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RE: We Have Banana!! ApeSwap

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Best of luck with that! You seem to have a knack for picking the winning horse so I am guessing you will probably do pretty well with this! I need to get some more funds over on BSC so I can play around with some of this stuff sometime. Too many great projects and not enough money to invest in them all. You have any estimates at this point on when you think you might need to exit?

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There is not enough data on any of these. The oldest project is Pancakeswap, which started in September-October 2020. If I look at the yeild now at Pancake, I wouldn't put any yield money there. Its a good token with potential, so that part is still good, but it is not good for yield farming anymore. I mean there are many more lucrative and safe options.

So that is 6 months.

I give these projects 6 months.

Gotcha. Yeah, I have read that a lot of these it is all about getting in early and getting out before they collapse. Six months seems like a reasonable guesstimate.

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