Visiting the lake sidewalk and the churches of Maracaibo.

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¡Welcome to my Blog!💞

Greetings friends, I hope you all are doing very well.
I visited the lake sidewalk for the second time.

¡Bienvenidos a mi Blog!💞

Saludos amigos, espero todos se encuentren muy bien.
Visite por segunda vez la vereda del lago.


A couple of days ago we went to Maracaibo to buy some things we needed to start our trip out of Venezuela in short to go well prepared, we took the opportunity to go to visit some places that we love in Maracaibo as the basilica la chinita and ask our virgin to take care of us at all times, visit the famous church better known as the China I love because it is quite large with some fascinating monuments so we took a walk through the square la chinita and also the science walk where you can also see spectacular statues.

Hace un par de días fuimos a maracaibo a comprar unas cosas que necesitábamos para emprender nuestro viaje fuera de Venezuela en pocas palabras para irnos bien preparados, aprovechamos para ir a visitar algunos lugares que nos encanta en maracaibo como la basilica la chinita y pedir a nuestra virgen que nos cuide en todo momento, visitar la famosa iglesia más conocida como la China me encanta porque es bastante amplia con unos monumentos fascinantes así que dimos un paseo por la plaza la chinita y también el paseo de ciencias donde también se aprecian espectaculares estatuas.







We visited the churches of Santa Lucia and Santa Barbara, which are also very important for the people of Maracaibo in the state of Zulia, and where we stopped to return to our point of departure, I went to the lake sidewalk, a large park that is divided into different stages and has a beautiful view of Lake Maracaibo and in the distance you can see the bridge of Maracaibo.
The lake sidewalk has several statues and a variety of art, there is also a park for children and a large cujizal to take a walk while the sun goes down.
So we say goodbye to the state of Zulia and hope to return when God allows us to do so.

Visitamos la iglesia santa Lucía y santa barbara que también son muy importantes para el pueblo marabino del estado zulia, y donde fuimos a parar ya para regresarnos a punto fui en la vereda del lago un parque amplio que se divide en diferentes etapas y cuenta con una hermosa vista al lago de maracaibo y a lo lejos se puede apreciar el puento de maracaibo.
La vereda del lago tiene varias estatuas y variedad de arte, también está un parque para los niños y un gran cujizal para dar un paseo mientras cae el atardecer.
Así nos despedimos del estado zulia y esperamos volver cuando Dios nos lo permita.




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Nice clicks..and the weather is looking awesome.

Thank you 😊

The churches look very interesting, they are built in different architectural styles and their colors are beautiful. A picturesque place! 😊

Each of them with a different structure but beautiful, this is the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela and the Marabinos call it the land of the beloved sun.

it's really a very enjoyable trip, all the places you visit look very beautiful, the city sidewalks there are really well maintained

The small square where the basilica is located is very well kept as well as the most touristic places. It is my second time in Maracaibo and I always find it pleasant to be there and listen to the settlement of the Maracuchos.

Churches in Maracaibo are something else for sure! So much beauty shared through their colorful architecture, I love that!

This is how most of the churches in Venezuela are. In the villages they are more fascinating.

Excelentes vistas y lugar amiga 😊👏