The idyllic beauty of Kon Tu Rang terraced fields

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Hi Hivers,
If you ask me my favorite destination in Mang Den, Kon Tum, I can tell you right away it's Kon Tu Rang terraced fields. I was recommended it by my friends. Located away from the residential area and about 12 km from the center of Mang Den town, it is the terraced field of the Ba Na ethnic people in Kon Tu Rang village. It is surrounded by mountains and poetic Dak Bla river. And to get there I had to cross a beautiful suspension bridge. It took me about 30 minutes to drive a motorbike from Mang Den town center to Kon Tu Rang rice terraces.








You might ask why the Ba Na people here work on terraced fields, right? Let me explain. Firstly, the terrain here is not flat, so the locals have no choice but to cultivate terraced fields. In addition, terraced fields save space, make use of groundwater of mountainous areas and better resist erosion. Therefore, when visiting the mountainous areas of Vietnam, you will see a lot of terraced fields. And it is the terraced fields that have created the beauty of many lands of Vietnam. The terraced fields in Kon Tu Rang are no exception. It is even more special because it is surrounded by mountains and a romantic river.

















Another special feature that you can easily recognize when coming to Kon Tu Rang terraced fields are the houses containing rice. Those are small stilt houses built by locals right next to rice fields. You may wonder why they do that. I had the same question when I first saw those houses, and then I found the answer from a local. Living houses of the Ba Na people are usually cottages or wooden houses, which are easily combustible materials. And for the Ba Na people, rice in particular and food in general are very important, so they built that small house on stilts to store rice in a separate area to avoid fires. Would the rice and food stored in those houses be stolen? The answer is no. The Ba Na people are very respectful of other people's property and never intend to steal things from others. Even if you give them something, they will find a way to give you something else. So even though rice and food are stored in warehouses far from residential areas and left unattended, they are safe.






And I had a great time there. Besides the picturesque scenery with terraced fields, winding river, beautiful suspension bridge, rolling mountains and floating clouds, Kon Tu Rang terraced fields also bring me a sense of peace. The idyllic life of the locals and the fresh air make me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Far from the hustle, bustle and pollution of crowded cities, here time passes slowly and gently. And as always I have the opportunity to immerse myself in the amazing nature and take beautiful pictures, which always makes me happy.






Thank you very much for taking time to read my post, wish you a nice day with beautiful nature around.



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Hey @dodovietnam! I really love your photos. It really brings me to Kon Tu Rang terraces. 🍃 🍃 🍃 It’s very calm and peaceful.

Thank you very much for your visit, friend.
I'm happy that my photos bring you to the village.

You're welcome friend. Do well with your craft. 😊😊😊

I like photos of field. It's reminiscing of ancient history, where many people are growing rices !

Thank you very much for your visit.
You're right, their life hasn't changed much after many years.

I love this snaps, it looks very calming.

You're welcome (^_^)

Nhìn cánh đồng đẹp quá anh ơi, mùa này ở quê em lúa cũng lên được chừng này rồi nè anh 😄

Thanks e. Thế ra đồng chụp lúa đi em ơi, đăng trong photography lovers, hoặc urban exploration, hoặc wednesday walk, hoặc pinmapple.

Oh wow, stunning landscape.
So green terraced fields and those little houses are so cute. Love this scenery @dodovietnam 👌

Thank you very much @mipiano
I love those tiny and cute houses too.

You are welcome,
I wish I could see it one day in real life, but until then, I will have to enjoy thee posts from hive :))

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Que hermoso lugar, gracias por mostrarlo, yo lo disfruté mucho, no podría escoger una de tantas fotos bellas.

What a beautiful place, thank you for showing it, I enjoyed it very much, I couldn't choose one of so many beautiful pictures.

Thank you very much for your compliment.
Wish you a nice day!

Igual a ti

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Trời ơi, mấy bức hình ruộng bậc thang đẹp ngất ngây luôn đô đô ơi. Thứ 4 anh có ở Đà Nẵng ko ạ?

Hic tiếc là a k về được Trang ơi, trại hè thiếu nhi nên không bỏ đi được ngày nào luôn em ạ. Huhu, nhớ Đà Nẵng và mọi người.

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Đẹp quá a ơi! Ước chi được đi đến chỗ này hihi

Lên Măng Đen - Kon Tum đi, anh dẫn đi @trangtran23, anh đang ở trên này.

A lên đó ở luôn hay chỉ đi du lịch ạ?

Anh đang làm trại hè trên này cho đến hết tháng 8 á.

Dạ e cũng muốn lên đó lâu rồi chưa có dịp. Hy vọng e sẽ sắp xếp kịp trước khi a về hihi

Fantastic place, impressive those photos from above where you can see the worked crops... As always excellent work!

Thank you very much dear friend.
I feel lucky to live a place where there are many beautiful places.
The place is already so beautiful, then my job is easy to take those photos.

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It was only this week when I've known that Vietnam and other neighboring countries of the Philippines (my country) also had terraced fields. Such beauties! We indeed have a lot in common! Great article, as always, @dodovietnam! 💚

Yes, I read many posts from Filipino friends, and I found a lot in common, too.
Thank you very much for your visit and have a nice day!

I'm surprised I haven't followed you yet! Just did! Looking forward to more of your Vietnam travel diaries! You have a great day, too! 🦋

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Wow it is so beautiful and green. Thanks too for talking about how you felt and teaching us about the people. That is so great that they don't have to worry about someone sealing their food. Honesty is such a wonderful trait to cultivate and treasure.