Tuesday stats: Cryptobrewmaster hits ATH in unique users per 24H due to Dappradar

#5 among all the game dapps @ Dappradar


We are at #2 at the Hive Dapps


Stats week 22-29.09

Top 10 countries


Game actions

Total Quests started - 29,709
Total Quests claimed - 29,645
Beers crafted - 6,465
Claimed Neutral quality - 4,485
Claimed Good quality - 1,976
Claimed Outstanding quality - 330
Claimed Excellent quality - 91
Claimed Masterpiece quality - 28

Finish now - 208 times
Beer drank - 706

Witness #80 with 5275 mil HP


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Congratulations! i def do not regret buying some CBM tokens way back on steem, keep up the good work 🍻 cheers!

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Congratulations! You certainly deserve a top spot in the rankings.

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Keep up the good work team

Total Quests started - 29,709
Total Quests claimed - 29,645

Did these used to be called Tasks??? I thought we had been completing Tasks and Quests were “coming soon”.


No, the tasks is what is under the development!

Is there a glut of beer? The price paid for it has dropped like a rock:


Is there a glut of beer? The price paid for it has dropped like a rock:

we working on the economy! check the masterpiece image.png

Pisswater lager on sale!

The new this is just a game screen has made the game unplayable on my iPhone:


I can’t scroll or resize that to get to the accept button. I can do so on an iPad, but not on an iPhone.

So playable on a larger screen, but not on my phone. And, um, some us us don’t use Discord.