This is why I bought SPS instead of packs

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I originally planned to buy packs and increase the number in my collection but after the recent development, I decided to go a different route. This route basically involves using the funds for buying DEC for chaos legion packs to buy SPS tokens and hold liquid.

There's a general feeling in the air that SPS is due a mega pump in the coming weeks/months and many investors are trying to position themselves to take advantage of this impending pump.

I've been waiting patiently for an SPS pump as well and all things considered, I think we are due a major pump. I feel like the palpable excitement fused with all the recent marketing activity by Splinterlands is further evidence of a potential SPS pump on the horizon.

Keep in mind that right now, most developmental activities in the game will most likely be reflected in the price of SPS token. So, when you hear news like a partnership with the MLSPA, you just have to sit up and think of the benefits that could come from this move.

All things considered, Splinterlands has made the right moves in recent times. However, I feel like some of the "results" of their actions have been underwhelming but that's okay considering we're in a bull market.

For example, when you think about the fact that the hype from Huobi listing didn't exactly send heads spinning, you get an idea of what I mean when I say underwhelming. In any case, the aim is to create something sustainable, and the listing did lead to a minor pump above 8 cents before it dropped back to the 7.6 cents range yesterday.

I guess there's a lot more sell pressure than I'd like right now, probably due to people trying to squeeze out profit from investing heavily to benefit from the airdrop, and of course those who bought validator nodes with a shit ton of SPS tokens.

Still SPS Bullish

In any case, I'm still quite bullish about the prospect of Splinterlands and I think the future is going to be pretty awesome for the game.

From all indications, Splinterlands isn't looking for a simple pump and dump activity, they're in search of something more consistent and stable. From my perception, Splinterlands is gunning to create a sustainable project that could one day become a household name and be enjoyed by a vast group of individuals spread across the planet.

Splinterlands is all about the community which is why feedback from town hall meetings is very important to the development of the game. SPS token, in the general scheme of things, represents a big part of the community due to its governance power, so I feel like backing it right now will be a more profitable venture, at least in the short term.

Buying packs is more of a long-term venture, particularly as my luck in opening them has been terrible. My chances of actually flipping packs for profit are infinitesimal right now, so I feel like it is best to buy SPS instead.

Chances of flipping packs will be much higher when they're all sold out in the game and only packs on the external market are available. Right now, we're like 4.44 million packs away from pack scarcity, so that gives me enough time to eventually buy even more packs in the future.

So what about you? Are you buying more packs or SPS tokens? How do you feel about SPS tokens, will you be unstaking to have some liquid or will you ignore the pump potential and keep it staked for the APR?

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If I'm going to choose between SPS or the Chaos Legion Packs, I will definitely go for the SPS - for now.

Agree with you, for short term gain, I would definitely choose SPS over the Packs. The value of packs would definitely rise up but not before the price of SPS.
Once all of the packs will be in circulation and a majority of it will be opened, that is the time that I am sure the value of the packs would start to increase. :)

Unfortunately for me, I don't have any extra resources to spend to purchase SPS.

Good day to you and good luck in your investments. ;)

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I will HODL

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Nice idea. Expecting a pump soon?

The nearest one is not - but next year I will do it.!

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I won't buy Packs as long as I still have the chance to get them in the Daily Chest or Season Chest. But since I'm a Small Investor and still have to rent cards to play games, I use all of them to buy DEC (or Credits)

Well if you're trying to grow your account to improve your ranked battle experience, then it makes sense that you'd be focusing on DEC to buy more monsters.

the partnership with the soccer game indeed may be a reason for a pump cos i heard the mlspa is going to airdrop their tokens to sps staker, i have some liquid sps and i am going to wait patiently for this pump

It hasn't been confirmed but if that actually happens, SPS might moon

I am now 100 away from my 2k goal. If I have the fund, SPS will be my choice between the two.


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100 SPS or 100 packs away from 2k?

Just a small player here. I mean 100 SPS away from 2k.

Maybe you are a big #Splinterlands player who has already bought 1,900 5-Card Packs, and just needed to buy 100 more to reach a milestone of 2,000 5-Card Packs. 😆 If you compare the price of each Pack to SPS when SPS was at its highest price, 2,000 Packs doesn't cost far from 2,000 SPS. 😅


I only bought 11 CL packs. 😄

Thinking of tripling my SPS holdings. If I can reach 10k, that's the best goal I could have. I hope I could it before the bulls will start to re-appear again.


I'm not so updated as to whether your primary goal is CTP, LEO, SPS (or LISTNERDS). 😅 Picking just one at a time will help you finish each of your Hive goals faster, and make you more motivated to pursue your other goals. 🤓 #NotFinancialAdvice 😅


Thanks for that for me to sort my goals. I think !CTP is my priority now followed by 20k CENT and LEO will be 3rd. Others depend on the extra fund: WORKERBEE, DHEDGE, EDS, and LBI.

Having 1,650 more staked !CTP will allow you to tip 0.25 CTP per command (from 0.20 CTP which you are tipping per command right now). 🤓

I hope SPS pumps hard for our sake. A decent pump could see you raising funds that you can then reinvest into your deck

Yeah, I still remember October last year when my 300 USD investment in SPS reached more or less 1k USD only to see it fall below 100 USD after several months. At least, my holdings now are more than double than before.

Lots of ups and downs in this shit. Sometimes it is best to take profit and then wait out the pump.It will always dump, after all

At that time, I didn't know how to unstake my SPS. I mistakenly thought that it was automatic. Only last January that I learned how to do it.

Going for sps is really a good choice because i have this feeling more goodies is still coming in and the criteria might be based on the sps you have. and also if their plan go thru there is possible pump on sps

Absolutely. I'm going to be buying some SPS as the days go by.

You might be addicted to SPS, go consult a professional altcoin shiller on Threads for therapy advice.

I checked threads and I saw more addicts over there

That means you’re not alone? It’s an epidemic maybe, somebody call Fauci. We need The Science to speak up.

I'm still 5k away from my sps goal and with the recent developments I think it is time to stack

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Great Post! I also deeply believe on SPS and the future of Splinterlands!


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Where do you think the next pump will lead us? Above ATH at around $1?
I am also keeping my SPS but will spent a bit on the Riftwatcher series.

Interesting thoughts. I might actually start unstaking some of my sps. As I don’t have enough time anymore for tournaments, I might unstake some.

I will be buying some Riftwatchers packs, but like you I got absolutely nothing worthwhile from opening chaos packs. So I might just hold them long term (will try to..)

I hope the promo card for the Riftwatchers pre-sale is a nice strong card.

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Unstake, and use 60% of them on Rift-watchers! They will add value to the game some how. And you will earn SPS in the near future by battling so there will be enough of the SPS for everyone in the future. That is not the case for Rift-watcher packs. There is 3M of them and I would want to grab as many as possible before it is to late. Remember that 5M CL packs was sold during the first day after pre sale. I know there will be similar mechanics this time as vel but the sale will go faster. It is all new products in the end, and new products seems to be exciting for the community.

I have a feeling packs wont be worth more by the time the airdrop happens so it's most likely a good move if you're looking to stack that up for the airdrop for that new game. I think its pretty lit and curious to see what SPS holders will end up with.

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Buying tokens is just so much simpler than packs.

I don't have to learn the intricacies of the game or worry about individual markets for each card.

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SPS is surely a good option in the current price range. nice move

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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

buying SPS is good idea as of now


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