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RE: Hive Proposal: (Any second layer could adopt and I'd be happy, too)

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Not a fan of this, first off we already have something like this. I onboarded about 600 accounts a couple weeks ago, then manually went through the referral page on peakd and delegated people hivepower when they were starting to run low. For this part the idea would be good (to automatically delegate) though I'd prefer if it instead did that when the referred account actually started using Hive and needed it. With RC delegations coming up this would be a lot more useful without needing to care if they actually need it as you wouldn't lose any curation returns from delegating RC.

Forcing the referred user to give you 5% of their posts is what I'm not a fan of, referrals shouldn't be forced even if you delegate them HP and with RC especially not as it doesn't give Hive a good light. That said many are already happy to give the referrer some rewards and don't instantly remove the beneficiaries placed by the onboarding gateway or they don't realize it until later when they've learned more about Hive and that should be okay, i.e. we shouldn't expect people to give you beneficiaries just because you've onboarded them (especially if you haven't used your own account credits or paid 3 hive for the account creation). For the latter though, maybe there's some options in the future where you could enforce some sort of beneficiary system if you actually pay the 3 hive up front until they've recuperated that cost, but this should be something discussed with the onboarded user before hand and come to an agreement which means they could just manually send you the 3 hive later.


Resource credit delegation would be good. I didn't know that could be done. I know that I can post dozens of comments without batting an eye, but my newly on-boarded folks struggle to do more than 2 a day if they don't have a delegation... the other reason for the hp delegation is so their vote is worth something... we tell them they can earn from curation, but they don't when they're new without a hp delegation large enough to increase their vote's worth. I delegated 95-100 hp to my folks (gladly did) so their vote would be worth $0.01 instead of 0.001. They got to comment more and vote more, making them feel more like a part of the community from the get go... food for thought.

Yeah I understand that, I just don't think we should enforce a quid pro quo on giving them bigger delegations to be able to see that they can earn something from curation. I don't even think there's a way to "enforce" accounts to give beneficiaries from the code so I doubt it's something that needs to be discussed too much, unless there's a front-end that doesn't let you remove them. I hope it'll be enough that new users create some good posts, and earn some HP early on to then be able to see with their own eyes that they can earn CR with the HP they've earned.

I totally hear ya... though the marketer/business man in me says I'd be willing to advertise on a larger scale if I knew the money I would pay toward advertising would result in income that would pay for my advertising. For instance, I brought @liftslikealady on board a month ago. She's made some engaging content and has been rewarded over 100hp worth in such a short period. As a 5% beneficiary, I would have earned 5hp worth. That's about $9USD worth. The advertising needed to find her and on-board her would have likely been close to that if not more (because a click through an ad doesn't always mean someone starts a new account or even posts). In this case, she's my sister, so no advertising was necessary.

There are some that might want Hive to grow organically... I'm good with scaling it up. There must be a direct benefit, in my opinion, if someone is going to mass on-board quality folks...

Ah okay I see what you mean, I may have missed the advertising point when I skimmed through the post. We have an onboarding program in @ocdb, to give the onboarders some extra incentives we also compile the first posts of the onboarded users so the onboarders get some extra 1 time rewards for the effort of onboarding and guiding them in their first steps on Hive on top of the automatic beneficiaries that hiveonboard places on them. So it comes from general post rewards instead of directly from the onboarded user, maybe something like that could be better, what do u think?

The only issue I see with that is the new user has to wait 7 days for the payout. By the time that takes place, you've lost the newbie. The resource credits and vote value make it hard to keep encouraged as a new account, I think. Others may chime in but those are my thoughts.