Coffee and Philosophy Ep 191

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On this episode, Cope and I discuss a bit about the current events that were going on with Rittenhouse getting acquitted before we move into the crypto talk. Interestingly enough, there is another ongoing trial right now with Craig Wright, and we get into some of the details in relation to that and the implications of what it would mean if he actually is Satoshi. To be clear, I'm not saying he is or isn't and I think anyone claiming to be Satoshi is pretty suspect, but regardless, he has claimed he has the means to transfer the half a million Bitcoin if he does lose the trial, which leads to some interesting questions. What if he is Satoshi? What does it mean if he follows through with his promise to move those tokens whether he wins or loses? What happens to the price of Bitcoin and BSV if he hypothetically is Satoshi and does what he says? We get into all of this and more during the show. Much love. Peace.

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Can’t be bothered with any of these controversial cases, whether they are real or staged. So many things happen in the world every day in the world. Not giving my attention to controversy if I can ignore it. Miss Ghizzy case is a little more interesting to me cause it could potential expose something. Anyways, still love you clayboyboy. I’ll try to pop in now and then.

Who is your partner btw?

That's just some random Aussie fucka and yea, the problem with this case is I think it may have been specifically staged to cover up the start of the Maxwell trial. The implications of what it would mean for self defense in the U.S. if he got a murder charge for that would be a nightmare as well.

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