The beauty of Wat Arun

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Photos taken with Fujifilm X-T4

Wat Arun also called "Temple of Dawn" is one of the most visited temples in Bangkok. When you go to Bangkok's Chao Phraya river and you see a really tall temple, especially the one that glows at night, then it is most likely the Wat Arun.

I've been to Bangkok twice and this time I was able to visit the temple since we were staying close to it.


If I remember it correctly, we paid 100 Baht for each person and we had a free water with it which I appreciate as I get thirsty quick.


We arrived at around 5:30pm which we quickly realized was a big mistake as there were a lot of tourists around lol.







One of the things I enjoy looking at when I visit these temples are those intricate details in literally everything. It's just stunning.


In this post though, I will show the photos with less tourists in it as most of my photos have a lot of them in it. This time the temple was really crowded and it was impossible to take photos of the temple without people (except if you're pointing at the sky lol). So I will focus on those lovely shots I have.











The main attraction here is the ones in the middle: 4 prangs with 1 largest in the middle of it. I didn't know you can actually climb the biggest prang.






This one is from the largest prang in the middle. You don't see any tourists there cos the gate is locked. Good. :D






Outside the temple there's also a park where tourists can chill as well. I think most will stay here and wait until night when all the lights are on. Wat Arun is also popular for having all those lights at night where people cruising in Chao Phraya can look at the stunning view.








Wat Arun is a really nice temple and especially at the park where you could just sit there and relax. There was a coffee shop inside as well although we didn't try. We just left after maybe 40 minutes of being there as we don't really want to stay there cos it was too crowded it was stressful.

I will make another post about my rant because of the other tourists there but for now I want to focus on the nice shots I took. :P


Your visit to Wat Arun in Bangkok sounds like a memorable experience! Your description of the temple's grandeur and the intricate details in everything is truly captivating. It's great that you were able to capture those lovely shots with fewer tourists, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the temple.
The nighttime view with the lights must have been breathtaking. Can't wait to see more of your posts about this adventure @hiddenblade 😍

Awwweee. How i miss this place when i visited Thailand. Will surely visit again and take more pictures soon. Such an amazing temple. Thanks for sharing 😍

Indeed it is gorgeous! :D

Lovely report. The temple is a masterpiece but it is always overcrowded so I don't like visiting it. Didn't visit this year.

I was thinking maybe that time and season was bad (tourist season lol) but apparently it is always like that then. I guess that's why those monks seem like they don't mind them as they got used to it.

Wat Arun's area is quite small, it's doomed to be overcrowded...

I guess that's why those monks seem like they don't mind them as they got used to it

And they must be ok about tourist crowds, I believe, since they belong to Buddhism which teaches that reasons of suffering are attachments to people, things, and states of mind. Liberation from attachments is the path to enlightenment and nirvana. If a Buddhist monk is upset about too many tourists, he isn't a good monk. From the point of logic, it's like that. But from the point of real life, any male Thai can become a monk for several days so many of them are just regular Thai people with not really monastic minds.

I wonder if this is the same one we went to during steemFest the other year. All the temples look very similar, though some are grander than others, and this is definitely one of them. Great shots

Maybe it is. Wasn't the event somewhere in Chao Phraya river?

This Temple screams Elegance and Beauty for it's detailed touch of everything. Like seriously, it is pretty, it is also like a work of art. I'm just wondering how long did it take before they successfully built this Temple of Dawn.

Right?? It's amazing really.

This temple is simply mesmerizing. I wonder how they built it and how long it took. The carvings, the colors, everything is amazing!

Indeed! I can't imagine the amount of work needed for those details. And they have a lot of these in Thailand!

Nice shots!

I wasn't able to pay the entrance fee here because I got mistaken for Thai. Wag magsama ng afam during entry. Haha! I just said, "Sawadeeka!"

I also remember we went to a waterfall in Phuket. Locals need to pay 20 Baht and foreigners for 200 Baht. So I let my then-boyfriend now husband pay while I was from afar. So the locals thought I was Thai. Imagine for 2 people, that's 400 Baht just to see the waterfalls. Kaloka.

That's too much! 200 baht just to see the waterfall?? Damn they really milking it lol. Even here in the Philippines that would be too much entrance/sightseeing fee. 🤣

Hahaha 200 baht to php is already a huge amount.

The temple looks really beautiful, and your photos are really nice. I appreciate you picking the ones with the least amount of tourist so we can see the buildings more. I was hoping you also had the night photos, but I saw you left early.

Thank you! Had to separate the posts with the tourists haha as it may kill the vibe. XD Yeah night photos would probably be insane although now I remember I think they kicked us out soon enough. It was until 6:30pm or something and at 6pm it still wasn't dark enough.

Oh that's interesting, but I guess it makes sense. It would be hard to keep track of the tourists when it gets dark.

I love your photos and the temple is very gorgeous very unique design. I would love it see it in person.

Thank you! It's so pretty in person especially during near sunset. :D

Thai always surprising me. Love this temples


That looks a lot less crowded than when I was there 😆 I miss that place cause that's the easiest spot for me to visit all the others places with the boat. Have you been to Asiatique riverfront too?

Haha I don't know, check my latest post so you would see the actual crowd. Yeeess I've been there as well. We rode the haunted house or something. They're expensive there tho -_-

Yep, asiatique can be that expensive but the knick knacks there I love them, it's like 10 bath for a pouch :D

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Wow, very good quality photographs. Wonderful place. Thank you for sharing with us 😊

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Nice shots! Still. Inspiring to visit taiwan.

This is in Thailand 😅

Wish I could also explore Thailand one day!😊🤞