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Author: @lionsaturbix

Harry Potter and the secret chamber / Review / Potterheads


To see this film again and to see the most recent one they are releasing makes me draw many positive conclusions of what is expected in the future, despite the time in which this film was released, the special effects and the magic that they added for the time was amazing, I love that they continued with the same essence at all times.


Author: @fabian98

My opinion about Sonic the hedgehog 2 is 10/10.


As we know The video game created by SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is about a blue Hedgehog that travels through worlds and collect rings, rewards, which will allow the character to get improvements for his game and to unlock other characters. As well as defeating the main villain Dr. Eggman. Now imagine if they had released a movie of a blue hedgehog running mazes and collecting rings, it would be boring, so they had to rewrite a complete story, but based on features of the video game, and the truth was very successful.


Author: @viviehardika

Movie Review: Darlings || Alia Bhatt is Superb As Always


This film seems to be a guide for wives who are victims of domestic violence. As if to realize that the abusive nature of a man or husband will never change. The only way out is to separate from such a person to escape all the pain he will cause, both mentally and physically.


Author: @soldierofdreams

The Boys Diabolical: Opinión


But definitely the episode that I prefer is I`M Your Pusher, because this is the prelude to what The Boys, the series, tries to show with its story of false heroes. The grotesque image of true superheroes impacts from the appearance of that mysterious character and his dog, and behind it, the intentions of ending the image that The Seven, that inept squad, have impregnated the world in the name of their atrocities. The message: your flaws are your downfall, or at least the bridge that can land you a sure fall.


Author: @genice

Claw movie review.


Garra is a very entertaining movie, it has several facets that make the public like the comedy genre in which the actor Adam Sandler stands out, it has the sport of basketball as it is one of his affinities that he has always shown in almost all his films and drama because it shows the paradigms that sometimes arise in our lives to fight for our dreams as in the story in which two dreams were realized, Bo Cruz as a professional player and Stanley finally become a basketball coach, sometimes you have to go through many things or even start from scratch to achieve your goals, but with effort, dedication and a lot of faith you can achieve everything, I like this movie is inspiring for all those people who have set goals, those who struggle as an athlete and want to climb to a professional level; I invite you to see this movie is very good I recommend it.



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Congrats to those who were selected. I'm new to this community and I have a question. If I were to review a movie, where would I get the movie images from and what should I use as the source? Because I doubt that they'll be on u splash.

 2 months ago  

I recommend taking screenshots of your own if possible. They're much better quality and can be used to make posts more engaging since they can reflect the events you're discussing.

If not, then you can pull them from any place providing you add a source. Definitely consider screenshots if it's an option though, you'll stand out more and there's clear effort in it in regards to presentation.

Alright, I understand, thank you 😊

About Darlings:

I hadn't heard of Alia Bhatt. In spite of all the violence there's in the story (the review is very clear) that final twist in the plot might be interesting to watch. I think I'm gonna check this movie soon- Thank you for sharing the good works of others. Greetings

Congrats to those that have been featured.. feels like I've been away too long..I need to try to be more consistent, I don't fancy missing good reviews..

Great work admins..keep up the good work ❤️

Oh thank you so much for this selection 😊. This has become one of my favorite communities. Congratulations to the rest of the selected ⭐