Tour de Slovenia - Tourist Farm Urška

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Hello folks!

I am posting to Haveyoubeenhere community again and I will do that in seven days as well. Why? It will be jubilee 1000th edition of Travel Digest and I will do my best to participate at it. I will try to achieve that with next part of my African adventure. If you remember Namibian part ended, but travel did not finish there, we continue to Botswana for a couple of days and I will share visit of Chobe National Park for that special occasion.
My other series is Tour de Slovenia and I am back again from the last summer trip I had this year. Actually we did this trip at the start of September so theoretically it wasn’t summer anymore, but still weather was nice, so I can consider it summer :)
There will be three parts connected with my trip to Styrian region. First will be related with place where I stayed, in second I will present a Bistriški Vintgar Gorge and the last will be connected with popular touristic point Rogla and its newly built tree top path.
Stay tuned to see all of the beauties these places have to offer.

Like said, today I am sharing short review of accommodation where we stayed on our trip. Similar to the last time, when I was writing about Tourist Farm Čerček. On this trip we also decided to spend our time in tourist farm. The place is called Tourist Farm Urška, by the name of the owner. Urška is female first name which is quite common in Slovenia. You probably noticed letter Š which is special for Slovenian language with Č and Ž as well. They say Slovenian language is one of the hardest to learn, but I learned it at the age of about two years, I am so smart right? :)

In this house everything starts and finishes with the owner, Urška. She is really hard working and this season is especially hard as she is doing everything by herself and her family. She used to hire some students to help here, but this year and as the situation with Covid was unclear she decided to do whole season without any help. It turned that she was sold out for the whole season, every day, every room already in June when Covid epidemic was canceled in Slovenia. The main reasons for selling so well was of course these travel vouchers which our government gave us in value of 200 EUR per person. Many of Slovenians wanted something different for their holidays this year and decided to try out tourist farms which were booked pretty fast. I was also one of them who reserved the place in June for September and when I stayed there she said that I get one of the last rooms and that she is booked all the way to mid-November when they close the business until the New Year. But they won’t be resting in the meantime as they will renovate rooms and property in general. Busy people and you can see that on them and in relationship with guests as well. I was satisfied with my stay I can not say anything bad, but still other owners where I stayed this year was more relaxed, more accessible or how could I explain it the best…
Anyway our stay was good, but expectations were high after staying in some of the top tourist farms in the countries, but knowing that Tourist farm Urška might be the best of all. Food was delicious, no complaint there. Only bad think that I don’t have any photo to document that :)

The biggest highlight and place I feel in love was swimming pool. I love swimming or just bathing and for the first time in my life I was using infinity swimming pool (hope that is the right expression). That was my wish for a long time together with water villas on elite location like Maldives or something similar. Well infinity pool wish was easier to satisfy and cheaper :)
Evenings were quite cold already, but no worries as the pool was heated and timing was perfect as toddler was sleeping in his bed, while his dad was relaxing in the pool and enjoying the views. The views are second highlight, so if you combine it with the pool and sunset by any chance you get perfect combination :)
Our young one was again impressed by all the animals they had on the farm. Their interaction was priceless :)

Wish you a great day my friends!



















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