Top Headliners For April 25th

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Today's article is going to be more of a recap article of things going on today. The main reason is I really couldn't find or had anything in mind to target today and a lot of the "news" worth stuff is short statements over anything really to dive deep into.

So today I present to you top headliners of the dead where I'll recap some of the biggest highlights in crypto today and also share some of my own thoughts.

Bitcoins EPIC Sat

Just yesterday I talked about What Are Bitcoin Runes and it just so happens that today the pool that mined the first post-halving sat was ViaBTC which sold the bitcoin rune sat for $2.13 million. Remember this is a EPIC rune they only come around once every four years so they hold some decent value in them.


GLD has been a standard for a while now in terms of gold shares in the ETF space. Yes there are other tokens called GLD but in this case and future cases it seems like we need more than just a ticket. So this GLD is the ETF for gold in which people can invest into without holding the physical gold asset.

This GLD ETH had one of the highest growths ever of any ETF asset.

IBIT is a bitcoin trust from iShares it's full name is iShares Bitcoin Trust Beneficial Interest NASDAQ: IBIT

It's seen inflows far higher than any other ETF including gold which is presented in the graph above. In just 72 days it did what took gold 808 days.

The other key factor here now is that GOLD has a pretty streamlined amount that gets mined per day. There's no real big upswings or downswings of the assets inflation rates. Sure there are ups and downs but nothing dramatic.

Bitcoin however just got cut in half and with that half it now prints LESS than golds inflation. Which is leading many people to speculate the bitcoin could take off to all new highs once the markets start to feel the restriction of new print on the asset.


Inflation numbers are in and there's yet another spike in inflation from 3.2% last month to 3.5% this month. Showing us that inflation is still a very real issue in the USD in terms of them hitting their 2% goal. Now I say the USA inflation is high but other countries have even higher inflation numbers at the moment that simply blow the USA out of the water (not in a good way).

This increasing inflation number and the inaction of the FED to increase rates again and instead talk about reducing rates at end of year I don't see happening. To be honest if I was the FED I'd bump it another 0.25 points once now and once at the end of the year instead of staying stagnate.

This is mainly because as history has shown us after inflation ramps up and the FED moves rates it takes about 8-16months for those changes to be felt. So those big increases we have had have been felt and are now starting to lean off as inflation rises again. This is the after creep we see in which inflation has ALWAYS ramped up even higher and cause a recession.

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The inflation situation might put a dent on Bitcoin price for the next months although markets most of the time make no sense we can see value around the $55k-$53k just at looking at the chart nothing special but I think that's good, flush a few sellers on the way and refuel to keep going up towards the end of the year ✌️🤑

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