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RE: Market Watch: Very Near The Bottom

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You make the whole crypto world sound so reasonable. lol Everything just fits together perfectly. It's really a great read. I just hope you're right.

It's been stated multiple times that bLEO needs more liquidity for the incoming bridge

Just out of curiosity, why is that? I've kinda reached my goal for staking Leo short term and have some liquid. I've already got some LP in that farm but I could add a little more. Like I said, I'd like to know WHY I should do that other than the obvious Cub benefits....?

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A lot of people will tell you that LIQUIDITY is Bitcoin's killer dapp.
The more liquidity a network has, the more money that network will attract.
Takes money to make money.
By adding liquidity to LEO we attract outside capital to the platform.
This is why LP pools are so heavily incentivized in the farm.
We need deep deep liquidity to get more people involved.

In terms of the bridge, having more liquidity will cause less slippage, which will make the bridge more viable and cheaper to use.

Ok, thank you for the answer. I don't have a ton, like I said. I think I'm going to let the markets figure themselves out a little here first before I decide what to do. Truthfully I'd rather just buy more Cub but we'll see. I'm only talking about a couple grand either way so I'm not going to be making or breaking any banks, but I get it, it all adds up.

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Yeah you need to make whatever decision makes sense for you.
Bending over backwards for a few drops of liquidity isn't worth it.
I'd say $3 CUB for the den is a damn good deal.
If you believe in CUB: go long on CUB.
No LP required.

Hahaha! and sacrifice those precious APRs XD

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