Schiltach and Triberg Germany

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After our night in Ravensburg we made our way to our next major destination within the Black Forest region of Germany.



We stayed two nights in Freiberg im Breisgau, but at this point we weren't there yet.


The drive was quite long actually, almost three hours from where we were.


So we decided to break it up with a few stops along the way and sort of just make a day out of it.


The first stop was in the small town of Schiltach, the town in the photos that you have been viewing so far.



The town wasn't touristy at all and I got the impression that it was only for the locals. It was very quiet and there was actually nothing to do there at all other than walk the streets and view the homes. That's not a complaint though, it's literally my favorite thing to do in any small town, wander and look around.



There was one small museum, but we didn't go into it, so I can't comment on how good it is. There were a few restaurants but surprisingly, not a lot of cafe's.


The town itself was super nice though. It had colorful half timbers homes, flower boxes everywhere and a large creek running through its center.



It was basically just a pretty little village. That sums it up nicely I think.


This part of the Black Forest is known for its cuckoo clocks and as we drove to the next stop we began seeing more and more shops selling the clocks on the side of the road.


Many of them were designed to look like clocks themselves, which was a cool little novelty.


It can actually be very difficult to take pictures of the clocks though. Many of the merchants post signs about not taking photographs.


I'm sure it gets pretty annoying having tourists stopping for photos all day when they have no intention of buying anything. Cuckoo clocks are quite expensive so I doubt that they sell them regularly.


The clocks in my photos were actually taken at our hotel in Freiberg.


They had a collection on the wall, so no issues taking pictures.



Triberg was our second stop for the day and it was almost the exact opposite of Schiltach. The town was super touristy and was swarming with people and cars, so much so that we could barely find parking. I'm noticing that my photos don't actually portray how busy it was. I think it calmed down after a while because we arrived around lunch time.


We went back and forth on the main road three times though and down several side streets to try and find parking.


Most of the lots were private and the public ones had very short time limits,like 15-30 minutes. It was surprising that such a busy town had so little parking. There must be a large lot somewhere. I probably just couldn't find it.


Eventually we paid for parking at the grocery store, but the limit was only an hour so we had to make a decision on what we wanted to do, eat lunch in town, view the waterfall, or check out the shops.



We ended up just checking out the shops because eating lunch in under an hour in Europe is nearly impossible and I didn't like that you had to pay to see the waterfall.


I also happen to really like cuckoo clocks, so I was curious to check them out in a town thats known for them. There were literally thousands of clocks being sold, some for ridiculous dollar figures. I think 10 thousands euros was the highest priced clock that we saw. The shops sold a lot of hand crafted wooden ornaments as well which was pretty cool.

After a brief visit in town we headed off to Freiberg. We tend to start our days quite early so even with the 3 hour drive and two stop overs, we still got there before 3pm, but that's a post for another day I suppose.

Well, that's it for now. If you are interested in reading more on our trip to Germany then stay tuned, there is more to come. Until then, thanks for stopping by. For the previous post simply click the link below.

Ravensburg Germany


I think Schiltach is much prettier than Triberg, I'm surprised there are fewer tourists there. It's definitely under rated in my humble opinion.

Schiltach was definitely prettier, but there was nothing there other than the nice homes. Triberg had a lot of shops, restaurants and a waterfall, so I think that's the draw to the town. I guess it depends on what you're looking for really. We preferred Schiltach but it would have been hard for us to spend a lot of time there.

Ten thousand euros for a clock, wow! I had a client who wanted to display the cuckoo clocks they purchased in Germany in their living areas even though they didn't match their contemporary interior. Now I understand why they insisted :)

You were on a hunt for a cuckoo clock some time back, right? Interesting shop to browse in by the way.

Yeah they aren't all that expensive. Most go for 300-600 euros I'd say. Still quite pricey though. That's for an authentic clock that's not battery operated. Yeah we hunted one down on our trip to Germany last year.

Yes it is pricey, but I guess the associated travel memories with the clocks make it even more valuable.

Yeah thats how we saw/see it. It's a good memory and it should last our lifetime.

Isn't that such a cool town? I love the timber structures and the cuckoo clocks. Your pictures are gorgeous!

There is a parking garage right on Kreuzstraße, it is sort of a joke because they have two men's parking spots. Yes. Men. LOL They were hard to park in, so they were designated as men's parking spaces. :)


We saw a few lots but they were small compared to the amount of cars looking for spots and all were packed full.

designated as men's parking spaces

That is hilarious. Just because of how ridiculous it seems this day in age. I wonder if it is one of those things that is very old, from a time that such things were normal and completely acceptable, but then just sort of was forgotten about and left there? That sort of thing wouldn't fly in North America that's for sure. I say that, though there are definitely things in North America that you come across now and again that sort of blow your mind that they still exist hahaha

I am intrigued by the wall clocks, they look so artistic

The bkack forest region of Germany is famous for those types of clocks - cuckoo clocks.

As you said a beautiful little town, it's cool when you can just blend in and observe. Did you retouch the saturation? Really bright sun 🌞 I could use some right now haha. Nice post brother keep up ☺️

I always touch up photos a little to try and get them to look like they actually did with our eyes. But the day was super clear and the lighting was really good so I didn't do much to them. The most touched up would have been the last two shots of the creek because I took them facing the sun.

The houses look very nice. River with clear water. everything makes for a very wonderful scene. Thank you for sharing.

I'm glad you liked it.

Wow, the views are so amazing!


You're welcome (^_^)

Nice one, Gotta love a good Cuckoo clock, always been a fan of German Horologers and clockwork mechanisms.

Yeah. There is something about a quality clock in general nowadays. I have a new appreciation for them myself. Probably because they are seen and required less and less now because of cell phones. Likr really, how many people own a mantle clock these days? And for that matter how many under the age of 70? Very few I'm guessing

Yeah the old mantle clocks gone the way of the Dodo generally. But they are great things to have hanging around. Not to mention useful when the lights go out and the phones outta battery.

...useful when the lights go out and the phones outta battery.

Haha yeah that's true for sure.

various forms of wall clocks. unique clock.

Yeah there were a lot of interesting clocks.

I love Germans country side, somehow it relaxing and surreal. Thank you for sharing!

Yeah, German countryside and German towns - both are very nice.

there are so many great places in germany that you don't have to go so far away! Really great photos that were taken here:) the black forest region is supposed to be amazing, cant wait to go there and look at it in real

The black forest is quite nice. Hopefully you get to go sometime soon!

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