Danang Fine Arts Museum - Great place to both admire the art and check-in

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Hello everyone in the Hive community. How do you do today? Are you too busy with your work? I hope you all have a nice Friday. I'm Tani and I'm glad to be back. 😉

I'm in a pretty good mood this week. Maybe it comes from the fact that my team has completed and submitted the report and just needs to wait for the schedule to defend the course project. So yesterday I planned to visit an interesting place from a friend's recommendation. That is the Danang Fine Arts Museum. This is not only a place to store, introduce, honor, and promote the values of works and artistic heritage values in the region, but also a typical cultural institution of a city, a locality, and a city. only friendly and warm exchanges of art artists in the city and the region.

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is located at 78 Le Duan, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city. This is a very busy road with traffic on both sides and large stores on both sides. Because of the epidemic situation, I have not come to school to study again. So I had to start from my house to the museum. It took me over an hour to get there. The outer wall is constructed in square blocks, and the exhibition grounds are densely planted with flowers and plants, providing relaxation and comfort.

Outside the art museum

Normally, you have to spend 20,000 VND for a ticket per person, but currently, the museum is offering a free program to visit. I think this could be to celebrate the new year and aim to attract more visitors after the epidemic situation.

Area to buy tickets to visit the museum

Going into the museum's lobby, I was checked by the staff, disinfected my hands, and scanned the declared QR code before entering. Next to the inspection area, you will see a map indicating the direction and location of the artwork.

Plan of the museum

The Fine Arts Museum displays a variety of artworks such as traditional handicraft products of painters, sculptors, artisans in Da Nang and the central provinces and cities - Central Highlands, including materials of oil painting, lacquer, silk, graphics, sculpture...The museum consists of 3 floors used to display works of different meanings. Follow me to visit each floor.

Floor 1: Space for modern art

The first floor of the Museum is a short-term thematic exhibition of modern art, a space to display children's fine arts. Most of the works on display here are related to the theme of life and people of Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general.




CLB ở nhà.png

Area displaying children's paintings made by child artists

Some unique artworks that I like

Floor 2: Space of unique and special works of art

The museum's second floor features works of artistic value on lacquer, oil paint, silk, graphics, and sculpture...; the theme of revolutionary struggle. The works in this gallery are unique and creative, sometimes a little confusing, and also pique my interest. When you see these works of art, I believe you will feel the same way I do. The paintings have a certain allure that makes me want to stare at them indefinitely.




Artist Le Cong Thanh's mother artwork

Some artworks on the topic of revolutionary struggle by many artists are displayed in the same theme. The author depicts the pre-liberation period of the Vietnamese people's army.


Soldiers of Viet Nam.png


And the area on the second floor has been chosen as the most photographed location by young people.

Doi Ca artwork by artist Nguyen Thanh Vinh

Floor 3: Traditional ethnic space.

The artworks of visual artist Le Cong Thanh can be found on the third floor; folk art and applied art are extremely unique. I especially love sculptural works and one of them is still imprinted with me such as Nguoi Dan ba artwork carved from marble, Me cong con artwork, etc.




When you go deep inside, you will be amazed by the art collections depicting Vietnamese culture. The masks in the Tuong performance were typically a very popular musical genre in Vietnam at that time. When I was a child, I only saw these masks through Mr. Tong who sang at funerals. Besides that, traditional tools, unique jewelry sets are meticulously created by artisans from pure silver, traditional handcraft pottery of XU QUANG, etc. Most of these works of art are made by sculptors, painters, artisans in Da Nang and some provinces in the Central - Central Highlands region.

Masks in Tuong performance

Traditional handcraft pottery of XU QUANG

12 animal collection


CLB ở nhà (2).png

Some notes to a visit to the art museum

Currently, the disease situation is under control but we must maintain our vigilance and focus on safety during the epidemic. Before entering the tour, put on a mask, wash your hands, and scan the QR code. Besides, during the tour, you are not allowed to bring food, do not smoke, do not use flash when taking pictures and especially do not touch the specimens on display. Behave wisely when visiting museums.


Wish you have a pleasant visit here. If you've gone, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for reading my post and have a great journey.png


Wow very impressive. I love to explore museums like this. Thanks for sharing!

I'm so glad you liked this place. Please visit it one because the paintings are very unique. Currently, tickets are free.😁

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Geat place. I always want to be here one day. F covid !

Thank you for liking this place. Are you ok now after the covid test? I'm pretty worried about it.

Still strong. I have a quick test already and it is negative. But now, say good bye to the trips.

Please take care of your health to have a happy Tet holiday 💚

Let hope so!😌

I like the museum as well as the pictures you took, it looks very artistic. I missed coming here once, I will definitely come again in the near future 😍

In the near future, I hope you can visit this place with me once again 😘

Nice scenery i must confess, it must have been such a nice experience for you visiting such a tourist attraction.

Hi @typebox, I'm glad you liked the place I shared and thank you so much.

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Thanks for sharing @taniqnam I was wandering along with you through this museum.
Always great to see such an extensive collection.

Thank you for visiting the article and liking the photo gallery at the museum.

Nice museum and impressive works of art, I want to go see it

The museum is truly incredible. If you have the opportunity, please pay a visit to this location.😍

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