Tour de Slovenia - The Bistrica Gorge


Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

I am back again with my travel story from my homeland Slovenia.
It can be said that it is continuation of my last Tour de Slovenia post which you can find on the following link.

As you could saw we slept in a nice place which offered a lot to do, but that didn’t distract us from getting to know the vicinity of this place.
On the first day of our stay there we decided to go visit The Bistrica Gorge. That was special as I never been there and that is one of few touristic places I haven’t visited since Slovenia is so small and I like to explore around since my young age. So that is almost unique experience to find something new in Slovenia. The Bistrica Gorge is not so well known, so that is probably the reason why I haven’t been there yet. But not known doesn’t mean it is not nice, quite the opposite. I had a lovely time there with my family. I would like to mention already at that point that I didn’t bring my camera equipment with me as that was not my primarily goal for that day, but I have to admit it offers some spectacular photography opportunities, especially for long exposure shots as you are walking along the stream all the time. Below I will share my photos which were made with my smartphone, again with toddler in my carrying backpack.

We went on relatively short hike about 1 hour one way, when we came to first classified waterfall called – Šum. That is second mark point of interest after Roman Quarry which was used for building many many years ago when there was Roman Empire ruling on this soil. Whole gorge is known by its rocks with different geological structure.
Waterfall Šum is nice and not so typical with water falling through the air, but here it runs through the rock, but still creates nice view for us. I could say that this is only bonus for the whole trail which is nice itself. It offers a lot of greenery by which Slovenia is known and I am sure you already know that following my Tour de Slovenia series. Trail to this point is moderate level I would say. There is some ascent and then descent down to the waterfall and trail is very narrow so not goo if there is a lot of people, but in our case we meet only few hikers, so we had nature all for ourselves. I can add that this waterfall and the trail was looking almost the same than the other one which we visited couple of months ago and was also presented in my Tour de Slovenia series – Veliki Šumik. And the name almost match as well. Area was also Styria region in both ways, so I almost thought that we came to the same waterfall from other starting point :)
Well after that waterfall you have much more to see, but you need to be in good condition and also have the proper skills as there are some climbing to do and the trail is classified as very hard. We didn’t decide to continue, maybe when the boy will be bigger as I am sure it offers some of the amazing sights on the way. The longest circle takes about 5 hours walking.
You have some smaller waterfalls still on the way and I can point out an old water mill and antiquity fortress from 4th century. There is also Black Lake nearby and can be combined with Bistrica Gogre, but you should take full day for that trip.

We saw enough and most importantly relaxed a bit with stretching our legs in the nature so we returned to the tourist farm.
Bistrica Gorge is recommendable if you are in the area. It offers a really nice walk as nature there is so unspoiled and there was really not a lot of people on our day so perfect half day trip if you are around.

See you soon with new adventures!

















@crazy-andy, nice trip photos! I like your angle of capture photo which can telling the story of the trip. Keep it up!

Thank you.
Photos are nothing special in my eyes, but I have great memories on that day. I had a great time.

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