Recharging positive energies under the New Moon

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Hello dear HIVE community,

Today was another fantastic day and I must say, while writing this lines we are already tired and ready to go to sleep.

Nevertheless, the day started with a very calm morning. A drive with good music through the hills, clouds and the beautiful forests in magical Autumn colors to Tolmin city. To pick some groceries, candles for the advent wreath and looking for new hiking shoes from Adidas Swift R2 (I can really recommend) and after this we drove home. Here Steffen prepared some quick but effective spaghetti bolognese. Personally, I always love to cook with a lot of fresh vegetables from the garden.


After our bellies were full and everyone happy, we started editing a small trailer for an apartment with a lot of drone images here from the area. This was an easy and fun task as it could be done on a mobile phone and as well the music production is quite simple.

As it was already two o'clock and the daylight is only available up to five nowadays, we had to hurry to visit a magical place which we wanted to visit since a long time.


It's a megalithic circle made out of stones to locate a magnificent energy filed.

The place is similar to Stonehenge as each stone is positioned in perfect alignment. The diameter of the circle is the same with 31.4 meters, and it also has the same amount of stones (30) as Stonehenge's pillars. The farmers around the area discovered it only recently and completely by accident. Later they realized that strangely even the animals never went inside or near this area. The place survived two world wars, as the area was very actively involved during these times.
Lots of people come to catch the first sun ray shinning into the circle for the Spring and Autumn equinox.


Ancient being must have discovered this place as they had maybe more senses and marked this energy field with stones on the ground. Nowadays scientist come here to measure with modern machines the frequencies from this amazing place.

Here you can read more about it: Slovenian article about Megalithic circle

After meditation and charging with positive energy we moved ahead. The surroundings were very windy today. The wind was very fresh, and it felt very healthy to breathe. The path was in between full of snow and ice, which was a very nice challenge. We felt free like anything else, and there were almost no people around which was even cooler. Reaching the half of the Krn mountain we stopped for a break to appreciate the amazing sunset. This been said, the air was so clear that the view was reaching more than a hundred kilometers. On one side we could spot the Großglockner (3,798 meters), on the other side we could spot the Italy's Mediterranean cost up to Grado, Trieste and Monfalcone.
As the wind became very stronger and suddenly the darkness started to overtake the light, we could spot the magical New moon on the sky very quickly.







On the way back we were walking very carefully in the dark and stopped a few times to take some pictures of the stars and the moon.
We realized that the moon was shinning only for one hour and disappeared in bloody red colors.




As the hiking path ended, and we reached safe back to the road, we surprisingly spotted a strange footprint in the snow. What do you think it could be? A yeti? A wolf? Or even a bear?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Have a wonderful day beautiful people!

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Pff those are really incredible photos! the colors of the sky iis awesome plus that wild landscape 😍♥️

incredible job!

Thank you! We were so lucky that the day and evening was so beautiful. We definitely choose rhe right day 🌅🌅

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

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The photo of the night sky is super beautiful. Wowow, you guys have already snow??? Damn i get cold by seeing it. Good thanks we have it still warm here. Otherwise I would die. Anyway, super beautiful photos again. Are you still camping in this snow? If so, Wowowow, full respect. Have a beautiful day.

Camping will come hopefully soon again. Right now we are looking for little huts. 🙃⛰️

What a beautiful day.

To walk until after sunset and into the evening as well. Awesome 💥

I think you found a Yeti right there :D

Yeah it was amazing, specially with the view to the other mountains and sea! Slovenia is very nice with many hidden gems 🏞🤗 You are welcome to visit!

Ah... perhaps one day :)

Ditto. Ping me if you land in South Africa sometime!