Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 38

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Eddie is Ready! - (@eddiespino)

CTT Episode Week 38 - The actual talk starts at 8:32

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Crypto Lending Platform Babel Finance Pauses Withdrawals, Citing ‘Liquidity Pressures’


The inflation rate has been declining for the past year


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Fractally's new database, truly groundbreaking? by @andrarchy


Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 37

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Thank you for featuring my tweet in this podcast. I will make sure to tune in more often in the future. And for anyone who's interested in knowing more about Brain Energy in Hive, it's fair value and some other network health stats derived from on-chain activity beyond the usual stats, let me know.


If you're looking for Ragnarok artist you might want to check out @leiaothake 's work.

She is a dear friend of mine, taleneted digital artist and experience and educated game-designer.

She is on Hive, but it might be more effective to hit her up on the Web 2.0

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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@theycallmedan, if you head south of Mexico, make a stop in Guatemala. :)

Super inspired by @mcsamm and the boys in Ghana for the borehole project, you guys. I'm sure we can create something to help folks over here too and have it featured on CTT some day.

Let's spread the hive blockchain all over with life changing initiatives. Those with misconceptions of blockchain and cryptocurrency must see these empowerment projects to belive in hive.

JUst listened in on twitter and I shared it with my web2 followers on there ;)