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RE: Health is wealth unless impossible

in Self Improvement6 months ago

Is it really life without living? Empty.
Like going to Italy on a vooking tour while on a keto diet. Why? You hit the nail on the head.
Quality over quanity. It's priceless. I have to admit! A little more sleep won't kill you! I promise.


:D what a wasted trip that would be!!!! :D

Yeah, I should sleep a bit more, but I also wonder that if I did, would it make a huge difference to my experience? In the next couple months (have to wait for the machine) I will get a CPAP which will hopefully improve my sleep apnea and maybe then, the quality of sleep will be better, so there will be a difference between how I feel going to bed and when I wake up. At the moment, it is much the same either side of the night.

Why so long? Months? It is days here. :/ My sister just got one. She has no rest ever! So for her! The quality of her sleep is measurable, but it's getting better. Just not overnight or magical. Time will tell.

I wish you luck and maybe you won't notice it, but your body will.

Daughter-in-law sleeps with CPAP for past five years. After overnight hospital testing it was determined she stops breathing during deep sleep. This nifty gadget has done wonders for her, don't delay if that is what is required, go for it!