On the Bürgenstock summit in Switzerland

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Hi Hive Friends,

it goes on with our trip in Switzerland - to the mountain Bürgenstock. Bürgenstock is also called Bürgenberg. It belongs to the Uri Alps and is located on Lake Lucerne. Bürgenstock Resort.

Where does this peculiar name come from? Seen from Lucerne, the Bürgenberg has the typical mountain shape of a stick. Especially in Switzerland, many mountains are called so whose summits have a clearly stepped shape compared to the surrounding relief. Since the mountain stands on the Bürgen peninsula, the name Berg Bürgenstock is therefore composed of the peninsula and its perceived shape.

We were especially attracted by the beautiful panoramic view. I don't know which mountain I like better, Mount Bürgenstock or rather Mount Pilatus (please have a look at one of my last posts). Both mountains offer breathtaking views.

A combination of boat trip, train and an easy hike

We got to the mountain with a combination of boat trip, train and an easy hike. From the main harbor in Lutzern we took a catamaran to the village of Kehrsiten. Then we took a funicular, which you can see in the photos, up to the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne. During the ride we had a breathtaking view of the lake in Lucerne. Then we continued on the rocky path (it took us about 40 minutes for the rocky path) to the Hammetschwand lift.

We had a great view of Lake Lucerne. You can enjoy this view from terraces of the resort (because Bürgenstock is strictly speaking a resort), from the rock path and from the Bürgenstock summit. The terraces of the resort are also open to the public.


A breathtaking view from the very top

The boat trip to the Bürgenstock mountain. We set off by boat from Lucerne

fahrt innenstadt zum berg 40 minuten luzerner see.JPG


The rock path, the Bürgenstock summit or the resort? Here is what i liked the best

But which of the three places has the most beautiful view?
I think that is also very individual. Everyone perceives the view individually and experiences the moment differently. It can happen that you experience the moment differently because of some noises from other tourists. So it is at least with me;)
Nevertheless, I would like to answer the question, in any case, where I liked it best.

The rock path

For this purpose, I present all three places once. We visited all three places, because we took a whole day for the mountain. There is once the rock path. The rock path starts in the middle of the Bürgenstock Resort between the chapel and the Sharq Oriental Restaurant. This is located on the north side of the mountain. Here we walked all the time in the shade (which was also very pleasant.). Here you can always find places where you can rest and have a clear view of the lake through some bushes. We never got bored, because the view is always different. The path is also absolutely not strenuous, because there is hardly any slope to the top.

The Bürgenstock summit

To get to the Bürgenstock summit, on the other hand, you have to do some hiking (to the top, of course ;)). If that's too uncomfortable for you, you can also take the Hammertschwand lift to get to the top. And enjoy an incredibly great view during the ride. Thats how we did it.
A learning trail leads to the Hammetschwand lift. On the way to the lift there are twelve questions about the Bürgenstock mountain and its surroundings. I thought this was a great idea.

The lift starts at the rock path. From the valley station into the rock interior. Within a minute we were at the top. And we had a great view during the ride up. The Hammertschwand runs completely vertical. And we were standing on the top already. Again, we really liked the view, and even though you can't see the whole lake. We could see the Küssnacht and the mountain massif Rigi. But it did not bother me so much. I found that the lift in front of the panorama somehow fit very well into the picture. It didn't look like a normal lift.
In fact, at this summit we were standing on the "highest vantage point in the city of Lucerne". I only realized that later. But yes, you should not be afraid of heights here;)
From the lift you can either get back down via hiking trails. These hiking trails lead to the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne. Or you can walk back along the rock path. This is what we did.

The Resort

In the resort there are several terraces that are open to the public, from which we also had a beautiful view. In the distance we could see Lucerne. What I nciht so liked is that it is all very restrained here. By that I mean that there are restaurants and cafes, but they are screened from the public. I didn't really feel welcome. And I don't think it was just me. So I can't recommend the resort to you if you just want to go there for the view. Otherwise, I was not in the resort itself and can not judge it.

My Favorite

Deciding between the Bürgenstock summit and the rocky path was easier than I thought. Although the rocky path also had its "secret viewpoints" and was not quite as crowded as the summit. Here you could rest well just once and enjoy the view if you were lucky also quite undisturbed. But I would always, if I had to choose, decide for the Bürgenstock summit. From up there you simply have a breathtaking view. And I find that often the higher the starting point, the more spectacular the view. Of course, that's not always true. So, the summit is really worth seeing and you should definitely take it, even if here, as you can already see in the pictures, one is not completely undisturbed. It was still an incredible feeling to be so high up, I felt very free at that moment. And I fell more and more in love with the mountains.

Have you ever been there? What is your favorite?



The view from the lift

unten angekommen steigt man in die zahnradbahn und fährt nach oben auf berg bürgenstock hier aus fenster sieht man luzerner see und stadt selbst.JPG


oben auf dem berg gibt es ein resort hotel sehr teuer und berühmt viele prominente auf bild ist reaturant das zum hotel gehört.jpg
The somewhat shielded resort

The Lift!



hier nochmal berg rigi.jpg





wenn man auf dem bürgenstock steht, kann man berg rigi sehen, dort war mark twain und hat viel darüber geschrieben, auf berg rigi.jpg


auf berg bürgenstock gibt es viele wanderwege.jpg

Route via Ennetbürgen is the best for those who want to go up by bike

For all cycling professionals among you ;) On the mountain Bürgenstock you can actually also ride a bike. What sounds crazy and tired of life for me, is life for others. Maybe one day I'll discover my passion for it too. To all who now feel addressed, I would like to keep the route but not: There are two ways to cycle up to the Bürgenstock mountain. In Stansstaad or in Ennetbürgen. Of course, as you can imagine, it is both very steep.
Since I didn't cycle the routes myself, I can only tell you about it as I was told. The route via Ennetbürgen is supposed to be on a smaller road with not much going on. Big plus: Over a long period of time, you have a great view of Lake Lucerne, the Stanser Horn and the Engelberg Valley.
The other route is the one from Stansstaad. Here you can also go up by car and bus. So rather less something for cyclists. And there are not so many great views.



ein anderes hotel oben.jpg

How did you like my post about the Bürgenstock mountain? And what would probably be your favorite viewpoint? Or have you been there before? Feel free to write me your feedback in the comments, I look forward to you!


Whoa! That's a part of Switzerland that I haven't been to. Looks like one to add to the list though. It looks beautiful! The view from the lift is amazing.

yeah and the lift was really fast ;) its definitly worth visiting:) i really like these panorama views:)

Yeah me as well. That one looks particularly nice.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

The photos are amazing 😍 it's catching my eyes

Thanks a lot haha yeah we had a great view:))))

What a beautiful places, I've been in Switzerland only for work but I would like to go there for holiday as soon as possible... Maybe in spring when the whether will be perfect.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

oh great what did you work there? A nice side effect when you get around a bit through the work;) yes I also think that spring is the optimal time in switzerland:) Thanks for your comment!

a wonderful place @katrin-lux

yes so true:))

I hope to visit Switzerland one day. So beautiful😍

yeah come here, it really is:)))

What I nciht so liked is

I don't know if you wrote nicht on purpose, but it was funny hahaha.

The area, looks just unreal! I wonder if you tempered with the colors a bit, or if it's all natural, but still, I freaking love it!

I stay away from people, especially when that high 🙂

hahaha ups no i did not. you have to check what you enter in the translator haha
yeah it was a little bit unreal the fiirst time we go on the mountain:) in some pictures i have increased the saturation a bit but not much, the colors are really beautiful. moments when you have no one around you and only hear silence are also quite beautiful that's true.:) thanks for your comment!

Hahaha now I am curious, you mean translation English to German?

I always increase the saturation in my pics, so don't worry, it's a trick that all the haveyoubeenthere people are doing haha, ask @leaky20 about it!

It has to be done

exactly i mean the translation german-english. haha good to know you two :) looks really nicer too.

Looks fantastic. I love Switzerland and will definitely do that trip. 😍
This country is stunningly beautiful ❤️ Breath-taking photography dear @katrin-lux.
Very Impressive work and article.

yeah do it, its really beautiful there! if you go to luzern you have both a beautiful city with modern architecture and beautiful nature not so far away:) thank you!

Amazing location and photos🙂❤️

Thank you :) yes it was :)

The views are breathtaking! I would prefer to hike I think instead of the lift.
I have heard of Lucerne, would be nice to come here one day.

yes i can understand that;) i have to start small with hiking haha but slowly i like it :) come here, it's really a great city and it doesn't take long and you're already in the mountains :)

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