few years, but I will be back to this amazing continent sooner or later.

How awesome to have been there and photographing all these wild animals this would of been a real buzz of a adventure , Africa wildness is definitely on my bucket list even more so now after seeing this amazing post 👍

Ohhhh yea. It is specail feeling whem you are lookining around and trying to spot a lion or elephant. With giraffes it is easier :)
I feel in love in Africa and I am sure I will be back soon.

Sounds like real fun the poor Giraffes would find it hard to hide but look at the view they have been up there 😁

Ohhh it has to be amazing being a giraffe, until lions come at your sight... that would a scary sight looking down at Lions around your legs the poor things 😱

I was pleasantly impressed with all the photographs that allowed me to imagine that I was in such a beautiful place. The sunsets are very special for me, I congratulate you because you captured some beautiful ones and with the elephants and their silhouettes, really a magical, sublime moment. Thank you for sharing this photographic journey that allowed me to go there. Greetings.

Thank you for stopping by and writting some nice words which I appreciate a lot.
This sunset series is one of the best moments of my life, at least travel related. It is one of these endless moments. I won't ever forget that feeling when we were at the boat and sun started to go down. We had to exit the park, but that create opportunity to capture that beautiful elephant silhouettes.
Have a nice day!

Truly a amazing collection of wildlife animals and i love all the background landscapes and sunsets just one word from me "Astounding" love every photo and a great write up 👍

Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with recognition of this post here on Hive. I put a lot of effort in it and included some of the best photos I ever made.
But at the end I am already used of surprises and up/downs which is totally fine to be unpredicted.
At the end I am still happy that my regular followers liked this post.

I know exactly were you coming from when we put our upmost effort into a post it always seems to be undervalued i don't get it but we can do a post with a couple or so photos and it gets recognized more or well all minds think different but never mind i thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your photos and write up 👍

Ehhh we just musn't stress ourselves...

This is true enjoy and move on as they say 👍