Hive And Snowballing Your Account Growth

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Everyday you are active your snowball is growing.

Yesterday evening I was looking at an old post I had written 3 years ago about account growth and thought I would share some thoughts. Starting out on Hive you have these visions of becoming a success which is all great, but it takes tons of effort and more importantly time.

Let me shares some figures and this is more for the newer accounts on how the compounding and snow balling effect happens. I am still blown away by how your account grows just by what you just do.

The first 6 months on Hive I was busy as the idea of mass adoption was propelling me to do more every day. The idea I would be swamped and lost to the world was very real so the fear factor of missing out was genuine. One has to understand when I joined this was at the end of the last bull cycle when things were calming down yet there were literally 10's of thousands of users clambering for their share of the rewards pool. Fun times but also rather daunting for someone brand new and out of their comfort zone.

The first 6 months starting from 0 the account grew to 320 Hive which is an average of 50 Hive per week. This with putting in an excess of 8 hours daily commenting on posts. I was like a mini @taskmaster4450le showing up everywhere reading and commenting.

The next 6 months there was big growth as there was a new app called Musing which had some decent rewards and that helped grow my account to a gigantic 3200 Hive after 12 months. This may sound like a shortcut but believe me I worked my behind off as that was seriously like a hard labor camp. Others who were involved in that app know exactly what I mean as it was an opportunity to grow and earn. Musings disappeared as the delegation they were receiving was removed which was the right call.

The 3200 HP was the foundation and to be honest was chuffed and proud to bits with this amount. The following year the account did a 5 x growing to around 16K HP. I know this as that was the airdrop I received when Hive was born from the hardfork almost two years ago. Since then the account has done a 2 x as I sold the other blockchains coins and bought them onto Hive.

Just by turning up and being consistent each and every day the opportunities on Hive are endless. A new account joining today can do a similar growth if they are committed to doing just that. One has to realise with the tribes now available the growth factor that is now available has increased the growth factor massively. Earning Hive and a few other tokens is like doubling your rewards which was not available back when I joined.

There are no shortcuts required to grow as the compounding and snow ball effect will do that for you. The bigger your account becomes the more obvious this will be. Don't become frustrated as the growth is happening but maybe you are not noticing it. Just give it time and give yourself a chance as growth will happen. Remember everyone grows at different pace so never compare yourself against others.

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Musings passed me by for some reason. But I completely second what you are saying here. I am now at the 16K HP, a bit more, but the snowball effect has got me really going now. I have never been as active as you were, but I kind of rolled into the activity. And more and more I get a following. Which is great, and satisfying too. And the snowball gets bigger and bigger, the rewards from curation get bigger, the tribes and community rewards get bigger, and before you know it, you're an orca. At least you are, and that is where I am heading!

Keep on snowballing! You're doing great

That is how it works and the support you have are also growing which adds to the overall growth around you. Happy to see you adding to your stake like you are and it wont take long. Just takes time getting to that point and then you are away with nothing to stop you.

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Sometimes growth isn't about the $$$ at all. It could also be about the support that's building up 🙌

That is growing your base which is the most important thing on here.

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Definitely :) ... It makes a world of difference!

Man, I really miss Musings sometime. It was a lot of work, but it was such easy money. I tried to use their revived interface, but it just wasn't the same. I do think people have it easier today than we did back then. Specifically because of the communities you mentioned. You don't have to cast your net as wide now and you can really find your niche and thrive in it.

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Must admit I don't miss it as it nearly killed me with the effort it took. 40 or 50 answers per day was like doing 40 posts per day flat out. The rewards were great but one couldn't keep it up at that pace as something was going to break.

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Yeah, that is a good point. I don't think I ever did more than twenty per day though.

I'm so excited reading this advice, I realized is not about create post, engagement is one of best way to grow more faster

Engaging with others is the secret here as this is a social platform. You cannot build and grow on your own as you need support of others. Happy you realise this as that is the only thing you need to know.

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I'm here for the journey, for the people, for the community. I've always loved writing and creating stuff, so even if I'm a little slow, once I pick up some steam, I'll be way more active here.
Money is cool, but I love this place way beyond that. It's a great time and place to be.

Hope I can grow like you did :D

Just like any other good thing, it is a loooooong journey.

I remember I guess more projects are going to fail than succeed. But I expect the ones that do succeed to be more than enough for us.

One lesson to pick from your growth (I may even write about it) is that opportunities tend to favor the ready. No one would've expected the fork off steem but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and another way to grow.

Those joining now may feel the opportunity has passed, but they may be surprised just what can be achieved by deciding to keep growing on a consistent Basis

That's some really impressive progress and dedication you got there - 8 hours a day commenting? Props to you, that's really quite insane. Hive definitely isn't anywhere near "easy money", but I can see how it snowballs for sure.

I understand the snowball effect and it is great. My snowball hasn't grown as quickly as yours did but I also haven't put in the time that you have either. I'm working on that though. It's like I've notice that when I do more my rewards are more. I try to do something on the chain everyday but sometimes life just gets in the way, but I've been making some strides in the past few months and it feels great!

Keep on stacking!!

Musings was funny. Answering questions we didn't know much about.