Avant-Garde Fashion Artistry at the Kabilin Center

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In my previous blog, I introduced you to the Casa Gorordo Museum. Today, I'm excited to share with you another noteworthy destination, which is right next door of the museum and also under the ownership of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI).

The exhibit is titled Saulog: Encounter, Pilgrimage, and Transformation. It is an exhibit of faith, art, and fashion by a Filipino fashion designer, Steve Cortes de Leon. There are three sections of the exhibit namely, Encounter, Pilgrimage, and Transformation.


The first section of the exhibit revolves around the encounter between Filipinos and the journey of Christianity, especially focusing on Ferdinand Magellan and the introduction of Sto Nino.

Magellan Tapestry and Cross Installation

St. John the Baptist

The ancestor spirit is also featured, where it was believed that people offered the Anito rice, salt, and candles to seek blessings, protection, and favor from the deities.

Anito Assemblage

The details of these masterpieces are quite impressive. Queen Juana is depicted facing towards Rajah Humabon, emphasizing her love for him. Also, the headpiece of Queen Juana turns out to be made out of human hair.

Rajah Humabon

Queen Juana

This art piece is surprisingly made from old jackets, shells, dried banana leaves, and other found objects.

Kaban sa Bahandi Tapestry (Chest of Treasures Tapestry)

In the past, it was believed that servants had different rights and privileges. Servant 1 had more freedom, especially regarding marriage if granted by their masters, while servant 2 had fewer rights, which are also reflected in their clothing.

Ulipon 1 (Servant 1)

Ulipon 2 (Servant 2)

The Kadagatan Tapestry is by far the only digital art I have found in the exhibit. It illustrates the voyage of Magellan. It is actually dynamic and the movement of the water resembles the Sinulog (Sinug derived from "Sulug" or current) dance steps, swaying back and forth.

Digital Kadagatan (Sea) Tapestry

Sky Tapestry


The next section depicts the devotees, dancers, and performers engaged in the Sinulog Festival, a festivity bursting with vibrant aesthetics, colors and designs.

Hulma sa Kalipon(Form of Nature Female & Male)

It was quite confusing at first to determine the position of the dog in this tapestry, but the more you look into it, the deeper the analysis becomes. It's as if you have different perspectives or views of what you're looking at.

Ilustrado (The Learned) Tapestry

Hulma sa Pag-alim (Form of Healing)

Hulma sa Mamumuo(Form of the Laborer)

Hulma sa Katabang(Form of the Househelp)

Hulma sa Panagat(Form of Fishing Male)

Hulma sa Paghabi(Form of Weaving Female)

This is a like a window to a dining area, where there's a table with fruits displayed atop it.

Tertulia (Soiree) Tapestry

In the past, pineapples were often regarded as a symbol of wealth and status. The details of this tapestry are intricate.


The featured fashion displays in the last section incorporates violet fabrics and textiles as it symbolizes transformation.

Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrowful Tapestry)

Pieta Tapestry

The face you see represents the modern depiction of Jesus Christ. A tapestry of carabao horns has been added to symbolize Jesus' sacrifice, similar to carabao's sacrifice for farmers.


The seven hanged fabrics symbolize the seven sacraments, and the fabrics used are colored white to symbolize purity. In the background, they are colored gold, symbolizing heaven.

Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

This dress is really pretty, and I appreciate it so much because it resembles a gumamela flower.

Our Lady of Guadalupe de Cebu

Steve Cortes de Leon showcases exemplary creativity through his unconventional art, while incorporating the rich religious history and culture of Cebuanos. Also, the materials used in creating all the featured displays, such as abaca, dried plants and leaves, shells, banig, Maranao malong , and other repurposed materials, showcase the depth of his creativity and the remarkable artistry he has produced.

It's something different but something extraordinary. Exploring the exhibit and seeing the creations of the artist makes me appreciate art even more. Imagine seeing it in person! It's a great learning experience and the quality of the exhibit is just outstanding. I hope you have the opportunity to visit as well!


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I loved the unique exhibit at kabilin Center Ma'am @ikaycutie

Same here! I'm glad you loved it! It's truly a masterpiece.

I love the art museum side of things, such a refreshing take on the travel blogs!

I couldn't agree more!

Very interesting. And in the last segment I got an idea where I can see that. In Cebu!
Thank you.