A boat ride in The Albufera lagoon

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That day the wind conspired against the boat excursion in the canals of The Albufera Natural Park (Spain). Until the last minute, we were not sure if it would be possible to do so. A shame, we thought... and accepted that after our fabulous lunch we would just go home.

At one point, the organizer of our trip (concert, lunch and possible boat ride) decided to take that risk - and it was worth it. He asked how many of us would go on the boat trip... and had to count two times as many hands were in the air so he got confused while counting. 😁

I still had time to take a very strong coffee before the boat excursion which made me hyped a bit. I couldn't sleep until 2 am that night. Could be also because of the adrenaline that the day brought but I still blame that coffee.


One of these boats waited for us at the end of the boarding dock. The wind was still showing its power but the boat sailed calmly among the reeds and we didn't have to test our swimming skills. There were no accidents. Only laughter and pleasure that such a wonderful place exists.


We got some beautiful golden colours to accompany our boat ride. The reed whispered its stories and we stayed for some moment silent, just to enjoy the ambience we found ourselves in. The singing choir was taking a rest from making any music. We were the audience this time.


Although the boat ride takes place in the narrow canals of The Albufera, we also went to the open part of the lagoon. Here we can see the waves that the wind made. Luckily I had a jacket with me and a scarf. It was getting a bit cold and the sun was also slowly setting.


The lagoon occupies an area of around 24km². All we see around are reeds, and those typical houses for this region, but actually this water is surrounded by a huge area of rice fields. The water is so important for those fields but not just that is what makes this natural park so valuable.


While we were there we saw several flocks of birds that flew over us. It is because La Albufera is a perfect habitat for so many different species of birds, both native and migratory ones. On a different occasion, I visited with a friend of ours the area of the rice fields to observe the flamingoes and herons. That was a delightful experience.


Slowly we were getting back to the place from where we started the little excursion. The people I was with, the choir singers, all elderly people, talked with nostalgia about this place. How nice it would be to live here.


Idyllic place. A bit far away from the city of Valencia so the life here has to be simple. This is an authentic barrack from this area, but unfortunately, just around 30 barracks survived a fire that happened more than a hundred years ago.


Here we can see a typical barrack used by fishermen.


The interior of this same barrack:


In the village (El Palmar) I saw a few of these authentic buildings. Although the majority of the houses are newly built buildings, adapted to the life they live nowadays, it would be great to see the whole village built in this way.


The little boat ride finished... We had mixed feelings as we wanted it to last for much more time (it lasted for around 40 minutes), but it was pretty enough to put some smiles on our faces and memories that would last for a while.




I still blame that coffee.

too strong

Por eso yo lo tomo cortado. 😁

Idyllic place. A bit far away from the city of Valencia so the life here has to be simple.

Your look (your photos) make it even more idyllic. 💙

Cortado con crema de arroz o leche?

Thank you, it was indeed just the place that was so nice and photogenic ;)

La crema de 🌾 😂 es ❌

Yes, it is photogenic but... Nothing, I don't want to argue. 🥂

A boat ride on a sunny day with calm waters is sure to be a balm to the soul, but when there's a wind and a little chill out there, it's a different story, not so! You all were brave, but it looked like it was really worth it, and that gorgeous sunset was the perfect end to your boat ride.
Pity about that tempting cup of coffee though, as I'm sure the gentle swaying of the boat would have prepared your body for a good night's sleep;)

After the boat ride, we also had to take the bus, as we were 150km from home: Even then I didn't fall asleep - so the coffee was indeed strong as I usually sleep if I travel and when it is not me who is driving 😂

What a beautiful place! The boats, the little houses, the water, and its usefulness... the most beautiful thing is that sunset. I love it! Thanks @mipiano!❤️

It is a very nice place @avdesing. When you have the opportunity to travel and visit Valencia one day, don't forget to visit La Ablufera. You would not regret it! 😇

I assure you that when I am able to travel I will get to know the whole of Spain... at the moment financial issues make it impossible for me to travel, but the situation will change. In the meantime I travel with your pictures! Thank you!😀

Going on a boat when there is wind is very risky. It's really a good thing there was no accident. By the way, the photos are amazing to view

Yes, there were doubts should we go or not, but everything went well :))
Thank you @iskawrites😇

I've been there :)) Valencia is generally a great place to live ;)

And I hope you also ate paella there (and maybe some craft beer from the area 😇 )

I obviously tasted paella and had a local crafted beer in a super nice place I don’t remember much, though. It was like a bar and a bookstore at once not far from the promenade. Seems I have to go back to Valencia to revive my memories :))

Seems I have to go back to Valencia to revive my memories :))

When you do that, let me know 😉

For sure ;)

No es posible ver los colores que surgieron en sus corazones durante el paseo... pero si que son una belleza los colores que lograste captar en tus fotos... Creo que la próxima vez puedes intentar nadar un poquito... jajaja

Jaja, nadar será difícil en realidad, porque es muy poco profunda esta albufera

Sería como andar en el agua :D

What a nice write up @mipiano, I enjoy the landscape and its colors you describe almost as much as you do.
That sunset is beautiful.
I don't think coffee is the cause of your sleepless nights, I just think that artists get their muses at night and you are an artist. I think so.
Even I, since I started Hive, wake up at night thinking about what to write and I swear I'm not an artist.

That is the excitement and inspiration you have now ;)

But the coffee I took was so strong, café solo, (and normally I take it with milk). I am sure this time, the day with this boat ride, it was because of it. ☕

Thank you @mamani for seeing my post 🌻

I am pleased to read your posts. Nice evening.

And when your next post? 📜 :))

There you have my new post I hope you like it. I'm still learning a lot of things.

What a beautiful place, the golden tones of that hour make it wonderful. The traditional house, looks a bit like the bohíos here, which are the houses of the peasants of yesteryear. Must be inherited from the Spaniards, I guess. Nice walk.

The traditional houses, las barracas como las llaman, are simple but funcional. Must be that it was a practical way of construction in the past, used in many places of the world :)

Likewise, without very practical. It must be primary instinct of construction, they are quite fast to make. Like the houses for the natural drying of tobacco, they have the same structure, but the latter are huge. I will soon make a post about these houses. ;)

I love this kind of boat rides. We have quite a few places in Romania where are organized and honestly it's hard to compare them with any other experience :)

I suppose those are also boat rides in rivers and canals. We like it, and when we visit our families during the summer we sometimes go on a little boat on the Danube. Here, but the sea, it is different. The waves are bigger so one has to get used to it hehehe. But when there is a boat ride in some rivers or lagoons like this one, I am in :)))

What a beautiful place, boat rides usually make me dizzy, but I really like it. Every time I've had the opportunity I've taken advantage of it even if it follows a little discomfort 🤭.

How curious to see those constructions nowadays and surrounded by other modern buildings.

Very similar to those constructions are still found in the fields of Cuba. They are very nice and appropriate for the heat of our island because of the type of natural cover they have.

Thank you for taking us for a boat ride, we also listened to the rustling of the reeds. 😁

Gracias @mdrguez, me alegro que viniste a esta excursión a través de este post. Sí, es interesante ver esa mezcla, entre lo tradicional y lo más moderno. Un poco extraño, pero es mejor conservarlas y darles vida a las barracas. Espero que tengas una semana exitosa. 👋

He recordado gracias a tus fotografías mi propio paseo en barca por la Albufera. Gracias por compartir el tuyo, es un lugar precioso y ese paseo una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. 😍♥️

También estuvuste? Bueno, cuando se viene a Valencia, es obligatorio ir aquí, a La Albufera 😎

Lo que me faltó fue tomar la paella en el restaurante. 🥲 Sí, un año estuvimos allí para vacaciones y la visita a La Albufera no podía faltar. 😁

Bueno, entoces por la paella hay que volver :))

This boat trip is amazing! I love the landscapes and the narrows canals where you were going though. You could catch very good pictures there. The place must have a beautiful history and at least they can talk about the life over there at some moment in time.

Also the lagoon is very beautiful!

It was a simple life, there were rice fields and canals for fishing. They are still there, actually, but the city of Valencia gives more work and Albufera is for having a good paella and taking a boat ride :)))

Those authentic old buildings are amazing suck big roofs.

So nice, indeed. I assume those houses were better than the newly built Spanish constructions 😁

well they look nicer, probably not as effic1ent though

The fishermen's village looks lovely, I like the interior of the barrack. Must be nice to be on such a boat trip excursion. It is really a beautiful experience. Loved the moment and photos...

It was indeed nice, @priyanarc. Almost like the salt mine excursion, but here nobody lost :p

I hope you are doing well, a hug 🤗

:D Hahaha. I am okay, I hope you had a good weekend...

If you didn't write that this place is in Spain, I honestly wouldn't even have thought that it was here, but somewhere else entirely, taking into account the reeds on the edges, I would have thought somewhere else.
A spectacular place reminds me of the canals of the Danube delta here in Romania.
The place is similar to the delta here in Romania, the canals but also those houses with reed roofs.

I know, it is not a landscape where Spain would be easily recognized, but yes, this lagoon is just by the sea, but so different in every means.

We watched one day a documentary about the delta of the Danube. One day, if we make it to that part of Romania, it would be cool to visit it.

Once again, Spain amazes me in a pleasant way, and yes, if you ever get to the Danube delta area, pay a visit and it's really worth staying there for a few days.
Moreover, it would be advisable to try the traditional food there.

40 minute boat ride is exactly the amount that leaves you wanting for more :)

Maybe we would become dizzy with a longer boat ride, who knows :D

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I mean, good sailing! Hahaha🤪

sí 🛶 ;)

What a beautiful golden hour of your sail!

Yes, it was a nice plus ;)

La barca se fue alejando
entre el sembrado de arroz
y tu mirada fue en pos
de un sueño, allí navegando.
El pueblo se fue mostrando
Con su vestido sencillo
Se pintaron de amarillo
la nostalgia y el amor
y un viaje fue el salvador
del sitio tierno, hermosillo.


Gracias, poetisa 📜

Tuve miedo de la barca y el mal tiempo. Gracias a Dios todo salió bien.

Sí, todo salió bien, ha sido un día emocionante pero muy bonito! 😇

Hola @mipiano

No creo que fuera el mismo día, pero poco le faltó. Estuve en La Albufera hace exactamente 4 semanas.

Si entras verás la barca en la que ibas

Un placer leerte, como siempre.

Oh, sí? La Albufera es un lugar que sin duda no podemos perderlo, si estamos cerca de Valencia :))

Un saludo ☀️👋

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