☔🏰 Crazy experience of exploring a rainy castle 🏰☔ Part 2

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The second part of the rain castle. We looked at the views from the second floor. The sea beat against the shore of the castle and we listened to these wonderful sounds of the stormy sea. It was at the same time reassuring, and at the same time disturbing, how violently the waves beat against the rocks. The spring wind blew in our faces. The atmosphere in the air after the rain was wonderful and fresh. The landscape of waves with sea foam on them was like a fairy tale. The orange stones of the castle structure contrasted with the dark blue shade of the sea. Small rocks could be seen from the sea, smoothly transitioning to the shore. It looked magical. The colors of the stones that made up the castle smoothly transitioned from bright yellow, then into the same orange, and then deep red. I honestly do not know what makes simple stones so bright, but I am fascinated by how these colors intertwine with simple gray.






We continued to walk around the outside of the second floor and see how big it was. By "We", I mean me and my sister, because we had no idea where our mother went after we started our walk around the castle. After all, from the very beginning, she went on a solo voyage in these luxurious ancient palaces. I walked there and wondered how such a small castle could actually be so big. Old guns were lying on one of the parts of the second floor. I always wonder if they are real or just people put them in to add to the atmosphere of them. And how do you think? While we were looking for a third person to complete our trio, we decided to take some photos. I love taking fun pictures, so here are a few.





The landscapes that surrounded us were incredible. Clouds that had not yet dissipated after the rain hung in the air and created an extraordinary atmosphere. The atmosphere is as if there is another world above you, but a fabulous one. As if unusual creatures live in those clouds. Look at the photo yourself, don't you think so? And under the clouds, the view is just as beautiful. The endless blue sea with ships makes a calm noise and relaxes me. Green hills with forests make the picture come alive, mixed with a huge city. There are also some trees in the castle itself. Light sun breaking through the clouds after heavy rain. Extremely relaxing atmosphere.




We continued to explore all the nooks and crannies of the castle, and we got to know it more and more. We found one hidden underground part with vases that were found at the bottom of the sea. I don't understand why, but the photos from that place have disappeared somewhere. Therefore, I will not be able to show you that place. But you can try to imagine what they looked like. These are round, a little like the lamp in the tale of Aladdin 😆.












After exploring all the parts in the outer part of the second floor, we went inside. And no matter how much we thought that there would be nothing interesting there, we were very wrong. At the beginning, when we first entered there was a mosque. The territory was huge. There were many statues, jugs lying on the green wet grass after the rain. Many types of trees such as palm trees and many others. A very large variety of objects surrounded us. We walked and looked at it all with interest. But the most interesting thing that caught our attention was a bird - a peacock. I don't know why it was put there, but there were about three of these beautiful birds walking around. Some of them sat calmly on statue stands, as if they were works of art, and let all passing tourists take pictures of their majesty. Of the statues we saw there, in addition to the normal ones, there were also very strange ones. These statues had the head of a middle-aged man, and the body, in my opinion, of a feline animal. Looking at these wonders, we were already approaching the third and last floor of this huge palace. But I will talk about this in the next post! If you enjoyed reading, wait for the third part as well!

Bye bye everyone! 🏰☔


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A perfect place, a castle full of history

Дуже гарні краєвиди! І павич - диво! Сподіваюсь, мокрі ноги не наробили лиха?)))

Павич це справжнісіньке диво, це правда. На рахунок ніг, аж ніяк 😆