PolyCub goes Viral | When Traction and Synergy work out

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The wheel has to start running at some point, and for it to actually gain speed and traction and reach a snowball effect, one has to give it the first push usually in the form of Sponsored News in Big News Outlets, then clinch a couple of Press Releases on mid-size websites so that the name of your wheel keeps rolling and just as you are about to reach your viral goal, you can push the wheel a bit more so that you may or may not surpass your goal.

It is only then when your goal will be achieved, and if you are lucky, your wheel will go viral. After seeing it in many bid and mid-size outlets, minor news outlets will pick up your story and publish it by themselves and give your wheel a few spins of their own, helping the snowball effect grow bigger and bigger.

Sometimes you have to point these small websites and little one-man companies towards your story (that's your wheel, in case you didn't notice) so that they realize that your story is resonating everywhere and if they want to be updated, they have to write about it. Some News websites just relay important news and give credit, some others blatantly steal content from other sites and stamp their own author, some others are literal templates from one another and some are legit websites that strive to share worthy news. Either way, it is free publicity and getting your name out there - which also helps the SEO btw.

You successfully turned the tide in your favor: It is now the news outlets that want to speak about you, and not the other way around like at the beginning of your wheel spin.

Your story successfully went viral

Bitcoin Insiderimage.pngVester Holdingsimage.pngCoin Highlightimage.png
WTF Cryptoimage.pngEl Metaversos - Spanishimage.pngIDO Checkimage.png
FX Leadersimage.pngBitcoinEthereumNewsimage.pngNewsKrypto.de - Deutschimage.png
Crypto RAQimage.pngSocial Hub centerimage.pngCrypto News Timeimage.png
Alfa Cryptoimage.pngF1 Coins - Frenchimage.pngCrypto Investor Newsimage.png
Coinscordimage.pngCrypto Pump Newsimage.pngBitcoin Isleimage.png
The Bit Timesimage.pngCoin Veliimage.pngcoindesk.cc - Not the real Coin Deskimage.png
Metaverse News6image.pngDigital News Todayimage.pngBatia - Spanishimage.png
Verified News Explorerimage.pngBlock111image.pngYour Digi Newsimage.png
Crypto Breaking Newsimage.pngCrypto Brickroadimage.pngXY Foreximage.png
Crypto Celebrateimage.pngChart Startedimage.pngCrypto News Netimage.png
Refined Cryptoimage.pngBeex Coinimage.pngGoose Crypto Newsimage.png
Blockchain Timesimage.pngCrypto Catalystimage.pngBBX Newsimage.png
Publish 0ximage.pngCrypto News Australiaimage.pngWhiteh Crypto Investimage.png
Crypto World Headlineimage.pngBitch Coinimage.pngY 5 Newsimage.png
Shiba Crypt Newsimage.pngBriny Newsimage.pngFBN Global Newsimage.png

But it's not over, the wheel just began spinning and...

...even though it's already self sustainable, if you stop pushing it, it won't keep growing at a fast enough rate that you can actually call it a real success.

I'm not gonna try and ask you to click on these sites to increase PolyCub's overall SEO, instead I'm just going to ask you that if you have any acquaintance in the YouTuber universe or the news outlet, get in touch with me so that we can keep pushing PolyCub and CUB out there.

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if you have any acquaintance in the YouTuber universe or the news outlet, get in touch with me so that we can keep pushing PolyCub and CUB out there.

I'm definitely gonna be doing an update video or 2 at some point once we got the collateralized loans and bonds etc.

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Your Tutorial about the whole pCub ecosystem was god-tier man, you should be like the official tutorial maker haha, looking forward for the second one. All I can say is that any time anyone asks me about how to do something on pCub I sent them to your video :P

That's my goal, become the official "Ultimate Guide" guy. Send them over my way, make sure they SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON 🤣

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The magical wonders of Marketing! First the name recognition and then the messages finally the profits it's about a 4 month cycle from attention to pay off, from what I've been told by marketing agencies.

Great job!

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Hell to the yeah! Polycub errrrrvvvywhere!

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This is so cool to see! Thanks for making this collection. It'll be so cool if Hive could manage to get the same publicity. The documentary in work might help with that :)

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As an SEO myself, letting you know clicking these websites visiting them and visiting links from them doesn't help SEO, its all about the link equity passed on by the sites domain authority and the associated keyword used that can be attributed to the search results the site could be indexed for

Traffic from these third party has very little bearing on SEO

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Holy shit :D


It's incredible how all it takes is a few Whale outlets to write about you so that all the other Minnow outlets pick up the story!!

Indeed, and in this case, love it!

Your blog also seems go viral on LeoFinance as I found it on hot topic. Polycub is now a celebrity and good to see all talking about it and spreading positive vibes. Finance experts also praising about polycub. Wish to have some to hold.

That's awesome! It's something many in the community always felt we lacked. Great work!


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It's so great. All these mentions in these websites. I Know polycub is being marketed. To actually see it is so delightful !

wow, great job!

This truly shows that PolyCub is here to stay. I need to get involved in it ASAP.

Wow, this is great , I believe that polycub will continue to surprise everyone in the world because the way is growing nothing can stop it.

The good news of polycub needs to be spread way far and beyond.

If only 1/100 of those who read these PR - could be starting to buy POLYCUB...

Its Incredible and amazing...

Well done.

Daaaaamn. This is a lot of coverage.

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So many crypto journals talking about the little CUB This is just unbelievable.

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When do cubs reach the moon to become bears?

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As we await the snall ball effect and eventually taking over..this is our time to fill up our bags

$200 for this a bit rich Eric. I will adjust the rewards.