Tour de Slovenia - Logarska Valley (Touris Farm Čerček) / Part VI

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Good evening folks!

How are you doing?
Previous weekend was first weekend after a long time that I was at home for the whole weekend. No trips due to bad weather results in no new material for sharing. But you don’t want to hear excuses right, I am sure you want to see new post. Thank God I still have something on stock. I will get back to Logarska Valley. I know I said at Part 5 that it is the final part, but now I have bonus part. There won’t be any photography directly connected with Logarska Valley or other natural beauties in vicinity, but will be related to the place where we stayed during our trip to Logarska Valley.


I probably mentioned to you already that Covid did something good for me as well. I got a travel voucher for 200 EUR as all other adult (18 years +) Slovenians. Our government decided to help tourism in these crisis times with giving each resident a touristic voucher which can be spent for accommodation. I spent mine in Logarska Valley, for a three nights stay. Well I had to pay a small amount on top as room rate was 75 EUR per night. Here I can add that the rate is very reasonable compared with what you get.
I can start with home baked cookies we got for welcome at the moment we came to the property to do the check in. I think they were walnut cookies, a really good walnut cookies. They bought me at that moment. What else was included? Stay with food, breakfast. Again it was a delicious meal. It was half served half selfservice. You got nice plate of all kind of salami and cheese for appetizer. Eggs, can not miss at the table with true farmers breakfast. You could get them any way you liked, but the best part was that they came hot. You would say, OK but that is nothing special… No I didn’t mean served hot, but they were still hot as they were taken each morning directly from underneath the hen. Great feeling eating so fresh egg and taste was also amazing, or it was only in my head I don’t know. Also other ingredients were all from their own garden or local from the farmers in vicinity, plus Nutela, haha, which should not miss.
I put a lot of weight on bread as a bread lover and this aspect made breakfast gorgeous as well. Slightly warm home baked small buns of all kinds. Yummy!
A shame that they don’t offer lunches or dinners, but probably they are too busy running all other business on the farm and rather to be above quality at what they offer than just offer everything just that they do.
Well I am not sure if I even mentioned in which type of accommodation we stayed at the beginning…
It was a tourist farm. They had beautiful garden with a lot of vegetables. They spices garden was also amazing and I never drank lavender juice before, but the one they do is awesome.
They also have several goats plus two pigs beside roosters and hens and a cat as well.
Animals were a nice addition for our young one who was calling the goats beeeee beeeee when we departed all the way to our home.
What else should I mention?
Definitely amazing surroundings of the place. So much space and all so nicely maintained. You can really relax there and recharges you battery.
There is also river nearby, which creates nice sound when you are relaxing. It is too cold to swim in it, but you can walk in it for a while and throw some stones with kids…
I left interior of the house for the end. Not that there would be anything wrong with it, but we didn’t spend much time inside as place there is so beautiful it is a shame to be inside. There is so much to do over the day that I am not sure whether the bed was so confortable or we were so tired to sleep that well :) Room had a balcony with amazing Mountain View. We are putting white noise sometimes for our young one to sleep better, but there was no need as we heard the river into the room which calm him down a bit for a good night sleep. Room size is decent, but as I said don’t need more if you are only sleeping. There is small SPA in the building as well which you can hire privately for the supplement. We didn’t try it out, but I am sure it meets all it needs.
To close this thing I will add a few words about the hosts. Great people, who knows how to do tourism. They were helpful with a lot of tips. You could feel positive energy from the cookies moment :) They are a musical family, for which I heard they love playing to their guests as well. We didn’t have the opportunity to hear them out, but I am sure there will still be the opportunity as we will definitely be back!

That lovely place you will see below is called Tourist Farm Čerček.
If you haven’t been there yet, make sure to stay there during your visit of Logarska Valley.




















What a beautiful country. What's more interesting is that I hear more and more about it lately. It's Hive posts, youtube... It's probably that I have to put it on my visiting list. Great photos by the way.

Well thst is good :)
One of the main reasons for my Tour de Slovenia series is to raise the popularity of Slovenia. That the people will even get to know that it exists. As each individual who visits us, like it here.
I am glad you like my photos and that you are considering to visit Slovenia :)

Very beautiful photographs. The property looks very refreshing with river and the view. Looks like covid tourism voucher is an awesome thing from your govt. I dont see much people too. Breakfast plate looks very fresh and delicious. This reminds me of Cherokee valley inhouse butter and buns 🙂
Your posts are an awesome experience everytime. Keep going 🙂

You know how much I like water and rivers with it :)
It is a paradise place for me. Logarska Valley in general is an amazing place!
I am really happy for these vouchers as usually I was always travelling abroad for vacations. I did only some day trip here around Slovenia. With overnight it is much better experience.
They had only few rooms and property is quite big. It was fully booked and also in Logarska Valley there were a lot of people, but probably not neer to what summer usually looks like with all foreign tourists...
Food was yummy as said :)
Thank you for your kind words and thank your for being my supporter from my starts. That means a lot!

The colors are so vibrant, it is absolutely stunning. A beautiful place to relax and enjoy life.

Natural colors are always the nicest. Nothing special, but yet so beautiful.

zdej s tem postom si me ziritiral da tud jst pokurim sz familjo te moje vavčerje :)

No vidiš, sedaj so mi pa dolžni za kavo pri Čerčku ker jih takole prodajam po Hivu :)
Pozdravi jih... Upam, da bo še kaj prosto, poleti je bilo težko kaj dobit.

jah ... mogoče za krompirjeve počitnice ... zdej full laufa ... posel in obveznosti mislim ...

This place is truly magnificent! I'm envious that your government gave the residents travel voucher. That's a great initiative to boost tourism. 😊

Ohhh yes I enjoyed that part of Covid.
And I spent vouchers from my grandparents who can not travel anymore :)
So all Tour de Slovenia series this year is on the cost of the government :)

Your so lucky! Hopefully ours will also have perks like that. Enjoy your tour!

Hi @crazy-andy, thanks for is very attractive and beautiful place, Logarska Valley. I love your yellow flowers so much, and feeling want to go there..:))))

Thank you for stopping by and for follow @cherryng.
I am not a flower lover but those one looks nice :)

These rustic villas located at the foothills of the mountains are a true bliss for everybody's soul and mind :)

I would like to go back badly!

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Oh, such a beautiful area. Very similar to our Ukrainian Carpathians. You are happy to have received financial assistance. We are not helped to travel in Ukraine)

Nice, I would love to visit Ukraine once. Don't know much about its travel beauties. Who knows what future holds.
Too bad that government is not that generous...
How is tourism holding in your country due to Covid?

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Thank you, great to be mentioned at Travel Digest again!
Now I will have to prepare something really good for #999 :)

ahh now I am craving cheese and cold cuts.

I am crazy about that...

Looks nice and peaceful.. I love how everything is so well kept.

That drum flower pot is genius! Almost want to go on the lookout for a used drum now.

Yes, it is really well kept. Owner is doing an amazing job and putting a lot of effort in it.
It is nice how quickly you can get an idea from just checking random post...

True. Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest most unexpected places.

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What a amazing lush place to spent a holiday i would love to go there right now 🙂

Me too :)
Already miss summer and moments there...
I am sure I will be back and hope you will be able to visit Slovenia and to stay there as well.