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RE: Schiltach and Triberg Germany

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Isn't that such a cool town? I love the timber structures and the cuckoo clocks. Your pictures are gorgeous!

There is a parking garage right on Kreuzstraße, it is sort of a joke because they have two men's parking spots. Yes. Men. LOL They were hard to park in, so they were designated as men's parking spaces. :)



We saw a few lots but they were small compared to the amount of cars looking for spots and all were packed full.

designated as men's parking spaces

That is hilarious. Just because of how ridiculous it seems this day in age. I wonder if it is one of those things that is very old, from a time that such things were normal and completely acceptable, but then just sort of was forgotten about and left there? That sort of thing wouldn't fly in North America that's for sure. I say that, though there are definitely things in North America that you come across now and again that sort of blow your mind that they still exist hahaha